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  • today we're going to be taking you around Esquel and showing you three

    今天我們要帶你 在溢達附近,並向您展示三個

  • of our favorite restaurants in town Esquel is a popular hiking destination

    鎮上我們最喜歡的餐館 溢達是一個受歡迎的遠足目的地

  • plus it's also the starting point for numerous day trips so chances are by the

    而且它也是 無數的一日遊,所以機會是

  • time you're back in town you're going to be very hungry and

    你回城的時候 你會很餓,

  • craving something party so in today's video we're going to show you three

    渴望在今天的聚會上 視頻,我們將向您展示三個

  • restaurants that specialize in three classic staples of the Argentinian diet

    專營三間餐廳 阿根廷飲食的經典主食

  • pizza pasta and parrilla aka barbecue now let's go eat

    披薩麵食和parrilla aka燒烤現在 一起去吃

  • well we found themselves a nice little cozy place for lunch we sure did so our

    好吧,我們發現自己很漂亮 我們肯定是一個舒適的午餐場所

  • host recommended this parrilla place it's called De Maria yeah we've ordered

    房東推薦這個Parrilla的地方 我們叫De Maria是的

  • bife de chorizo which is a classic we got vacio another classic yeah back

    經典的bife de chorizo 我們得到了另一個經典的真空

  • home one right dad barbecue well we did we actually had it in Belgrano yeah yeah

    一家人,爸爸燒烤不錯,我們做了 我們實際上是在Belgrano擁有的

  • I mean a salad in a while since we last ate salad this one has a beetroot

    我的意思是自從我們上一次以來有一段時間沙拉 吃了沙拉,這個有甜菜根

  • carrots and egg and we also had some bread they brought us a nice little

    胡蘿蔔和雞蛋,我們還有一些 麵包,他們給我們帶來了美好的一天

  • bread basket with some white of ye-yes this was like a lentil piece yes really

    麵包籃,有些是白色 這就像扁豆一樣,真的

  • tasty and some Mayo no so excited so ready for parrilla I've been craving I told

    好吃,有些蛋黃醬沒有那麼興奮 我告訴我已經準備好要發狂了

  • you this morning my are do we hope to have parrilla it today it's been so long

    你今天早上我是我們希望 今天已經很久了

  • and talking about this for hours I think it's been over a week since I've had a

    聊了好幾個小時 我已經有一個多星期了

  • parrilla and that's wait that's way too long in Argentina and Carcassonne a wine

    parrilla,那也是等待的方式 長在阿根廷和卡爾卡鬆的葡萄酒

  • which is the cheapest house wine available thankful that you tell you

    這是最便宜的自釀葡萄酒 謝謝你告訴你

  • it's it's decent it really goes down it goes down he says does it go down we

    這真的很不錯 落下,他說會落下嗎

  • believe it's not the smoothest one I've ever had but it's a nice potent in red

    相信這不是我做過的最順利的 曾經有過,但它是紅色的強大力量

  • which will go perfect it's gonna cover the meat and it's gonna be its kind

    它將變得完美它將覆蓋 肉,這將是它的種類

  • honor on our pocketbook today is the cheapest cheapest one in the house okay

    今天,我們口袋裡的榮譽是 最便宜的房子裡最便宜的一個

  • guys


  • I got the vacío and actually it's two cuts of meat so I'm having one piece I'm

    我有空缺,實際上是兩個 切肉,所以我要一塊

  • sharing the other one with Sam yeah we're splitting the meat so you guys can

    與Sam yeah共享另一個 我們正在分割肉,以便你們可以

  • see over here yeah and I've gotten way look at how pink it is the genuine asked

