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- It's very salty.
- It's from the sea.
- It's fun to eat.
- No, it's from the sea!
- Oh, from the sea.
(plucky guitar music)
- Sunday.
- My great grandma.
- That's our great grandpa Reece.
- Hey.
- My name's Paige.
This is my great grandma Lua.
- She is my nana's mom's daughter.
- Their mother is my grand daughter.
- My son's daughter's daughter.
- He's our mom's mom's dad.
- Her mother is my grand daughter, is my daughter.
- Today we brought a snack.
- Do what?
- Today we brought a snack.
- Oh you brought a snack for,
oh that's good, well I'd say
I'm hungry.
- Close your eyes.
- Close my eyes?
- Open your eyes.
- Oh, my eyes.
Oh look at that.
Holy cow.
Looks like pot stickers.
- Well look at that, sushi.
- No it looks like sushi but it's Spam musubi.
- See I told you I knew.
- Jaylin likes cheese.
- Yes, love.
- Thank you very much.
- It's Nutella and toast.
This is sour patch candy,
and this is the rainbow candy.
- Oh wow.
- Lots of cellophane.
- Rip it.
- So today I have a cranberry.
- Mm that's a good one.
- A smoke Gouda.
- And that's a good one.
- A crystal Gouda.
- And I don't know about that one,
I don't think I've ever had that one.
- It's a good one.
- Did you have Nutella in Tonga?
- Oh I don't know, yeah.
- The white stuff is rice.
- White stuff is rice.
And I bet that black that might be fish skin.
- It's seaweed.
Leave it on!
- Oh, leave it on?
You want to eat it?
- Yeah you have to leave it on.
- Oh it's good.
Nom nom.
- What a lot of
- Is it good?
It's good.
- Did you eat Chinese food when you were a kid?
- I, not very much.
- Why do you like cheese so well?
- I don't know it's just a flavor,
is just so good and cheese can go with anything.
- We didn't have the luxury of having
these kind of cheeses.
- What kind did you have?
- Velveeta was around.
That soft cheese, you know,
that you can melt and pour over everything.
- Did you like my snack?
- It wasn't too bad.
- Would you eat it again?
- Maybe I'd take that black stuff off.
- That's the best part.
- Thank you for coming on this show
and trying my favorite snack.
- I loved it, love you too.
- Thank you.
- 'Ofa atu.
- Thank you for trying this snack with me.
- You're welcome.
Aw thank you sweetheart.
- [Girls] Thank you for watching!
- Now you're welcome.
Thank you.


Kids Share Their Favorite Snacks With Their Great Grandparents | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

36 分類 收藏
Mahiro Kitauchi 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 5 日
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