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  • hey guys Samuel and Audrey here over the past few weeks we've been publishing our

    嘿,塞繆爾和奧黛麗在這裡 過去幾週,我們一直在發布我們的

  • India video series and editing all that footage has got us craving Indian food

    印度視頻系列和所有剪輯 鏡頭讓我們渴望印度食物

  • that's why for today's video we decide to get some takeout here in Brampton Ontario we

    這就是為什麼我們決定今天的視頻 為了在安大略省布蘭普頓這里外賣

  • ordered some Punjabi food and also got chatting about our very first solo trips

    點了一些旁遮普食物,還得到了 聊我們的第一次單人旅行

  • to India exactly ten years ago before we knew each other so get ready for some

    恰好十年前我們去了印度 彼此認識,所以準備一些

  • baby face photos and some delicious Indian food well good morning and morning everyone

    娃娃臉照片和一些美味的印度美食 大家早上好

  • good morning guys greetings from Brampton Ontario Canada yes we are still

    大家早上好 加拿大安大略省布蘭普敦,我們仍然

  • in Brampton and it is almost lunchtime it's 11:30 so we're gonna be ordering

    在布蘭普敦,幾乎是午餐時間 現在是11:30,所以我們要訂購

  • some food what are we having today not just any kind of food it's gonna be

    一些食物,我們今天沒有 只是任何一種食物

  • Indian food and specifically Punjabi food Punjab because guys we just we have

    印度食品,尤其是旁遮普語 食物旁遮普人,因為我們只是我們有

  • you been following the channel we've been doing a Serie of food series from

    您一直在關注我們一直在關注的頻道 一直在做一系列意甲美食

  • Amritsar and here in Brampton there are options galore so do you remember the

    阿姆利則,在布蘭普頓 選項豐富,所以您還記得嗎

  • restaurant you chose yeah it's called a taste of Punjab okay and when I was

    您選擇的餐廳,是的 旁遮普的味道還可以,當我

  • typing in like Punjabi food and Brandon there's so many restaurants popped up so

    像旁遮普食物和布蘭登一樣輸入 有這麼多的餐廳突然出現

  • I actually took the time to find a place that has really good reviews okay

    我實際上是花時間找到一個地方 真的有很好的評價

  • we've never had anything from there before well really excited they have an

    我們從來沒有那裡的任何東西 之前真的很興奮,他們有一個

  • extensive menu and we can't wait to show you like just the different options that

    豐富的菜單,我們迫不及待想要展示 你喜歡不同的選擇

  • you from what you can order right from the online menu we're feeling hungry so

    您可以直接從您那裡訂購 在線菜單讓我們感到飢餓

  • I think it's a good time to place our order let's go choose some dishes let's

    我認為現在是放置我們的好時機 點餐吧選擇一些菜吧

  • do it options option so the menu is really

    做吧 options選項,因此菜單確實

  • cool so they have combos which is basically there's a couple different

    很酷,所以他們有連擊 基本上有幾個不同

  • thali sets and a couple other things they have Kulcha which is obviously a

    塔利集和其他幾件事 他們有Kulcha,這顯然是一個

  • very unique food from Amritsar Punjabi food you food pakoras samosas then they have

    阿姆利則旁遮普菜非常獨特的食物 你吃pakoras samosas然後他們有

  • a tandoori special which is really oldest chicken tikka

    一個特別的唐杜里 最古老的雞肉tikka

  • sheesh kebab then vegetarian delights this is probably the most extensive part

    羊肉串,然後素食 這可能是最廣泛的部分

  • of the menu we've got koorma masala different

    菜單的 我們有不同的koorma masala

  • kinds of paneers palak paneer one of our favorites oh I'd love to have some

    各種窗格palak窗格之一 我們的最愛哦,我希望有一些

  • of that that might be my number one yeah one of the foods I tried when I was an

    其中可能是我的第一名 我那時吃過的一種食物

  • Amritsar that's on here that's really really good is that dal makhani

    阿姆利則在這裡 真的很不錯,達馬卡尼

  • they also have I remember chole from editing the videos

    他們還有 我記得剪輯視頻時的合唱

  • Chole I'm not sure I haven't seen that one yet but there's also a non veg just

    膽小,我不確定我還沒看過 一個,但也有一個非素食者

  • butter chicken that's a must we're probably gonna order a combination

    黃油雞是必須的 我們可能要訂購一個組合

  • of veg and non-veg so it's gonna be exciting to order all right options

    蔬菜和非蔬菜的 訂購所有合適的選項令人興奮

  • options the door hi hello can I place an order for take-out okay sounds good Paneer Masala Palak Paneer small One Daal Makhani small One butter chicken small One aloo ghobi One chicken tandoori chicken tikka One veg biryani Two butter naan One garlic naan One Amritsari kulcha 45 minutes sounds good

    選擇門你好我可以放置一個 訂購外賣還不錯 Paneer Masala Palak Paneer小 一個Daal Makhani小號 一小塊黃油雞 一頭古比 一隻雞tandoori雞tikka 一菜biryani 兩個黃油na 一蒜na 一阿姆利薩里·庫爾查 45分鐘聽起來不錯

  • thank you very much we'll be there food order has been placed it's a lot of food

    非常感謝你,我們會在那裡吃飯 點了很多食物

  • so it's gonna be 45 minutes which will be 12:30 that's a normal time for lunch

    所以要45分鐘 12:30那是正常的午餐時間

  • yeah we we intentionally or exam all so that we can try a lot of things exactly

