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  • I've been tracing dirty money for more than 30 years.

    我已經追蹤黑錢超過 30 年了。

  • Studying kleptocrats all over the world, distinct patterns emerge.


  • [kleptocracy (n.) when those in power steal government funds for personal use.]


  • The thing about kleptocrats is that the moves and tricks they like to use each contain the seeds of their own destruction.


  • They can get caught at every stage.


  • And those patterns are the basis of our new game, Kleptocrat: How to Hide Dirty Money.


  • In virtually every case, corrupt people took six separate steps to conceal their assets.


  • Take the money under the table.


  • Create a financial structure to hide it.


  • Move the money into the structure.


  • Network with family members to run the operation.


  • Cover up their tracks.


  • And last, since it's no fun for the money to sit gathering dust, take the money out and enjoy it.


  • I know nothing about Paul Manafort or the allegations in the indictment against him.

    我對 Paul Manafort 和起訴書上對他的指控一無所知。

  • I read the Manafort indictment, and lo and behold, the allegations match the six-step pattern.


  • It says Manafort allegedly took 18 million USD secretly from Ukraine.

    起訴書上指控 Manafort 私下從烏克蘭拿了 1800 萬。

  • That's step one.


  • Step two: Manafort allegedly created a blizzard of offshore companies, with names like Bletilla.

    步驟二:Manafort 被指控創造大量的海外公司,並取像是 Bletilla 這類的的名字。

  • They're on tiny islands I bet most people couldn't even find on map.


  • Then step three: He allegedly started moving the money around.

    接著是步驟三,據稱 Manafort 開始移錢。

  • Six separate companies on the island of Cyprus sent more than 5 million dollars to a home-improvement firm in the Hamptons.

    在賽普勒斯島上六家不同的公司,寄給位於漢普敦的居家裝修公司超過 500 萬美元。

  • Step four: Manafort allegedly enlisted some of his relatives to help.

    步驟四:據稱 Manafort 請求他的一些親戚幫忙。

  • The indictment says he got his daughter and son-in-law to pretend to live in the real estate he was buying.


  • Step five is covering up your secret money.


  • Manafort allegedly lied to his accountants, and to the federal agents, about the funds.

    關於資金的部分,Manafort 被指控對他的會計師和聯邦調查人員說謊。

  • He used multiple passports and he quotedeveloped a false and misleading cover storyunquote.


  • Lastly, Manafort allegedly brought the money out to play.

    最終,Manafort 被指控把錢拿出來做玩樂用途。

  • The indictment says heused his hidden overseas wealth to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in the United States.”


  • I guess sometimes a game can help you understand the news.


  • [Manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges.]

    [Manafort 對所有的指控都不認罪。]

I've been tracing dirty money for more than 30 years.

我已經追蹤黑錢超過 30 年了。

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貪污政客洗錢手法大公開!(Opinion | This is how corrupt politicians launder money)

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