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  • I'm at the Vienna main station right now or the Vienna Central Station

  • and usually I'm very confused on where to go, what train to catch, what track, what platform...

  • This is comparing it to Bratislava, Budapest and Lisbon.

  • I've been confused on which train track to take

  • and when I ask information, they always tell me to just check the signs or they point to something

  • and it's very frustrating and confusing

  • but here, it's very easy to tell.

  • There's digital boards everywhere and announcements all the time.

  • It'll tell you what platform to go to like at an airport, so it's super easy to navigate.

  • We got here an hour before our train... or 45 minutes before our train

  • so our our train wasn't up on the digital board yet but we just waited 10 more minutes and it showed up

  • because it all goes in order

  • and it said Platform 9 because we're going from Vienna to Budapest today and it's a 3-hour ride.

  • The sign said 9 C through E. I wasn't sure what that was

  • but it's referring to the signs on the platform.

  • It says 10 A, 10 B, etc. It just depends on where the train stops so that's where you line up or wait for your train.

  • I really love this station. It's so modern, so clean, and so easy to navigate.

  • This is how all train stations should be, but I get it. Smaller towns don't have that much money.

  • Vienna is huge and it seems like they have tons of money so they could build stations like this.

  • ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

  • We're in 27 I believe, so I think we're all the way down there.

  • ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

  • We made it on the train and we were right. It was Track 9 C through E.

  • If you go on the other side, A through B, that train goes somewhere else,

  • so make sure you look at the letters too.

  • These business class seats are awesome.

  • First of all, they have a personal monitor that tells us where we're going.

  • We have these nice comfy seats.

  • Does that go out? Oh, it does. You can stretch out your legs.

  • Wes is already enjoying it.

  • We have an outlet, which I'm really happy about because I can plug in my laptop and work.

  • Each seat has their own outlet.

  • I hope nobody sits here across from us because that'll be really uncomfortable but it might happen.

  • We put our luggage up there.

  • This is nice.

  • We have our own little section.

  • ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

  • This is the bathroom.

  • ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

  • The only thing that wasn't nice was that somebody left trash around here

  • and nobody cleaned it up so I just had to put itover there.

  • Oh, we're already leaving. Yay!

  • That went by super fast.

  • Bye Vienna!

  • [train announcement]

  • Lots of construction.

  • Yeah, there's a lot of growth happening.

  • ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

  • Well, the train journey is coming to an end.

  • We'll be in Budapest in about 30 minutes.

  • The last station is Budapest-Keleti, but we're actually going to get off at Budapest-Kelenföld

  • because we're staying on the Buda side this time and traffic is better on the Buda side

  • and that's where Kelenföld is, so we're just going to get off there.

  • That's at 4:05 and the last stop is at 4:20 so we'll be saving some time.

  • The train ride was very comfortable and it went by super fast.

  • It always goes by too fast for me because I really enjoy train rides in Europe

  • but this one was probably, by far, the best train ride I've been on

  • probably because we're on the business side

  • but when I walked through the first class, it looked really nice too.

  • They also have like their own outlets.

  • This train actually has a restaurant on it too which was pretty cool

  • and they have a lot of items like snacks, drinks, and desserts.

  • If you're going from Vienna to Budapest or vice-versa definitely get on this train.

  • Two and a half hours to three hours and it goes by super quick.

  • And it's very nice.

♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪


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