    看這裡,是的,我已經走了 看看真正的粉紅色是多少

  • me how I wanted the meat they just did it right this is how it's meant to be

    我想要他們剛吃的肉 沒錯,這就是它的本意

  • gotta love that you love the confidence in the grill master right it looks so

    要愛你愛信心 在烤爐師傅看來

  • cheesy from over here we need to give Sam a chance to try this be for the

    從這裡俗氣,我們需要給 山姆有機會嘗試這個

  • Trudy so yes please ready beyond ready okay now I can call the camera oh my

    真實,所以請準備就緒 好吧,現在我可以給相機打電話哦,我的

  • gosh guys the beef de chorizo this is the half cut out over here

    天哪,這是牛肉香腸 一半切在這裡

  • that's Audrey's yeah so we're gonna share very generous portion of parrilla you know the

    那是奧黛麗的,所以我們要 共享非常豐富的parrilla,您知道

  • nice thing about having the grill here at the table is that we can keep cooking

    關於在這裡燒烤的好事 在桌上是我們可以繼續做飯

  • it if you think it's too juicy keep it warm - yeah so just like you did I'm

    如果您認為它太汁多了,那就保留它 溫暖-是的,就像我一樣

  • gonna try it without chimichurri without salt

    不用chimichurri就可以嘗試 鹽

  • oh I could eat this all day every day juicy in the middle so much flavor Oh

    哦,我每天可以整天吃 多汁的中間那麼多味道哦

  • drowning enough seriously this enhances it so much I can't wait to see your

    淹死足夠嚴重,這會增強 我等不及要看你的了

  • reaction


  • that's like next-level garlicky isn't that lunch was amazed balls Sam has to

    就像下一層大蒜味不是 午飯讓薩姆吃驚的球

  • take off his glasses to the camera so people don't know he wears glasses yeah

    把他的眼鏡摘下相機 人們不知道他戴眼鏡是的

  • well you don't actually like them you've been trying to secretly get rid of them

    好吧,你實際上並不喜歡他們 一直試圖暗中擺脫他們

  • for a while guys are like 15 years old come on they've been around for a while

    有一陣子,他們大概15歲 來吧,他們已經有一段時間了

  • but they've better like it like a trusty old friend so I keep them and keep them

    但他們最好像一個可信賴的人 老朋友,所以我留著他們,留著他們

  • in the Arsenal anyways what we're doing now is we're trying to organize some

    無論如何,我們在阿森納 現在是我們正在嘗試組織一些

  • tours well first we're trying to tell people how much the meal cost under 30

    首先我們要講的很好 人們30歲以下的一頓飯多少錢

  • US dollars yeah so something you asked 15 per person think about the value guys

    美元,所以你問了些什麼 每人15位思考價值的人

  • we drank a whole bottle of red wine made a nice big bread basket thought to be

    我們喝了一整瓶紅酒 一個不錯的大麵包籃,被認為是

  • lots of lots of meat and a really nice salad so oh and soda water I would do

    很多肉,真的很好 沙拉,所以哦,我會去喝蘇打水

  • that again for sure yeah I'm in that place highly it came recommended to us

    再次肯定是的,我在那 高度推薦給我們

  • by our local host in fact so breathe great suggestion and now guys we are

    實際上是由我們當地的主人呼吸 很好的建議,現在我們

  • going to be having lunch we are heading to a place called Don Chiquino no Sam

    我們要去吃午飯了 到一個叫Don Chiquino no Sam的地方

  • chose this restaurant apparently it's one of the best in town and they

    選擇這家餐廳顯然是 鎮上最好的之一,他們

  • specialize in pastas and I'm hungry


  • one of the reasons we chose this place is because of the decor yeah I knew it

    我們選擇這個地方的原因之一 是因為裝飾,是的,我知道

  • was gonna be interesting inside but not this interesting this is like oh did it

    裡面會很有趣,但不是 這很有趣,就像哦做到了

  • a bodegon on steroids it's so fascinating the

    上的bodegon 類固醇是如此令人著迷

  • collection they have in here it's like a museum yeah I mean there's license

    他們在這裡的收藏就像一個 博物館,是的,我的意思是有執照

  • plates there's football gear there's honestly any kind of trinket or tool

    盤子裡有足球裝備 老實說,任何小飾品或工具

  • that you could ever think yeah we're not the farm tools old photographs own beer

