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look at this.
Long cloud, big brother.
I bet that means going Rain.
Those aren't Rain Cloud, Sally.
Those air vapour trails.
It's a condensation trail left behind by a jet plane.
A jet plane?
That's right.
My favorite kind is called a problem.
You see, most planes have propellers that pull them through the air, and some planes have jet engines that are pushed through the air.
But a prop jet plane has both, so it's pushed and pulled through the air.
It also means projects can take off faster than other planes, and it gives them solid breaks when they land propped, its are versatile, and I bet the front to fly to planes leave behind vapor trails because so cold that high above the ground vapor trails are formed of ice crystals that evaporate in the sky.
So, you see, Sally, those aren't rain clouds at all.
Everyone says you don't know anything, but you'll always be smart to me.
Big brother.
Uh ah.
Uh, he's been working on your penmanship.
The answer is 47 I before E except Thor.
Hey, frankly, did you read the chapter on left and right plane?
I did.
It was really interesting.
I think I'm a left brain person.
I'm sort of analytical.
I like numbers and symbols.
I guess I'm a right brain person.
I'm good at jigsaw puzzles.
I like music.
And they think they have a pretty good imagination.
Oh, you definitely.
This is Abraham Lincoln.
And then, of course, we have the no brain person.
I heard that.
Why don't you love me?
Do I talk too much?
Listen, Offerman completely silent, and it will be there in that silence.
You will realize you love me.
Is it working?
I've had a profound realization about love.
That is just a simple is liking someone a lot.
Know true love is about eliminating the competition.
Who this Schroeder.
Interested in someone else?
No, not someone.
It's woman against piano.
Women is winning.
What is winning, huh?
I can't believe you.
Through my piano, into the sewer.
Your piano was my competition.
Now you have no choice but to love me.
Now I have no choice but to climb down into the sewer.
Hello, Charlie Brown.
Lucy, Through my piano on the sewer.
It's raining.
Get out of there.
Before you drowned I couldn't hold into the piano.
Rain is probably swept it out to the river by now.
Let's go, huh?
Hope that Beethoven never had to put up with this.
There it goes.
Are we sure, though?
Is your Cano um couldn't catch your piano?
It floated out to sea, huh?
Oh, well, if you were to play it now, you just struck a sewer note.
Any other competition I should know about?
Wait until trial.
Brown sees what I can dio Curly Brown.
Look at this.
That's amazing, Linus.
Absolutely incredible.
How do you do that?
It's just a matter of air pressure in certain lift information.
Allow me to demonstrate Charlie Brown.
Pay no seat wash The neat trick lines in Dio is blowing square balloons.
Are you out of your mind where you're trying todo disgrace our family?
Oh, the humiliation boy.
She's really steamed, Linus, you'd better not blow anymore.
Square balloons.
Now, let's see.
Lower round balloon.
That's it.
That's it.
Round ground row e can't help it, Charlie Brown.
I think I forgot how.
We'll see how you do with this kind.
Hey, everyone.
Linus is blowing a rectangle balloon Wow!
Do another one minus.
What's this?
I hear?
What did I tell you?
Stop that right now will be ridiculed.
One out of town.
Give me a balloon now!
Blew it round like this.
Enough to go on a diamond.
I said blood round like a normal person.
A trap is Oy, hexagon, I say.
That's it.
I'm giving you one more chance.
And this balloon had better be perfection.
One rarely gets a chance to see such carefully rendered sarcasm.
Happy New Year, Lucy.
Does that make it?
So does your saying happy New Year truly make it a happy New Year?
Not in my experience.
Everyone said things we have better in the new year, things will change.
But here we are, one full day into the new year and everything is exactly the same.
You think maybe we got a used year?
Probably if the Big Eastern calendar send the kid got their way.
This will just be the same lousy year over again.
You can't buy a big calendar.
Well, are you gonna making New Year's resolutions?
What are you insinuating?
That I need to change?
I'm fine.
Just the way I am.
Thank you very much.
New Year's resolutions are scams worthless.
I don't have to improve.
How could I improve?
I ask you how.
I'm only asking because I'm planning to make some resolutions.
Well, that's different.
I'm going to try and correct all my faults.
All of them?
In that case, you're in luck.
We've only got one year.
So there's not much time.
I've jotted down a list of your faults and all improvements you'll need to make good grief.
We don't want to miss anything.
So I am happy to help you categorize, itemized and prioritized everything about you.
We need to change.
You know Charlie Brown.
This may be a happy New year after all.
New Year's resolutions are very important.
Especially for someone like you, Charlie Brown.
First we need to address your wardrobe.
You wearing me, Chuck?
You've never once had the courage to approach this little red haired girl yet.
You never stopped talking about her.
There are plenty of nice girls, Chuck.
Maybe even some closer than you think you could be, right?
I suppose I know I am.
There's a dance at my school this week in really?
I have a friend who loves to dance.
I'll give him your phone number.
You never understand anything, Chuck.
I don't even understand what it is.
I don't understand.
I wonder who?
My date.
I hope he's a good dancer and a sharp dresser.
This sure is some weird date you got for me.
He is polite.
You sure to dance?
What's your side?
And where did you go?
That was the best dance ever, Pigpen.
I've never had so much fun.
Who's calling?
It's 3 a.m. I can't sleep.
Marcie, I'm in low.
I hope youll be very happy, sir.
I'm going to write him a love letter first thing tomorrow.
You can't do that, sir.
He has to make the first move.
I don't go in for all that traditional stuff.
If I like him, I should tell him.
Marcie, I don't know what's a right.
Maybe I should listen to Marcie and let him make the first move.
But then again, part of what makes me so charming is my go get em attitude.
Oh, why can't romance ps easy as baseball?


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