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finish your drink, get the fuck out of here and never come near me again.
Sure you don't understand.
I'm laying the groundwork enjoying yourself like that.
Are you okay, baby?
I don't know if you're hurt, but you're one lucky son of a bitch.
You're alive.
I give you three minutes that gets a little pennies on and get the hell out of here.
I brought Are you psychotic, asshole?
You really expect me to fall for that?
I don't care what you fall for.
I only care.
Did you get psychiatric help and that you never come around here bothering us anymore?
Could you show me some form of identification, please?
In my pants in the guest bathroom?
Very unexpected thing.
You're hurting.
You cut anywhere.
Any glass wedged anywhere.
You're right.
You're sick.
You're her brother.
Why didn't you tell me it was sick?
Sick check.
I'm gonna buy a Cadillac.
All right.
Cattle like, Yeah.
How about a redwood convertible?
Would you like that?
Read confortable cattle.
Not cheap.
Provided a Cadillac since there was six years old.
And you know what we're gonna do in six red Cadillac yet?
You're gonna take a trip do our destiny.
You couldn't drag me to that sand hole, that Tripp fishnets.
We're gonna build a garden of Eden.
And it doesn't hotel, but not a hotel.
But it is.
It's an oasis.
It's an oasis with sleeveless.
We're gonna have palm trees and poles will have Rose Gardens more beautiful than beside.
And we're gonna design them all ourselves.
We're gonna have the greatest entertainers in the world.
I can't victim all of money.
We'll have Dana Andrews because it'll be the most beautiful, most spectacular place they've ever been invited to.
And you are going on five and 3/4.
Percent of the whole thing.
That's gross, not Net.
We're gonna be the greatest host in the West, and we're gonna name it after you.
We're gonna call it the Flamingo.
You know, I brought nothing but trouble to every man who ever went on the line for me.


Bugsy (1991) - 你這個瘋子!場景 (5/10) | 電影片段

11 分類 收藏
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