    你可能會想是的,我們不是 農場工具老照片自己喝啤酒

  • bottles so it's super fascinating and I mean after we place the order like I

    瓶子,所以超級迷人,我 意思是說我們下訂單後

  • couldn't put my camera now I'm just walking around the full restaurant it's

    現在我不能放我的相機 在整個餐廳裡走來走去

  • not just one section it's the entire restaurant that's covered mm-hmm you

    不只是一部分,而是整個 蓋滿你的餐廳

  • have to look up because there's oh yeah Google's free almost the ceiling with

    必須抬起頭,因為那裡是的 Google幾乎免費提供

  • the display pretty impressive


  • well the pasta has arrived it sure has these are the Sorrentino

    麵食到了 確定這些是索倫蒂諾

  • sideshows wonderful like look at that presentation so like I mentioned these

    雜耍精彩,就像看那個 演示文稿,就像我提到這些

  • have ricotta walnuts mushrooms lots of chopped walnuts over top and I chose

    有意大利乳清乾酪核桃蘑菇很多 上面切碎的核桃,我選擇了

  • like you can choose what sauce you want on your pasta and I look for the

    就像你可以選擇想要的醬汁 在你的麵食上,我尋找

  • specialty of the house which is called the don't cheeky no sauce I'm gonna have

    這所房子的特色 我不會有厚臉皮的醬汁

  • to be the ingredients is there's a whole lot so it has special Mel tomato sauce

    成為成分是有一個整體 很多,所以有特殊的梅爾番茄醬

  • chicken pancetta and mushrooms Wow let's not 1 in half down the middle so you can

    雞肉培根和蘑菇哇,讓我們 不是中間一半的一半,所以您可以

  • see the filling look at that those are stuff ooh let's dip it in sauce extra

    看到那些填充物 東西讓我們浸入醬汁中

  • creamy they had a huge selection of cream and tomato based sauce is probably

    他們有很多選擇 奶油和番茄醬可能是

  • like 10


  • the mushrooms give it a really nice distinct flavor and it also has a

    蘑菇給它很好 獨特的味道,它也有

  • nuttiness from the walnuts - I'm very happy yours looks really good - I mind

    核桃的堅果味-我非常 很高興您看起來真的很好-我介意

  • that one


  • lasagna our guys I'm having one of my favorite Italian dishes lasagna but this

    千層面我們的傢伙我有我的 最喜歡的意大利菜烤寬麵條,但這

  • isn't just any kind of lasagna this is lasagna that includes patagonian

    不只是一種千層面 這是烤寬麵條,包括巴塔哥尼亞人

  • lamb yeah vessel T of this region and I can't wait to try it again monsterpiece

    該地區和我的羊羔野豬T 等不及要再試一次

  • Mississippi it's a behemoth and again I was able to select a sauce like garlic

    密西西比州,它是一個龐然大物,而我 能夠選擇大蒜這樣的調味料

  • you were so I went with a napolitana which is basically tomato based sauce

    你曾經是,所以我去了那不勒斯 基本上是番茄醬

  • yeah which i think is perfect for a lasagna it also has a bit of olive oil

    是的,我認為非常適合 千層面也有一點橄欖油

  • yeah I'm herbes and spices so yeah I can't wait to talk into that bad boy ooh

    是的,我是草藥和香料,所以我 等不及要跟那個壞男孩說話了

  • and there's cheese in front of you lots of cheese if you want to load it up

    前面有很多奶酪 如果要裝載奶酪

  • indeed okay guys let's try some of this you gotta see it's loaded we're getting

