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  • I love this, but in particular.

  • And how the light comes through it.

  • Not to mention the waterfall up there on the way the sun comes through the trees literally.

  • No part of this is safe, Safe or not, though, view of you.

  • So today was a little bit of a failure.

  • You see, I came out here to shoot video about this area, but a grossly mis estimated the time it would take us to get down together.

  • Actually, I wanted to spend some time like hanging out in the water.

  • I never wear shorts, but way crossed over there.

  • Yeah, way beautiful.

  • Alexander already up there, quite literally.

  • Climb to get up here.

  • Plan Waas for Alexander and I to come out here.

  • And then when we're done the video, we're gonna relax in the beautiful Clearwater That's down here.

  • But I love this bridge.

  • That you though, Right now this is pure personal opinion.

  • But I truly and honestly believe this is by far one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, not just in Japan.

  • One of the things that makes it so beautiful is how challenging it is to get here.

  • It is no easy feat since we're here.

  • Anyway, This particular spot is nested in a mountain valley up in Tochigi Prefecture, and I found it for the first time, probably eight years ago.

  • Way really start to wonder if this location that was meant to teach me some kind of deeper lesson in life because you see, no matter when I come here, how often what time or who with there's always something that comes up as I get down there, that pulls me back on.

  • I thought for sure that today was gonna be the day that Alexander and I would just be able to spend our evening and get nice sunset shots and everything.

  • There's a message in there.

  • There's a life lesson hidden within that kind of a roll with the punches kind of deal.

  • Did you know that I've never had one piece Will visit down there?

  • No, not even a single one.

  • You've been with me since two years after I was born.

  • I'd say you know me just as good, if not better than anybody.

  • I'm not good with last minute change.

  • No, no, not ever been like that.

  • That's the one thing like I get my mind set on something in those last minute changes.

  • Throw me off.

  • I dont know last minute change bother you at all.

  • It just drives me crazy.

  • And it's something that I'm trying to change.

  • It's one of those things about myself that I don't like, because it's the last minute change that brings out the most frustrating in in me no big revelation or super deep message in this one.

  • I just I really think that this location he's trying to teach me an important life.

  • I decided to go back in the next morning way had one more day in the area, and I've never really been one.

  • Just give up.

  • I had taken the night to rough light, and when I got there, I realized that year here is beautiful and even for was beauty.

  • It still wasn't without its minor failures.

  • Amazingly enough, nothing major came up his time in my little brother and I were actually able to spend a significant amount of time enjoying and exploring the area.

  • This was treasure time to both of us, considering that wielded countries apart and rarely to never have this opportunity.

  • So I took some time last night to reflect on this place and what I meant.

  • Toe learn by the fact that every time I come out here, something goes wrong.

  • And in my reflection, I realized that this spot is a metaphor for life itself.

  • For me, because as beautiful as it is, beauty can be really bogged down by all the things that go wrong and everything that challenges me within it.

  • Like, for example, this view back here is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen and honestly, would make some of the best photos.

  • But depending on the time of day and lighting conditions, this can be an incredibly difficult picture to get.

  • Let me show you right now on camera.

  • What I mean by this, these rocks are here gonna be really bright.

  • So if I bring that down so that the rocks aren't over exposed, everything else is gonna be really dark.

  • If I bring that back up so that you can see it, rocks are gonna be overexposed.

  • Now, of course, I can fix all of that in post and still probably get a great picture out of it.

  • But it's gonna take more effort and it's gonna take more skill to get over that adversity.

  • And I think that that is why this place is like a metaphor for life.

  • Dragonflies back.

  • I don't know how many of you watched the live stream, but I think Steve is back.

  • Welcome back, Steve.

  • Also, I realized I didn't really address why we had to leave yesterday.

  • We're going out to fireworks last night and the fireworks in this area were beautiful.

  • But the crew that we were going with were like Yo, we're going early so we had to suddenly pack up and leave.

  • This is life right here, because life much like this area is absolutely gorgeous but will throw so many twists and turns at you, and it's easy to get distracted and get frustrated with that.

  • And that has always been my natural tendency.

  • It's one of the reasons why I started this channel, but between having to leave suddenly yesterday and having extra time to spend here today, it's given me a little bit perspective.

  • So, yeah, I would definitely say that this is probably the wisest place in Japan slippery rocks.

  • And yes, I considered not bringing the DSLR into the water.

  • But come on.

  • Like Kit.

  • I wanted you guys to be able to enjoy this with me, so yeah, me not bringing the DSLR into the water kind of lost to me bringing you guys with me.

  • I just love this plot that is absolutely love.

  • This my little brother is having so much fun.

  • What do you do in men?

  • Also, there's one thing I figure I should address, since I know it's gonna come up.

  • I know a lot of people are gonna want to know exactly where this spot is.

  • I thought about it, and I kind of want to keep this one to myself.

  • There's some places that are special because they're yours.

  • But that being said, if you do want to know a little bit more about the area or even see a little bit of my adventure in this area with my little brother Alexander, who is climbing through the water right now, I did do a live stream, so I will leave it linked up there.

I love this, but in particular.


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