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(bright music)
(upbeat music)
- I know that there's gonna be some
crazy baby products of the future.
I know there's gonna be a stroller with Wi-Fi.
(light music)
I just love babies, they're just great.
They're so nice to hold.
You don't know what you're holding,
you could be holding like the
next President of the United States.
- I have two boys, they're the best humans on the planet.
With my second son, they actually told me
he was a girl and that's kind of all I've ever wanted,
I mean don't get me wrong, I love my boys
but there's just something about a mother having a daughter.
- I do feel like this emotional clock ticking
where I need this like little bundle of joy
to remind me that there's good in life,
and maybe I should just get a dog.
Me and my girlfriend have talked very briefly about kids.
I think it would freak her out to know
how much I actually love kids.
(upbeat music)
- Is that a baby? (laughs)
- [Man] And like... (baby cries)
- Oh, it's a kid.
- [Woman With Baby] Hi. - [Woman On Couch] What!
- [Woman With Baby] This is Jaya.
- Hi!
Oh, she's so cute!
(baby coos)
- Hi! How you doing?
- Yeah, you can hold her. (baby noises)
- What are you doing here?
Oh my god, I'm like shaking!
(baby coos)
Hi. (sobs) Oh my god, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! (crying)
- [Woman] It's pretty cool. - [Baby] A baby.
- Did she just a say a baby? (laughs)
- Yeah, that wasn't her first word was it?
- That's the first word I've ever
been able to make out, how weird. (laughs)
- (whispering) If I had ovaries,
they'd be exploding right now. - Oh my god.
Please don't let my girlfriend see this. (laughs)
- And my son's one and a half (baby yells)
and I've already forgotten this stage
of his life, I think that's why I started crying.
- (gibberish) Oh, we've got another one. (laughs)
What is going on? (laughing)
- [Woman with Baby] Hi. - Hey!
- This is Cody. - Hi Cody!
- (laughing)
- Did somebody peer into my dreams? Oh my gosh.
- You're gonna do awesome things, I can tell.
(baby making noises) Uh huh.
What actual video is this? (laughing)
- Thank you guys so much
- Bye! (baby makes noise)
- (whispering) Bye. (baby noises)
(upbeat music)
- Jaya was so cute.
I don't know I was just like, oh that could be my baby!
She just had these beautiful brown eyes.
- (sobbing) It's crazy how, how fast they grow up
and how you don't even remember it.
(crying) I'm like so happy but like shocked to death.
I want a daughter, or a boy, I don't even care.
I just want another baby, I love babies.
Hey - [Man On Phone] Hi, sweetie.
Do you want to have a daughter?
- [Man On Phone] Do I wanna have a daughter?
- Yeah.
- [Man On Phone] Well, yes. Of course!
(laughing and sobbing)
- Okay, I really want kids.
I only experience them for like five minutes,
but I think that's enough time to know
that I want to make a life long commitment. (laughs)
- Parenthood is the most heartbreaking, time of your life,
because you're so proud and happy,
and so crushingly devastated at the same time
that your kids are growing up.
(acoustic music)
- So much strength, they're so strong!


People Who Love Babies Get Surprised With Babies

24 分類 收藏
Mahiro Kitauchi 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 5 日
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