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- Now could I give you a hug?
- No.
Come here.
(upbeat rhythmic music)
(letters springing)
Hi. - Hi.
- Jen.
(check mark popping)
Um, do you wanna come by later?
- You mean socialize?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- I'm up all night so feel free to call me,
and we can not sleep together.
- Hey would you maybe wanna- - Do you wanna go see
a kids Christian choir?
- Well, I was gonna say go see a movie
but what you just said is weirder.
♪ Ooh Jesus ♪
♪ Here I am, signed, sealed, delivered ♪
♪ I'm yours ♪
- You totally smoke pot.
(Jen laughing)
- Are you eating something?
- It's an Entenmann's chocolate chip cookie,
you know, the little one?
- Why, yes, I do!
(check mark popping)
- [Judy] You got this. - Okay.
Okay, I guess, yeah.
I'm gonna go try and fuck that guy.
- Yeah, you are!
- Yeah, I'm gonna try to fuck him.
- Go fuck that guy! - Okay.
- You are heaven on a stick.
- You hire well, that's also a skill.
- Oh, Jesus Christ, Lorna.
You are like the kindest person,
maybe in like the whole fucking world.
(bright upbeat music)
- I have to tell you something.
- There's something I have to confess.
- I have something to tell you, something that...
Do you have any water?
- No.
- Okay.
It's I'm a little bit nervous.
(liquid splashing)
(check marks popping)
(liquid slurping) (check marks popping)
(glasses clinking)
- Trust me. - No, it's okay.
I'm okay. - I know you want to!
- Oh, why are you talking like that?
- [Christopher] It's me, Adele, it's my voice!
- Okay.
(check mark popping)
(energetic music)
- [Judy] Can I give you a hug?
- No. - Okay.


Best Friendship Tips In Dead To Me | Netflix

27 分類 收藏
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