    的確不錯,讓我們嘗試一下 您必須看到它已加載,我們正在

  • the filling right now Wow very nice mmm it's just packed with flavor I'm

    現在的填充物哇,非常好 它充滿了我的味道

  • surprised by how soft the texture is it just melts in your mouth

    質地如此柔軟感到驚訝 只是在你的嘴裡融化

  • the lamb is so tender it's very good so good we're gonna cheat at some point so

    羔羊很嫩所以很好 好,我們會在某個時候作弊,所以

  • we can also try oh gee I can't wait for you to try the lasagna I'm still amazed

    我們也可以嘗試哦,我等不及了 你來嘗試烤寬麵條我還是很驚訝

  • by the size of him like wow there's a lot of different

    由他的大小 就像哇,有很多不同

  • ingredients inside too isn't there yes we've noticed noticing that it seems

    裡面的成分也不在那裡 是的,我們注意到了

  • to have lots of like carrots peppers garlic the onion too I believe

    有很多像胡蘿蔔辣椒 我也相信大蒜洋蔥

  • soft on everything you're right that is so creamy and smooth it's like it melts

    對正確的一切輕描淡寫 如此柔滑,就像融化

  • in your mouth you barely have to chew it the ground lamb is so tender you did

    在你的嘴裡,你幾乎不需要咀嚼它 地面羔羊真嫩

  • well I think we've both done well although I still haven't tried yours

    好吧,我認為我們倆都做得很好 雖然我還沒有嘗試過

  • yeah this place has been fantastic so far huh sure cannons are the same you

    是的,這個地方很棒 嗯,確定大砲是一樣的嗎

  • can so excited to try this guy's sorentino's are just stuff to the box

    可以很高興嘗試這個傢伙的 索倫蒂諾的東西只是盒子裡的東西

  • but actually dense you can feel it when you're picking it up at the fork mhm

    但實際上,當你 你在叉車上撿起來

  • we've been seeing sorentino's a lot on the menu mmm they're super popular here

    我們一直在看到索倫蒂諾在 菜單-他們在這裡超級受歡迎

  • in our commission mouths laughs huh oh yeah nice creamy sauce a perfect one

    在我們的委託口中笑了吧 哦,是的,很好的奶油醬

  • I think the waitress recommended it in shape hmm they really taste the

    我想女服務員推薦 他們真的很喜歡

  • mushrooms I love the crunchiness of the walnuts

    蘑菇 我喜歡核桃的鬆脆性

  • it's just fantastic and you look at this plate and think oh it was actually not

    太棒了,你看看這個 盤子,想想哦,實際上不是

  • that many sorentino's but they are super dense filling no filling and we still

    這麼多的索倫蒂諾,但他們超級 密集的填充沒有填充,我們仍然

  • want to eat dessert well we decided to get dessert and what is this this is an

    想好好吃甜點,我們決定 得到甜點,這是什麼

  • andean mousse mousse from the ND with whipped cream do so the lid or

    ND的安第斯慕斯慕斯 用鮮奶油做蓋子或

  • every quarter chocolate of its walnuts lot of good things going on it looks

    每季度核桃巧克力 發生了很多好事

  • super decadent let's find out if I was exaggerating or if this really is magic

    超級decade廢讓我們看看我是否 誇張或者這真的是魔術

  • with cocoa powder tears I've got some dulce de leche yes I'm in for the mousse

    帶著可可粉的眼淚,我有一些 dulce de leche是的,我喜歡慕斯

  • deep down a bit of everything get it in there well it's one of the

    深入了解一切 很好地將它放在其中之一

  • best desserts beside of our AJ no it's like some fluffy and chocolaty creamy so

