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- Oh man, what the?
(folksy music)
- [Woman] Five, four, three, two, one!
- One!
- [Woman] Happy New Year!
- That makes literally no sense.
- Happy New Year!
- [Woman] Are you excited?
- Yes.
- [Today you're Trying New Year's
food from around the world
Close your eyes!
- Hmm, oh what is this, grapes?
- [Woman] Wait, before you eat it
there are exactly 12 grapes in that glass.
- No, there's 11.
- [Woman] There should be 12
because in Spain when the clock strikes
midnight they have to eat a grape
for every time the clock rings.
Happy New Year!
- Five, four, three, two, one, alright then.
(clock striking)
- Who's ahead, no!
You need a big mouth for that.
- [Woman] Now according to Spanish
tradition, you're going to have a great New Year.
- More grapes, please.
- [Woman] Open!
- What is this?
It looks like a pig.
- [Woman] It is a pig.
It's not real pork, it's like a macaroon or something.
- [Woman] Yeah, yeah you're close.
This is made out of marzipan.
So in Austria and Germany,
little kids with be gifted this.
Some kids find these delicious piggies
in their shoes.
- Why the heck is that a possibility?
- [Woman] Open.
- Japan?
- [Woman] Japan, nailed it.
- Soup and noodles.
- [Woman] Yes, so you dip the noodles in the soup
and then you eat noodles.
- Cold.
- [Woman] It is cold, you're right.
- Wow, it's like freezing.
(grumbling noises)
- Mmm!
- Mmhmm!
- [Woman] The name for it is Toshikoshi soba.
- Toshikoshi soba?
- [Woman] Those long noodles represent something.
- A long year.
- [Woman] A long life.
- That means I'll have a long life?
- [Woman] Yeah!
- Yay!
- [Woman] Open.
- Water.
(egg hitting table)
- Crack and egg, put it in the water.
- [Woman] That's right
- I just drop it in the water?
- [Woman] You gotta crack the egg.
- That was disgusting
- Oh man, what the,
- [Woman] Okay look at the yolk,
and that represents what your
new year will bring.
- It's gonna bring me ugliness?
Oh, that's sad.
- [Woman] What do you see among the yolk?
- I see yolk grass and stuff like that.
- [Woman] What is it that you see
inside the yolk?
- Umm, a dinosaur?
- I see cars driving over big hills.
- [Woman] Oh okay.
- It looks like a narwhal.
- [Woman] What does that mean for your new year?
- I'm gonna ride one.
- [Woman] So is that a good future
or a bad future?
- It's good!
- [Woman] Oh, great.
- Pie.
- It tastes bad.
- [Woman] Okay.
- Cheese.
- [Woman] Yes it has a white cheese filling
made with yogurt and eggs.
This is called
- Hey, what is, what is this, what is this?
Seriously, you had to leave the wrapper?
Wait a minute, it's a fortune.
I will learn a new language this year?
- Within this year, you will find a
50 dollar bill on the floor somewhere.
- [Woman] This year you will outgrow your Lola.
- That is not true.
- You will try at least a hundred new dishes this year.
You made this, I knew it, you made it.
- [Woman] Well, Chef Zach made it.
- Oh, Chef Zach is a great writer.
- On a one, and a two and a three,
Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
- Bye Bye!
- Next year, I'm going to have the luckiest new year ever.


Kids Try New Years Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

21 分類 收藏
Mahiro Kitauchi 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 5 日
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