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  • The water near China and Vietnam has become considerably more dangerous in the last couple

  • weeks. The two nations are in their most heated dispute in years over competing claims to

  • a section of the South China Sea.

  • China's navy planted an oil rig right inside that territory May 1. And Vietnam's government

  • immediately took issue. Both sides accuse the other of ramming ships. And, as it has

  • done in other sea disputes, China used water cannons to ward off foreign vessels. (Via

  • The Telegraph, Daily Mail)

  • And now Vietnam's dispute abroad has meant rare public unrest at home. The Vietnamese

  • government typically doesn't allow protests, but it did Sundayright in front of China's

  • embassy in Hanoi.

  • BBC cameras show a few hundred protesters with signs reading "Get out China." State

  • media outlets in Vietnam might have inflated that number a bit, reporting thousands of

  • demonstrators.

  • Unlike anti-China protests in 2012 that were broken up by Vietnam police, authorities allowed

  • Sunday's demonstrations to play out.

  • It looks a lot like the scene in Japan and in other regional neighbors who say China

  • is getting more aggressive about claiming oil-rich territory across southeast Asian

  • waters. (Via CNN)

  • The disputes are looming over this year's ASEAN summit for the region's governments.

  • And Beijing, which would rather not talk about them at all, isn't happy about that. (Via

  • Al Jazeera)

  • China has, in turn, blamed Washington for raising tensions. President Barack Obama just

  • finished up a trip through Asia two weeks ago. Friday, a spokesman for China's foreign

  • ministry told reporters, "the recent series of irresponsible and wrong comments from the

  • United States which neglect the facts about the relevant waters have encouraged certain

  • countries' dangerous and provocative behavior." (Via The White House)

  • Aside from Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan are all among the nations

  • accusing China of making a land grab.

The water near China and Vietnam has become considerably more dangerous in the last couple


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中國和越南有可能因海洋爭端爆發全面戰爭。 (China And Vietnam Risk All-Out War Over Sea Dispute)

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