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  • little match girl.

  • It was a cold, snowy winter Games.

  • Streets were filled with people hurrying home after a hard day at work to their warm homes and fans.

  • A little girl wanted alone through this rush, her soft voice wavering on the frozen Please matches.

  • She was a little match girl trying to sell matches to the passers by.

  • She had no money to buy warm clothes and everything she wore was thin and drag.

  • The soles of her shoes had holes in them.

  • Busy with their own concerns.

  • The people walking by ignored her.

  • And no one stopped to buy matches from the poor girl.

  • The girl trying to stop a well dressed man who was passing by.

  • Mr.

  • Would you like to buy some matches?

  • Get away from the urchin!

  • My Children are waiting for their gift.

  • So place Mr Won't you just take one box, please?

  • I told you every alone irritated.

  • He showed the girl out of his way.

  • The girl was weak with hunger and cold and she lost her balance.

  • Collapsing on the ground.

  • The man turned away and walked on.

  • Theo Girl tried another street but still met with no success.

  • No room wanted any matches, and soon the number of people in the street began to dwindle.

  • She went off in search of another street, hoping to find more people.

  • Theo Little Match Girl was an orphan.

  • Her parents had died when she was very young, and she had been living with her grandmother.

  • Sadly, she, too, grew ill and passed away, leaving the girl alone in the world.

  • Selling matches was the only way she could support herself, but she needed to sell 10 boxes to get just one loaf of bread.

  • Today, she hadn't sold any passing.

  • Buying a house, she heard a burst of loud, joyful laughter coming from inside.

  • She looked through the window and saw a happy family in a warm room, sitting before a table loaded with delicious food.

  • She felt so miserable and alone at that moment that tears began to roll down her cheeks.

  • I could be one of those Children, way as the sun set and the darkness deep in the streets grew almost empty, and soon the girl was alone, tired from walking all day in the cool and very homely girl sat down by a wall to rest.

  • I'm so cold e anymore.

  • I wish I had something to eat.

  • Uh, fingers are going numb to If I light a match, I'll feel a bit warmer.

  • She took out a match and lit it Cool.

  • How nice and mine.

  • Theo Light danced and suede before her eyes and she couldn't stop looking at something very strange happened.

  • Ah, large fireplace with a crackling fire appeared out of nowhere before throwing off her shoes.

  • She stretched out her feet feeling a warm glow in your toes.

  • How lovely I feel so much better A ah, a smile formed on the girls pale face.

  • At that moment the match sputtered out, taking the vision of the fireplace with confused.

  • The girl looked around her and saw nothing but the dark, empty street hopeful.

  • She lit another match and it's light brought another vision.

  • Think she found herself in a house like the one she had seen through the window and there was a feast spread out on the the way it looks so wonderful.

  • Girl was amazed she had never seen so much delicious food in her life.

  • She grabbed a fork and chose an especially juicy looking piece of meat.

  • But before she could taste it.

  • The late faded again and everything vanished.

  • Where did it go?

  • I looked in food.

  • Oh, so hungry.

  • Desperate to recapture the beautiful mirage, she lit another match, huh?

  • What I see now?

  • She saw a huge, glittering Christmas tree way Girl eagerly approached the truth and reached for a cookie and their presence and cookies under the tree.

  • The theme Next moment the flame of her match went out.

  • Oh, but although Berlin faded, the vision had not The Christmas ornaments rose, shimmering into the dark night sky and transformed into beautiful, glowing stars.

  • I think she watched the stars feeling calm and happy.

  • Then she took all the remaining matches from her basket and let them all at once.

  • I wonder what will appear when all the matches air alike.

  • It must be magnificent.

  • The thing gazed into the bright fire.

  • She saw someone she loved very much.

  • Uh huh, Uh huh.

  • It was her grandmother, but the girl knew that was impossible.

  • Really?

  • It is, Darling, come and join me.

  • The girl fell into her grandmother's gentle embrace.

  • She could feel their feet leaving the ground as they floated into the Theo I was so lonely without you way taking The girl held her grandmother close and smiled brightly wrapped in her grandmother's arms.

  • The girl rose into the sky and became a pretty little star.

  • When morning came, the girl was found lying on the cold ground with her burnt matches scattered around her poor child.

  • Sorry for her.

  • She tried to warn herself with everyone was sad and felt sorry for the little girl.

  • Oh, my goodness.

  • But none of them would ever know the happiness and contentment that filter as she floated up to join the stars.

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  • I've been in the booth, the Prince and the Pauper.

little match girl.


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