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  • we're at McGuire's IRS.

  • And when the candy we're in college, we used to come to my quarters all the time.

  • You really want to like other bars?

  • And I would always get dreams since with all over college friends.

  • But we don't realize, How would she like generous?

  • They were with their And I'll come, Oh, candy.

  • Order this $8 wine and actually came up to, like here what you speak unheard of really that much.

  • But I like it.

  • So they also have 18 being too.

  • They're known for their Angus burger, their steaks, They're fun green l there.

  • But there must know for all their dollar bills throughout the building and huge restaurant.

  • And everybody comes here.

  • The tradition is to everybody, right?

  • Something a message that you could get up.

  • It's just all over the way.

  • Theo.

  • Bread is glaze, honey butter fresh out of the oven.

  • And I love how they still give you extra butter, even though there's like a bunch of butter already on that, um, and how they covered it, too.

  • Like your germs don't get in it.

  • It almost looks like chocolate Brennan with top part with honey glaze.

  • Okay, here is 18 sent being soothe.

  • Really, really great.

  • Like, Wow, I, um the shocks which I was expecting one big for shop.

  • But I got to work jobs and really big nice asparagus.

  • I don't even know what this is.

  • It's like a tomato with a calf, a tomato with cheese on top, onion ring and then apple sauce.

  • I'm just amazed.

  • Got a 16 ounce rib eye steak eating looks amazing.

  • Smells amazing.

  • Onion rings of tomato butter, potatoes with high.

  • And now I hear someone Irish music way in the back lines.

  • I hope they come through here somewhere.

  • E do live about money about Bill Too sweet for me.

  • I could see how like people really like about eating in this e.

we're at McGuire's IRS.


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佛羅里達州彭薩科拉著名的McGuire's愛爾蘭酒吧--佈滿美元鈔票! (The Famous McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida - Covered With Dollar Bills!)

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