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hi guys audrey here back with another tiny house adventure and since sam was
away visiting his parents this time i was joined by my sister
ariel as you know this summer we've been making an effort
to travel locally and get to know our own backyard
so for this week's getaway we rented a tiny cabin in the woods in glen huron
about an hour and 40 minutes north of toronto
but even more exciting than that is the fact that ariel and i
finally got to meet our nephew there might be tears because he really is the
most beautiful baby and i've never seen anything
so tiny and perfect now let's roll the footage
well hello guys we are here's my sister hello again
ariel um today we are doing a tiny house day
in glen huron and i've been like falling asleep i'm supposed to be
navigating and i've been kind of like dozing off
and then it's our turn we're just sleeping we did
i mean you'll go the wrong way but we ended up in farmland so we've seen
sheep and cows and it's really pretty and really green so maybe there's a
reason why we missed it yeah i know it was it was good i'm
almost winter of that hill
it's not so bad going down it's gonna be coming up
so this whole time we have been on a quest
to find a tim hortons we've missed a total of three
two of them were on the wrong side of the road and we realized way too late
and the other one well i fell asleep and took us on the floor you even
haven't done more in scientific country style
but then i saw it on my phone it's like oh there it goes
um but anyways i i am awake now i'm alert
i've napped enough i've had chips i've had chocolate
but now we have a storm brewing like it's
getting real dark real quick so i just hope we make it there before
it starts pouring rain like we wanted to go hiking today i have
a feeling we might be indoors i don't know hopefully they have board
games or we're gonna change ourselves somehow
all right guys so we have made it to the tiny home
welcome welcome no sam behind the camera today
so i'll be showing you around let's see what we can do together
so first things first here's my sister eating chocolate
hiding forwarding to make a mess hiding i've told her you can't make it messy
until i film the tour um so yeah basically this is
the entrance to the tiny home and first things first you have
a mini living area very canadian plaid pattern feeling the vibes
and yeah we've got some cute polar bears some cute polar bears up here
polar bears polar bears um some books so yeah this is kind of like our
little reading nook i suppose or just hang out
area and then over here that brings us to the
kitchen it's a small kitchen but it looks very
functional so basically here we've got our sink
it's covered right now with what you can use as a chopping
board we have hot and cold water here because there is a water heater that i
still need to plug in and turn on and then over here they left us some tea
it looks like yeah different teas we have some sugar
hand sanitizer some dish towels we have some cooking
utensils what else oh up here on this little
shelf we have all of our plates our mugs we have wine
glasses cutlery coffee maker so we are kind of
set in the cooking department what else oh
we have a mini fridge
and what else a little toaster oven we actually did
all of our meal prep while we were still at home because we weren't sure what the
situation was going to be like we also have a like a barbecue outside
so you can grill or cook stuff up over there but yeah
we're going to be having tacos and it's all
ready made so it's super easy and what else down here
okay this is kind of like a little cozy area
i'm going to call it the dining room it looks like a dining room
so we have a cute little bench little table in front of us a nice
window that looks into the forest and honestly this could
double as like a little work space or a little office
very cozy we have some cushions here some pillows
they left us some kind of puzzle so yeah this
is where we'll be eating our meals and then the only other thing that we
have downstairs is the bathroom so let me take you in
there this is actually the fanciest bathroom we've had at any
of our tiny house days we have a compost toilet and we also
have the luxury of a shower there we are
first time we've ever had a shower it's usually just been
compost toilets and we bring some some wet wipes to like
freshen up so really we do need arms in there i know um
so yeah this time we're only staying one night so i don't think we really need
need a shower but hey if you wanted one it's there
oh we also have a tv right over here just across from the couch
and they left us a huge movie selection if you can see that we've got i don't
know i'd say maybe like 40 50 different movies to choose from so
maybe we'll pick one out for this evening and
then the only thing left to show you is the
bedroom so we have to climb up to the loft so
let's do that okay so we have made it to the bedroom we are
