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I don't see Dr Bananas anywhere.
Forget Dr Bananas.
Where all the dinosaurs.
The invitation.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Oh, man, I love dinosaurs.
How do you know you've never met a dinosaur?
I watched a bunch of Barney when I was little.
You mean right reading again?
I couldn't possibly be more excited to show you my latest creation.
Yeah, right.
Dude, dinosaurs went extinct so long ago.
Not even Grandpa Lemon remembers them.
It's true.
All show.
I don't really remember last week.
So there's that.
You know, I understand your skepticism, and I'm excited to squelch it.
Wait a minute.
Why is it pink?
Yeah, I like more like Barney that way.
Oh, my dinosaurs are pink.
You see their pig Because pigs are pink quickly to the jeep.
I will explain everything you see.
A very scientific I brought the dinosaurs back from extinction by using dirty a day.
I use something today from Brussels and filled in the gaps with 60 a day.
Well, I had a buddy who the pork chop was willing inside the necessary consent for So I guess they're not really dinosaurs.
As much as their slyness.
That's good.
I'm gonna have to use that.
This is exactly why I asked you to come here.
Your branding skills are fantastic.
I d Jordan and put before the park opens instead of calling a Jurassic Park, why not call it Jurassic Park?
Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about.
Well, why did you invite the rest of us, Doc?
You know more about science than anyone in the kitchen.
I'd love to have your endorsement grab 11.
I dated you here because you can inexplicably fly a helicopter and you midget apple.
Well, you go ahead.
Just say you need me here to see if the little kids can ride the rides or not.
But that's equally important.
And now, without further ado, welcome to Jurassic.
Terry Moore.
Like terra deck tail.
Am I right?
It didn't come out rather pick like, didn't it?
Hey, watching that mysterious jungle cage over there.
Oh, you think that's where we keep the velociraptors?
You mean with sausage?
Raptors tickets, buddy?
Or every time it's writing.
Actually, that's a good thing that will really bring the dye does out.
They love, But they are part big after all.
Sure, No.
Here comes to try, Sarah tops.
Now try Sarah top.
Seem way bigger than expected.
It's probably just you small fry.
Uh, no, he's right.
That's try stare tops was normal size just a few days ago.
But did you take into account that pigs grow super huge in a super short period of time?
I did not take that into account to basically we're stuck on an island with a bunch of dinosaurs.
Second grow to pick for their own fences.
I slide oversight, I admit everybody.
Let's get a group photo by this, like, Wait, that's no lake.
No way is not the time for in theory what I meant, but thanks.
Way lots of rapture.
Oh, wait.
I think I went myself like infinity times back there.
Look at his tiny arms.
At least those dinosaurs air stuck on that island.
Get to me when I ask.
You say orange, I give me money.
You throw money at me.
Give me money.
Uh, it was worth a shot.
What fruit lovers ages, though?
Here with a supermassive episode of ass.
Courage to say orange.
Was there invisible TNT everywhere?
Any invisible TNT anywhere might be because it's invisible.
I need some more.
Like to help you see this invisible TNT we owe.
Oh, see, it wasn't invisible t and T after all.
Well, that's a relief.
Yeah, it was the realty nto among a girl with a broken foot.
I lean.
What do you call a man in the ocean with no arms or legs?
Hey, orange.
What is your favorite sport?
Probably basketball.
That would be kind of jam.
We'll never be apart up.
Hey, Orange, What is your favorite dinosaur?
My favorite Dino is definitely the philosopher rapper.
No way.
You're your name is lots of rapper on here spitting mad bronze like over they go with the next day.
The damn hand.
Let's use a thing.
This is just not fair.
Uh, I know I bl body in orange.
Maybe you should give little Apple a little more attention, Get it?
Yeah, I get it.
All right, So you're gonna start giving me more attention?
No, not even a little.
The's funds are 20 kids.
Actually, I don't get it.
Can you explain it to be fun?
More time?
What is your worst ever thing is definitely one of the worst.
How many points you may probably fun do many.
Hey, I got a question.
Waas Hey, Orange, Could you do Woody Woodpecker's laugh?
What's your favorite TV show?
Wrap These emojis in Ahmadi rap, huh?
Could do that, but I think I'll let Veloster rapper handle this one instead.
Way you're name is the lots of rapper.
I'm here to spit Mad Rod like love It's over.
They go with the next day.
Wait, wait!
Stop your wicked Brigadier, What's the better pair?
A rapper.
That rap had nothing to do with the emojis.
Yeah, gotcha!
Which was the whole point.
Copy that.
So I gotta ask Do you only have one rap?
Look, my brain is the size of a peanut One wraps all I got room for I'm sorry.
Philosopher Rapper.
I didn't know that So good.
Yeah Come back and wrap You'll listen to it all the way to the end Yeah, I promise.
Oh, Roy no wiggle Wiggle wiggle Your you're name is the lots of rapper I'm here to spit mad rod Like plummets over They go in the next day the plan damn hand unless use up T Rex Now here comes your way.
Uh, the way the TNT orange today, we'll be discussing how to discover dinosaur Bo.
I might go so far as to say it was now one start digging dinosaur bones are found underground beneath millions of years worth of accumulated sediment on fun.
Fact taken, used to help you orange.
Come on, I can help you get deep inside a mountain side.
Help you blast.
Yes, that's true.
But everyone is looking for dinosaur bones in the ground.
So you want to find the dino's that no one else is?
Binding looking places wouldn't normally expect in your garage or in your front.
Hey, OK, Don't know what's gonna find dinosaur bones in there.
But have you locked?
No, but is right.
I think that guy just found a new incredible dinosaur.
That's his own skeleton.
Dio we're gonna be But leave that man alone.
He's not a dinosaur.
Now is gonna t rex see George, Stop.
Okay, anyway, with that three.
Once you found dinosaur bones riel dinosaur bones dust off the bones very carefully to get that pesky difficult to remove dirt off the bones.
You may have to blow it up with or theme dies.
The entire skeleton is dust.
Now, I think I got some dust in my now.
It's what knows it.
Gonna sneeze, please.
Base the other way.
Way Really bone that one, didn't I, Uh Well, at least the video didn't end in a TNT explosion.
Looks like there's one more.
Hey, Meteor Benjamin Franklin.
What is it already?
Lightning Titanic.
What is it?
I forgot what I was gonna say.
Oh, well, that's OK.


Annoying Orange - Dinosaur Supercut!

18 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 2 日
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