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  • guy.

  • Not so that they will not get it.

  • Scares you haven't come back here to video.

  • You're kind of good Sick.

  • I'm eternal.

  • Okay.

  • Dinner signing and taking it.

  • Ohio State that I don't cook on a great also Go to the corrupt.

  • So the kids on the group Me there, You know, I've got out on that tonight.

  • You can make an engineer.

  • That's good.

  • That they're Jr.

  • Okay, I'm gonna do that.

  • Been champion.

  • Get any of its color correction.

  • So I posted it.

  • Music.

  • Music?

  • A little bit, you know.

  • Then a miracle.

  • She got not injured.

  • I can't put it's great.



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TeamLab的豬子俊之的變化技術是什麼? | 移動的藝術 - 移動的藝術Ep1 | WIRED x Galaxy Note9 (チームラボ・猪子寿之の変革の技法とは? | ART OF SHIFT -シフトの技法 Ep1 | WIRED x Galaxy Note9)

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