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  • airport.

  • I don't even know if I'm pronouncing that right right here in Milan.

  • Might have been the shortest airport announcement ever.

  • As sunrise is really beautiful is obviously the first airport up day.

  • Go check in.

  • Now, with in today's airports, I do have a favorite.

  • And at least favorite, this airport isn't really either.

  • It was just a nice airport with cappuccino.

  • Been coming to Europe a lot for work lately, and I've developed a tiny, tiny pet peeve with the European coins.

  • But I don't know how Aiken really show you this.

  • You see this theme?

  • One.

  • Send euro coin.

  • It doesn't make a coin sound when it drops.

  • Here's a 20 year old coin.

  • It sounds like a coin.

  • Japanese five yen coin.

  • Again, It sounds like a coin, But watch what happens when I get to the one sent in to sent euro coins.

  • They just they don't sound right.

  • That's what coin should sound like this.

  • What is that?

  • My favorite little spots in the Milan airport get pizza.

  • Last meal in Italy pretty much has to be pizza saying that we're ranking airports or giving them scores.

  • But if we were this one would probably get somewhere around nine, and a 10 actually has a lot going for it.

  • Aside from being one of the cleaner and more beautiful airports that I've been to, it has a ton of shops.

  • Restaurants.

  • By contrast, the airport in Rome has next to nothing there.

  • So few restaurants in that some.

  • When I get to come through Milan, I'm always a little bit happier.

  • So we're in Moscow now, which, out of all the airports are going to be hitting in the next couple of hours, might be in terms of airport, my least favorite.

  • But there's only really one reason for that.

  • And it's the security check.

  • It's just insane.

  • They don't really have, like, a line or anything get in.

  • So it's total and utter chaos.

  • But other than that, Moscow airport seems pretty nice.

  • They get bonus points for having a T G.

  • I Friday.

  • It's also worth mentioning that this airport doesn't really have easy access to WiFi.

  • And there was a woman in the man's washer, and I'm starting to get the feeling that the Moscow airport is just somewhat chaotic by nature.

  • But in case you've ever wondered, this is what Burger King looks like in Moscow way feels appropriate.

  • That Russian Burger King here.

  • All in all, if I had to give the airport here like a rating, I probably give it somewhere around 4 to 5, maybe six.

  • Just to be nice.

  • Be nice being way too harsh on the Moscow airport.

  • There are definitely worst airports.

  • It's just out of all the ones that we're gonna be hitting today.

  • It's probably not finally in nutty, which, by the way, is not a bad airport.

  • Overall, it's got plenty of amenities.

  • It's got WiFi.

  • But if you find yourself stuck a Terminal three, which is usually for the discount airlines to be quite far to get back to the trains, I would probably give nutty but a seven or eight head of 10 Bye bye.

  • I have to go from 90 the airport all the way to Canada.

  • There is a bus that connects the two airports for people in this situation.

  • I think it's about 3000 yen around $30.

  • You come out of the Rivals Gate in the international terminal in Narita.

  • There's a pretty good chance that a TV show is going approach.

  • It happens to, a lot of people even happen to me.

  • Also, for those who might be passing through, there's a whole bunch of different ways that you get into Tokyo.

  • There's express trains that'll bring him into Tokyo local trains that will bring you in even cheaper, but take a lot longer.

  • There's buses you can even higher car services.

  • There used to be a helicopter.

  • I never got to take the helicopter.

  • So a little bit of a note on Haneda Airport Terminal one is the really beautiful terminal.

  • I'm in Terminal two right now.

  • It's still really nice, but one has this giant, gorgeous wooden bridge, and it's got all the shops and everything to quit.

  • Kind of sucks because where I'm going is gonna be pretty cold.

  • And I was hoping to get some warmer clothes.

  • I definitely didn't.

  • I will give them extra props for being amazingly professional and gentle with all my stuff.

  • Last airport I'm going to is one I've never been to before called its Upper northern Japan, and that's where my next project's gonna start.

  • It's exciting again.

  • Go somewhere that you've never been.

  • We're finally here.

  • There should be staff to pick me up.

  • I don't think I'm actually gonna have a ton of time to check out or enjoy this airport.

  • It's definitely colder out here than it was in Milan, and that's that's five airports in a day for the next couple days.

  • I gotta be hanging out here in Hokkaido, Japan, enjoying the snow and watching people make Stillman.



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