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Hello and welcome to the Tokyo Crave Olympic Games, the most prestigious on low budget game show.
You ever did see what we got coming up on this every two games, each more action packed from the last.
How will our contestants do in the heat of the moment, with these intense on phenomenally low budget game?
I'm Chris brought the enthusiastic host of this show on.
If you haven't gone back and seeing the previous one or two episodes where we did some games, including dance, dance, dance, dance on hit battle thing, then go and check them out because they were Mento who's taking part in today's game.
Let's find out who are contestants, dearest from the U.
Look ago.
Then all that is talking Doc Iemma from Australia with her stock, a range of colors, an orange shirt and a green warren Can Natasha from Singapore on her plant filled apartment.
It's a lot of plants.
Alex, from Malaysia, who is looking so serious, is always Charlotte who looks like she's tired from the most small and mediocre.
Waits represented Canada and Suri with a 1,000,000 bigger than ahead, and she's representing Japan on our first game is called 1/4 or order, which is Boland.
In this game, our contestants will have to choose a fruit of their choice.
Am bullet.
We're counting the highest score by computer and spares and strikes factory as well.
Let's see how contestants get on on what fruit they she's using.
The very warm Ellen from the interest is finally getting put to.
The test is cannot clothe.
I bought this fun fact.
Watermelons in Japan is sold for as much as $100 as a gift because they're perfectly round off.
But is this perfectly round?
Well, no, it not them all over.
Not surprising.
Look at that slow motion replay.
Go around the house.
That miss.
Look at that.
What the hell happened there?
How did that happen?
Never before seen in bowling the bowling will actually coming backwards and knocking the cans from behind.
Yeah, And again, an absolute disaster.
Oh, I must say is quite disappointed.
I didn't think the Walkman would take it down every time.
But 17 is her score.
Fat s.
So we have 10 plastic bottles that we have saved up over time.
Like we were asked to do.
You see, I forgot to do that.
I have four plastic bottles.
That just means that I can't get a very high score.
Which I'll deal with my fault.
You are.
You are shocking.
Only four bowls.
You knew this was coming.
He could have gone out.
Boss of Bacary sweating drunk them in the last game.
The last episode should have enough 10 yen coins miss a major disadvantage by not only having less bottles but the smallest fruit we've seen so far.
Small for eccentricity.
More You hit the orange and again.
Oh, that was a strike.
This tiny, pathetic or is is just rubbish.
Isn't it really a spare again?
Okay, I don't know what that all counts for pounds for disappointment.
12 pins.
Well done, Emma Watts.
Natasha got lined up.
A pineapple will even roll the sheer anger in the throat.
Those really love the pinafore soared to more Steri.
Oh, the most violent threat we've seen so far from attache.
I'm surprised the pineapple just didn't explode when it hit the bloody world.
I bruise my pineapple.
I can smell it.
I look at it as it smashes into the door 36 though interestingly, midsize fruit with limited role capability.
And yet somehow, the taxes in first place.
Well done.
Natasha, with her violent, violent throwing my weapon of choice is going to be an apple, probably back in the day.
They used apples for bowling.
Is she gonna hit Jerry in the face?
Look at that move like green tea.
Our neighbors, they already said that my feet sounds like an iron bowl rolled across the floor.
Oh, look, another bounce back.
That was just terrible.
It's the hip, your 00 All right, you're lost.
Come on.
07 Football.
Your total is 17 17.
She's still smiling, and that's all that matters about winning the game is about playing the game.
Definitely isn't that winning the game?
Who's next to go?
Can she could 1/4 or what is that?
I can't even see what the fruit is.
It looks like a melon.
It's a melon and it's destroyed.
For Alex, well done.
Smashed into the world.
I'm not destroyed by Alex on another strike.
It might be because all the balls, the next to the world, it might be because she's a good throw.
It might be because she has the perfect size.
We'll never know.
Let's know.
In the comments wise, Alex got three strikes in a row.
What's the technique?
Not bad, though.
And finally it Charlotte with a fruit that appears to be, Oh, a strike from Charlotte.
Oh, yeah, she's throwing it.
Breaking the rules ever so slightly.
It's not so much rolling is throwing.
Remember the rules?
Fruit must roll on the floor.
No air shots.
I was just born Elon musk, say, sitting up there on the world, looking down at the Shit show but nevertheless 20 for Charlotte.
Well done, even if he did cheat a little bit.
And the winner is Alex with her impressive melon skills.
Second place Natasha Place Shall Amelia, last place talking hockey Emma with her pitiful amount of bottles and a pitiful orange.
The next game is sticky situation.
I didn't name it.
I didn't think that basically, you get 20 yakitori sticks, he dropped them on the floor, and then you have to pick them up without making the other sticks moved.
The winner is the person who manages to flick off or take as many sticks one.
During Oh, the trick, it seems, is to go from the outside.
So you don't know any other sticks?
Look at that precision.
Precision skill.
The perfect flick.
With violent action moved.
He said once.
I have 10 sticks.
Good stuff.
Good luck, guys.
What was that?
I wasn't even.
Why is m s a terror?
What was?
What was that?
That wasn't even a proper drop.
It was kind of just like a stray was next.
Oh, that's really easy to drop them from, too.
You know what?
That's fine.
I'm fine with that.
It's not fine.
Can you pick them up again?
Can't you redeem myself like she knocked the stick there as well?
Which means she pretty much disqualified.
Oh, God, I meant it.
I moved one day.
I thought it was gonna be so easy.
A pickup sticks eight to pick up six, but actually it was five.
Wasn't excellent.
Yeah, OK, Yeah.
Go 305 The most weapon there.
The technique, of course, is to get a bit more Noah's violently, Fast.
That's what you get.
I thought sure, he could be bad than that.
She did go to false thing.
One minute I'm gonna be picking up those many sticks as I can.
She just what?
That was just terrible.
Instantly disqualified instantly losing nine sticks.
Victory dance nonetheless.
Yakitori, pick up sticks.
Oh, there's too easy.
Too easy.
It's only this I can pick up full of it if you want to.
Off to a great start with sticks scattered out.
Potash aken, poke and problem.
And look at that.
I think she did it.
12 can be a first time can be the first time one of our contestants has done all of the sticks.
Or impressive.
That was 19.
Did the Malays gentleman incredible.
20 sticks world on Natasha set the bar as high as it could go.
Well done.
In second place is Alex Stir Place, Littlejohn Shorey, fourth place talkie Daki can't drop the sticks.
Emma, Fifth place, dearest and six place because she didn't participate cause she didn't do the game.
Film it properly is Charlotte and yet somehow feel Charlotte still did better than ever did another action packed episode about Tokyo created Olympics and the third in our five part series.
If you haven't seen all the episodes go back and check them out less in pre hilarious, wacky, nightmarish stuff in there.
I've been your presented Chris board.
I hope to see in the next two days the next episode of Tokyo Craven.
Bye for now.
Welcome, Welcome.
Welcome for the woke generation.
Uh oh.
Have a drunk but of your order And it's really hard to pronounce.
Kotak Warroad!
Really hard!
A tongue twister in itself.


The Worst Attempted Tokyo Olympics Of All Time...(PART 3)

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