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  • Hello.

  • Hello.

  • I literally do not have the first clue of what's going on.

  • Or do I?

  • So where were you on this day two years ago?

  • Like, What were you doing?

  • Do you have something marked off in your calendar?

  • May be something in your camera roll.

  • You can pause for a second, just check out.

  • I'll wait.

  • I'm always baffled by the concept of time, how something like two years can at once feel like an eternity and yet an instant all at the same time, like how each year makes up a smaller and smaller percentage of your life.

  • Like if you're turning 3 to 41 year makes of 1/4 of your entire life like 25%.

  • But if you're turning 1920 that percentage is much smaller.

  • It's something like five Don't went beyond the mat, but I digress.

  • I'm saying this because it's been almost one entire year since I quit my full time job to focus on content creation and shamisen.

  • And it has by far been the fax this year of my life to date, and this was extrapolated by the fact that I got this been the entire year doing something that I love.

  • Like I'm talking more time with family loved ones and people who inspire me took shamisen players to Italy, Australia and Canada.

  • Did panels in the states, hung it with voice actors, took a lot of flight played tummies hand on TV with Yoshida brothers carrying Elon Musk cut through Tokyo hung everyone cyberpunk rooftops.

  • I moved into a new home and even documented my new Shamis and being made.

  • But it's time for something new, So I'm choosing to end season two early like almost a whole month early, mostly out of just my own personal excitement, because I cannot wait to kick things off.

  • And if I do say so myself, Season three is gonna be our biggest and most exciting season yet, which really isn't setting the bar very high, considering there's only been two other seasons so far with more videos, more ways for us to interact, more adventure, more Chevy Sen and more stuff to look forward to within every video.

  • And the fact is that by the time you watch this right now, production for Season three has already started.

  • We are on our way to start recording season three right now.

  • Thanks, man.

  • This is Victor.

  • If you don't know, Victor, you will.

  • Congrats on season two.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Have a favorite actually episode that you liked.

  • Um, it's really hard to nail down.

  • I actually really like the Siri's.

  • At the very beginning of season two.

  • When my little brother came out, there were a couple Siri's that I started and didn't finish that I'm definitely gonna have to pick up in Season three.

  • But for the most part, I think passes of has and that's one of the reasons why I want to kick this off is because Season two never really turned into what I wanted it to turn into.

  • But we're gonna have a lot of fun with Season three.

  • But all that being said, let's get on the road to soothe with all the banking looks good, too.

  • Pizza, Good pizza.

  • Victor and I are actually on location right now, shooting the first Siri's that's going to kick off season three.

  • And while the next couple of months of content is already underway, I would love to hear from you.

  • So leaving the comments what you would like to see the most, And I'll see what I can squeeze in in the next couple months.

  • This year this year is our year, and we are gonna make it a good one.

  • And I have seen a little bit of the behind the scenes that participated myself.

  • So trust me, you're in for a treat, so make sure those notifications are you guys know I love to see the notification squandered down there.

  • Definitely leave me something in the comments.

  • You know, I'll be replying, and I will see you again.

  • You don't actually forget it.

  • I'm gonna for go and normal exit, we're gonna roll some teasers for Season three.

  • Right now.

  • The adventure, the venture, Israel.



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