    除了我們的AJ最好的甜點,不是 像一些蓬鬆巧克力般的奶油

  • incredible built-in chocolate flavor it's into chocolate flavor you heard it

    令人難以置信的內置巧克力味 聞到巧克力味

  • here first it's a path with potent chocolate flavor

    首先在這裡 這是一條帶有濃烈巧克力風味的道路

  • I feel like a blind bat this afternoon because I forgot my sunglasses and

    我今天下午感覺像只蝙蝠 因為我忘記了太陽鏡

  • there's the popper a German Shepherd popper be sweet don't work there he is

    有一個波普爾德國牧羊犬 波普爾,請甜蜜,不要在那里工作

  • there he is he looks like a what was there gonna see prices yes I wanted to

    他在那裡,他看起來像是什麼 那裡會看到價格,我想

  • talk about the cost of the meal because we kind of forgot to mention that so the

    談論用餐費用,因為 我們有點忘記提了,所以

  • total was 27 u.s. dollars and to remind you we had two amazing pasta dishes wine

    總共是27美元,並提醒 你有兩個很棒的麵食酒

  • soda water that decadent chocolate mousse her dessert basket of bread with

    蘇打水那種decade廢的巧克力 慕斯與她的甜點籃子麵包

  • the dip and yeah just a really cool setting it's not every day you get to

    蘸,是的,真的很酷 設置不是每天都有

  • eat in a restaurant that feels like a museum and just has a quirky collection

    在感覺像一個餐廳的餐廳裡吃飯 博物館,只是一個古怪的收藏

  • of antiques and the old farm equipment and photographs on its walls and

    古董和舊農場設備 在牆上的照片和

  • ceilings so I really enjoyed that aspect


  • well and Gaucho man you're looking pretty cool over there

    好吧,高喬男人,你在找 那邊很酷

  • these are mystical eyeglasses yeah I mean couch ins don't worry y'all so

    這些是神秘的眼鏡,是的,我 意思是沙發ins不用擔心

  • funny and green glasses from Korea do not not typical Argentina ones that's

    來自韓國的有趣綠色眼鏡 不是不是典型的阿根廷

  • for sure okay so we came in here and we noticed

    當然 好的,所以我們來到這裡,我們注意到了

  • that there's a few special promotions mm-hmm or did the Pizza Napoletana it's

    有一些特價促銷 嗯,還是拿破崙披薩

  • gonna be forced on the big portion it also comes with these delicious little

    會被迫在很大一部分上 還帶有這些美味的小東西

  • garlicky bread bites well good comes with the Europe soda first coke we've

    蒜味麵包叮咬好來 我們用歐洲蘇打第一可樂

  • had in a long time long time long time the bottle this is incredible it is a

    在很久很久很久 瓶子是不可思議的

  • glass bottle of weighs a ton it's kind of like the old fashion style bottles

    玻璃瓶重一噸,是一種 像舊的時尚風格的瓶子

  • that I think coke you know was originally made from that you don't

    我想你知道可樂是 最初是由你做的

  • really find in North America anymore listen to this I think you need longer

    真的在北美找到了 聽我說,你需要更長的時間

  • nails I do hear the clinking Wow guys the first slice you see here cheese have

    指甲我確實聽到了無比的哇傢伙 您在這裡看到的第一片奶酪有

  • you some more thoughts heavy in a hand like when you ordered pizza in Argentina

    你手上有些沉思 就像您在阿根廷訂購比薩餅時一樣

  • they do not skimp on the cheese and it's such a good quality of mozzarella

    他們不ski奶酪, 這麼好的奶酪

  • amazing you look like a real couch over there so amazing for me loving this hat

    太神奇了,你看起來像一個真正的沙發 愛上這頂帽子對我來說真是太神奇了

  • guys my favorite hat purchase in years


  • mmm does the Gaucho like his pizza juiciness of the tomato mountain of

    嗯,高喬喜歡他的披薩嗎 番茄山的多汁

  • cheese nice buttery crust yeah this is what beats is all about this go to

    奶酪很好的黃油皮,是的,這是 拍子到底是怎麼回事

  • approve the Bisbee's on her to hear first guys how's the pizza Audrey

    批准Bisbee聽到她的聲音 大家好,比薩奧黛麗怎麼樣

  • anytime anything pizza salad fries I go crazy you're loving it yeah I've noticed

