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  • one year ago exactly 365 days to this date I came into this room and announced

  • the start of the vlog it was an experiment I wanted to learn how to make

  • better videos a little better life and be a better person but this experiment

  • this experiment has had a side effect that I didn't expect you see there's

  • something incredible to be said about having the ability to look back and

  • watch an entire year of your life a personally unprecedented amount of

  • travel I took more flights and visited more places within this one single year

  • than I did in the ten years that led up to it projects that took me to new

  • places both physically and mentally and helped me develop a new skill set and

  • embedded in every single one of these moments was the adventure filled with

  • new experiences and discovery it was a year of accomplishments both big and

  • small and a couple of failures I actually learned that I'm pretty clumsy

  • there were moments of laughter and moments of fear and stress and perhaps

  • above all else with the time spent in countless memories made with friends and

  • loved ones both near and

  • and that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what this year was really

  • like all the incredible memories and times with loved ones both on camera and

  • off when I started this a year ago I told myself it was an experiment and

  • that I would keep going for one year no matter what and at the end of that year

  • I would take time I look back and assess whether or not this is something that I

  • really wanted to do I think it's safe to say that this is something that I want

  • to do but for now it's been a year and it's over season one is anyway season

  • two is just around the corner

  • you

one year ago exactly 365 days to this date I came into this room and announced


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