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  • Hey guys, today we're doing some of the best photography spots in all of Tokyo.

  • Some of my favorites, including, you know, let's just rolling intro and get this.

  • We're going to start right here at the Tokyo International Forum.

  • As you can see, this place is right with leading the lines.

  • It's one of the things that makes it amazing for photography.

  • In addition to being full of events, bases and flea markets and everything, it's super close to Tokyo Station, and there's actually an entire underground section with hidden tunnels and hallways.

  • And it's an adventure, all in its own full confession.

  • I actually came out here today because I wanted to play with some new toys.

  • I got a package from moment that I ordered had, like this new backpack, their new fish island, their new anamorphic lens, and I just kind of wanted to play around with him and see what I could do.

  • Actually, all the B roll that I've shot here was shot on those two between this space and all the underground tunnels and everything attached to it.

  • This place is massive, so I actually come out here and shoot fairly often.

  • It's also rarely noisy or crowded, which, in contrast, our next space is well behind me.

  • Over here is an area called my They Yokota.

  • You've definitely seen it in photos before.

  • Let's go check it out.

  • What has a little space like this that runs right along the tracks?

  • What you want to do is come over this way to this space right here.

  • This spot is a favorite for a lot of photographers because of all the different shop fronts in the little alleyways like this in the background, there is so much to see in this one little space.

  • You can shoot this with a wide lens, a zoom lens, your iPhone pretty much anything.

  • And it is a really great spot to capture life and people of Tokyo just kicking back and relaxing his next body special.

  • And it's one of the boats unique views you can get of Tokyo Tower, but it comes with a catch.

  • There's almost always people waiting there.

  • The spot looks amazing day or night, and every single time I showed in my instagram stories people DME asking where his So I'm gonna link it down below.

  • Chances are, you're probably had the line up.

  • If you want the shot, it's actually not that bad today.

  • Sometimes the line stretches from here all the way to have merit.

  • It can get pretty crazy.

  • And, honestly, who knows how long it's gonna be until they shut down the spot all together.

  • But there are no shortage of spaces to get that iconic Tokyo tower shot from.

  • In fact, let me know if you'd like me to show more of these because there are so many amazing photography spots in Tokyo that this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

  • I'm actually running photo tours with moment this year.

  • I will link them below.

  • If you are interested.

  • If you're new to the channel, don't forget to hit that subscribe button, and regular viewers know I will see you again real soon.

Hey guys, today we're doing some of the best photography spots in all of Tokyo.


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