    任何時候我去披薩色拉薯條 瘋狂,您愛上它,是的,我注意到了

  • in Argentina that it's a very liberal use of garlic we had garlic on our fries

    在阿根廷,這是非常自由的 使用大蒜,我們在薯條上加了大蒜

  • the other day no maybe not great for date night but I mean we've been

    前幾天不適合 約會之夜,但我的意思是我們去過

  • together a long time so we have garlic worth the drop that they will good stuff

    在一起很久,所以我們有大蒜 值得一滴,他們將好東西

  • though Audrey what do you think of her new hats

    雖然 奧黛麗對她的新帽子有何看法

  • right I'm trying to see if I could pass as a gaucho it's not even a word to go

    對,我想看看我是否可以通過 作為一個印第安人混血兒甚至連詞都沒有

  • to that maybe a bit more nice people

    那個 也許更友善的人

  • we both rocket yeah belly full bellies are full indeed Raji you only have one

    我們倆火箭都挺飽肚子 確實很飽,拉吉只有一個

  • slice of pizza I had five hours ago and I had a big slice of pizza to be fair

    我五個小時前吃的一片披薩 我吃了一大筆比薩

  • you did so we're taking some home that's for you tomorrow slices lag yeah and

    你做到了,所以我們要帶一些回家 明天為你切片遲滯是的,

  • yeah it was a really good price the provo was ten US dollars at

    是的,這是一個非常好的價格 普羅沃是十美元

  • currencyxchanger slee big pizza Pete I'd like one big coat garlic fingers not

    currencyxchanger睡大比薩皮特我 像大蒜大手指一樣

  • garlic fingers to make garlic keep its red bits it was good yeah that's so

    大蒜手指使大蒜保持其 紅色的東西,很好,是的

  • actually one of the cheaper cheaper meals we've had a long time and we're

    其實便宜的便宜之一 我們已經吃了很長時間的飯菜了

  • going homeless food yes go skill has three restaurants here so yeah now walk

    去無家可歸的食物是去技能 這裡有三間餐廳,所以現在走

  • home yeah it's nighttime we need maybe we'll have

    是的 這是晚上,我們需要也許我們會

  • a cat waiting for us maybe first that would be awesome and we need a good

    一隻貓在等我們 會很棒,我們需要一個好

  • sleep because we have a busy tour tomorrow we

    睡,因為我們有一個忙碌的旅行 明天我們

  • have a busy tour but we're being picked up by nine in the morning which is

    旅途很忙,但是我們被選中了 早上九點

  • pretty nice because last time we had to be up super early so yeah I'm so excited

    很好,因為上次我們不得不 超級早起,所以我很興奮

  • for tomorrow's excursion so we'll say goodbye now

    為了明天的旅行,所以我們會說 再見

  • so there you have it our foodie recommendations for Esquel these are

    所以你有我們的美食家 對溢達的建議是

  • three places where you can eat well the portions are large and the prices are

    三個可以吃得飽的地方 份量很大,價格也很貴

  • good of course there's only so many restaurants that we could hit up on our

    很好,當然只有這麼多 我們可能會打起的餐廳

  • visit so feel free to share your favorite restaurants in Esquel in the

    訪問,隨時分享您的 溢達中最受歡迎的餐館

  • comments below they can be pizza pasta parrilla or otherwise

    下面的評論可以是披薩麵食 parrilla或其他

today we're going to be taking you around Esquel and showing you three

今天我們要帶你 在溢達附近,並向您展示三個


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B1 中級 中文 大蒜 麵食 餐廳 奶酪 披薩 阿根廷

阿根廷美食之旅:在阿根廷丘布特的埃斯奎爾吃PARRILLA+PASTA+PIZZA。 (ARGENTINIAN FOOD TOUR: Eating PARRILLA + PASTA + PIZZA in Esquel, Chubut, Argentina)

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