a little backlit but basically this is the view we've got it looks like
a christmas tree farm out there to be honest
ariel is getting stuff from the car we forgot all of our drinking water
looks like she's being attacked by mosquitoes fight those mosquitoes
fight them off
oh my gosh that's too funny the mosquitoes have been horrible relentless
um and she's running back in also before i forget if you watched our last tiny
house video glasses usa is extending a 65
discount off of their frames so if you need some new specs
you can check that out we've got a link in the description for you
there we go she was attacked she came back
so quick um but yeah basically this is the bedroom area i think you can sit
upright in between the beams you can sit upright
in between the beams if you're not too too tall
so it's surprisingly comfortable like when i was booking this place i thought
maybe we wouldn't be able to really sit that we would just be kind of crawling
but this definitely makes it more comfortable for like reading or watching
movies just hanging out up here and what else
bed looks comfy we have lots of pillows and cushions and they have these cute
little stars twinkly lights star lights
whatever you want to call them and yeah this is the view from up top
voila this is the tiny home sister getaway
she says yeah i think that's everything i wanted to show you on the inside
next up i'm gonna put on some long pants a long sleeve and i'll show you the deck
area i need to guard myself from the mosquitoes because
i feel like bug spray doesn't work well enough
so let's go okay guys now we go outside i have prepared myself
as much as possible this is the outfit can you see it pajamas socks
oh there we go okay so yeah let's tour the exterior first of all our little
tiny house is right at the start of a trail so that
we can go hiking in the morning or maybe even
later this afternoon but we want to eat first
so that's really cool hiking trail right at our doorstep
also i love that they have so many little bird houses
in varying sizes and varying colors it's just very bright and cheerful like
look here we have another one a blue one and
they have the christmas lights up so yeah it just feels really really
festive but yeah let me show you around
basically we have this little deck area for outdoor dining when it's
not raining so there's a table there for four people
and then another little table down there for two
we have a barbecue if you wanted to grill some burgers
hot dogs you know your standard camp food what's this
it says welcome friends i wonder if it's bird food
oh i think that's for people who smoke it's a bucket with sand
yeah they also have christmas ornaments on the trees
so this is really cool i like the outdoor area they've made it a very
inviting place where you want to linger and hang out
and then we have our outhouse we actually have
two toilets at our disposal here they told us
they would prefer if we used the outhouse but for emergencies especially
in the middle of the night we have a toilet inside of the tiny home
that we can also use it's a compost toilet
so we are now in the kitchen prepping our dinner tacos thankfully we
pre-cooked the meat back at home because it turns out we don't actually
have a stove and that's my bad for not reading the description thoroughly
but what we do have is a toaster oven so we've put our meat in there we're
just heating it up now and we've already prepped everything
else so the guacamole has been made it's looking good
we have our taco shells our tortillas so we're all set in that regard oh and
cherries for dessert
my first bite of our chicken tacos here and i'm honestly pretty impressed
first i'm having ground chicken as taco filling okay
but it turned out pretty tasty i don't think i did too much as always
but it could be spicier the salsa it's not the hot one
oh nothing just regular we should have brought hot sauce
delicious huh ready to go hiking ready to go hiking are you guys ready to
go hiking we're ready we're ready trail engines so we might
have been overly optimistic about that hike even
though we were wearing long pants long sleeves and we covered ourselves in
repellent the mosquitoes decided our faces and ears were prime locations for
their attack and we only lasted a few minutes before
we were sprinting back to the safety of the cabin
we opted for a movie night instead and watched night at the museum and alice in
wonderland good night good night
well guys that is it for tonight we watched
two back-to-back movies i fell asleep during the first one
ariel fell asleep during the second one i was awake through the second we
watched night at the museum and then alice in
wonderland and yeah we're gonna get a good night's
rest and tomorrow we have an exciting day because my
sister and i are gonna go meet our little nephew for
the first time newborn nephew so we're really excited
um so yeah good night good morning world hello hello sister
hello good morning how did you sleep in your first
tiny house
it wasn't bad it which is their little christmas lights outside are kind
of pretty bright and the window had like no current so it
was just kind of blinding me i think overall it's possible yeah
good experience it was it was fun um i i actually had a good night's sleep i
feel like i'm used to this whole tiny house you slept like a baby i slept
like a baby i was like i was twitching and
kicking and snoring and i got okay i don't think i was snoring
but yeah it rained really hard early in the morning i think it must have been
like four or five when we had this huge torrential
downpour that actually woke me up just like the
rain hitting the roof and it was coming down so hard i was
like oh my gosh car please don't get stuck in the mud um
but yeah we're all good as you saw yesterday we couldn't
handle the trail the hiking trail we really wanted to do a bit of hiking but
i just keep forgetting like during the summer months in ontario a
lot of mosquitoes impossible like this would be a
beautiful place oh did it get in no it's outside
where this would be a beautiful place i would say an autumn
early autumn winter or like yeah or mid-autumn when like the foliage is
changing because it has a nice deck area so like you can hang out outside and
then also once the temperatures begin to drop
the mosquitoes aren't attacking you so you can go for long walks
enjoy the crisp air so that's when i would suggest visiting but yeah we
didn't get to hike which is kind of sad to me we made it for like a minute and a
half two minutes like no we're going back we're going
back turn around so there's lots of hiking to be done here it's just
not the right time of year or like you need to like bathe yourself in bug spray
like we wore bug spray and it was still bad um so yeah we're saying goodbye to
the tiny home and now we're going to drive to my
sister's house in innisfil it's about a one hour drive
from here but tim horton's on the way we need our
okay we did our timmy's run for all the non-canadians i wonder if
you can see it over my shoulders tim hortons is right over there it's
basically a coffee chain like dunkin donuts or
well mcdonald's not really a coffee chain but they do good coffee
um so basically i got the homestyle biscuit breakfast biscuit i forget what
it's called but it's a nice greasy biscuit with an
omelette it has bacon it has cheddar cheese it's
very tasty i also got a hash brown that i've already bitten
into i'll show you my sister's this one is still intact we've got that
and of course timmy's coffee to wake us up to start the day i got the double
double so that's just like two milks two sugars
and yeah we are all set it's actually still too
early to get to my sister's house because she has to go grocery shopping
and she won't be home for a while so we're just hanging out in a parking lot
in stayner having our breakfast and then we'll continue driving it's
going to be an hour yeah and slowly waking up
but it's a nice overcast day it's not raining so it's actually kind of nice
for driving i like this
they're all weather it's a crying thing
he looks like a little wizard with us
oh my gosh he's got nails and everything yeah
they come out fully fully cooked he can't keep socks on gloves on or
swaddles on but if we go in you guys can grab them
yeah but you get to bring groceries down
again look so cute
that is so fuzzy it feels like a peach yeah
i'm sorry no you look beautiful you're so beautiful it's because he's due for
food that's why you cry ashley's gonna feed
you now oh you're hungry aren't you i've never seen
a baby so little bigger yeah he's not even
praying she's gonna feed you now speeding time
is that a fart oh my gosh those sound like diarrhea farts
okay pause for a minute i better stop with all the crying and baby footage
here i know my sister ashley will be
introducing little sebastian on her youtube channel soon
some more perfect baby squishy rolls coming up over on her channel
well guys that was so cute so cute oh my gosh
so sweet um yeah that's our little nephew that is
sebastian daniel and he is adorable today he was four days old
um so yeah we spent a few hours at my sister's place with her husband
anthony and yeah it was just so nice to hold the
baby i changed the diaper twice i helped ariel
time participated the first time exactly
and yeah it was just such a nice day we're coming back in a few days to
spend more time with the little guy um but yeah we hope you guys enjoyed
this video thanks for joining us in the tiny home and then as we met
our little nephew and yeah we're just driving back home now
another hour plus hour 20 hour and a half yeah so that is all
for today tutus see you soon


Cozy TINY CABIN Stay in ONTARIO, Canada | Sisters Getaway in a Tiny House + Becoming an Aunty!

45 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 30 日
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