    是的,我們有意還是考試如此 我們可以嘗試很多事情

  • you can get medium and large you know figure varieties good no because he

    你可以得到大中型 圖品種好不,因為他

  • drinks water and then just leaves yes everyone your dad's out today he's on

    喝水然後離開 你爸爸今天出去的每個人都在

  • the he feels he's doing extra guard duties every time he hears the little

    他覺得自己正在加倍防守 每次聽到一點小事

  • guy bark he's like and he does his indoor line yeah it does not please so

    他喜歡的傢伙吠,他做他的 室內線是的,請不要這樣

  • yeah a little work for a bit longer and then we'll drive over it's only 12

    是的,花點時間多一點, 那我們就開車過去十二點

  • minutes away from our place so not very far at all and would you like to try

    離我們家只有幾分鐘路程 遠遠沒有,你想嘗試

  • some it's going to be Tuesday morning but he might like the chicken tikka all

    有些是星期二早上 但他可能會喜歡所有的雞肉tikka

  • right guys so we are driving to the restaurant to do pickup because the rest

    對的人,所以我們開車去 餐廳做皮卡,因為剩下的

  • they're technically still closed for eating in there doing delivery only and

    他們在技術上仍然關閉 在那兒吃飯只做分娩

  • yeah I met are really excited I haven't had Indian food in a long time how but

    是的,我遇到了我真的很興奮 很久沒有吃印度食物了

  • for you since you are back from India I have my mom eat Indian food wait a

    因為你是從印度回來的 請我媽媽吃印度菜等

  • minute yeah she's done a few things but like

    分鐘 是的,她做了幾件事,但喜歡

  • like like real authentic and it's been it's been absolute ages and like editing

    就像真正的地道, 已經是絕對年齡了,喜歡編輯

  • the old series I shot with David like that wasn't filmed recently obviously so

    我和大衛一起拍攝的舊劇集 那不是最近拍的,所以

  • yeah I'm super excited for this food me too Celina apparently a 30-minute drive

    是的,我對這種食物感到非常興奮 Celina顯然也要開車30分鐘

  • yeah it's a really close by it's just this restaurant it's kind of like in a

    是的,它真的很近 這家餐廳有點像

  • commercial / industrial area yes so it's not in an area that I Drive by very

    商業/工業區是的 不在我開車經過的區域

  • often that's why I had never heard of it like I've just never been to that one

    通常這就是為什麼我從未聽說過的原因 就像我從未去過那個

  • there's other Indian restaurants closer to home that we go to

    附近還有其他印度餐館 去我們要去的家

  • guys this is so much food I have five bags of food amazing this is crazy

    伙計們,我有五種食物 袋裝食物驚人,這太瘋狂了

  • it wasn't that much it was like $60 Wow and it's a lot of food I need to find a

    才60美元 我需要找到很多食物

  • place where to put it all so should we do a food tour

    放置在哪裡,我們應該這樣嗎 進行美食之旅

  • would that be the best thing to start okay yeah so we are back in the kitchen

    那將是最好的開始嗎 好的,我們回到廚房了

  • yeah the food order was just massive yes also I only ordered five somehow we have

    是的,食物訂單很大 我也只點了五個

  • six in front of us hey we got a bonus there's a bonus one

    我們面前六個 嘿,我們有獎金,有獎金

  • there's a mystery ones you don't see what that one is all about okay so shall

    有一個你看不到的神秘 那是怎麼一回事,所以應該

  • we go through lets us commence we have we've got vegetable biryani very

    我們經歷讓我們開始 我們非常有蔬菜biryani

  • colorful it's not from you can tell look at the saffron colors yeah really nice

    色彩繽紛不是從你就能看出來 在藏紅花的顏色,是的,非常好

  • looking rice it's thought peas carrots and corn and yes the aroma comes aromas

    看米飯,以為豌豆胡蘿蔔 和玉米,是的,香氣來自香氣

  • so this is our bread tray which is NaN and the culture yeah so this is the

    這是我們的麵包盤 和文化是的,所以這是

  • garlic naan here and then we've got a stash of butter naan which we were going

    蒜na在這裡,然後我們有一個 我們要去的黃油na餅

  • to of and this is the Colton this is a dirty culture yeah being made in the

    到,這是科爾頓,這是一個 是的,在

  • video oh wow they like put spices and other things into it yeah yeah yeah so

    視頻哦,他們喜歡放香料和 往裡面放其他東西是的,是的,所以

  • you want to give it to her okay over here we have our chicken tikka comes in

    你想把它交給她 這裡我們有我們的雞肉tikka進來

  • a tandoori oven it comes with some onions carrots and we've got some white

    帶有烤箱的唐杜里烤箱 洋蔥胡蘿蔔,我們有一些白色

  • cabbage and then we have


  • it'll pass little Barca interlude mom got an Amazon package Curry's let's talk

    它會通過小巴薩插曲媽媽 收到了一個亞馬遜包裹Curry讓我們來談談

  • about the curries right so let's start with what we know we've got the aloo

    關於咖哩吧,讓我們開始吧 有了我們知道的東西

  • Gobi with a cauliflower hey doesn't cauliflower yeah good it's one of my

    戈壁花椰菜嘿 花椰菜是的,這是我的之一

  • favorite vegetarian curries right of course palak paneer

    最喜歡的素食咖哩 當然palak芝士

  • with spinach and cottage cheese I think that's our favorite no yeah that's

    我覺得菠菜和乾酪 這是我們最喜歡的,是的

  • that's that's up there I mean I also really like this one here the paneer

    那就是那邊,我的意思是我也 非常喜歡這裡的窗格

  • masala okay so it's it's also the JumpShip paneer with masala sauce is

    masala好的所以它也是 Masala醬的JumpShip窗格是

  • amazing yeah and then the the one non-veg option here is the butter

    是的,然後那個 非蔬菜的選擇是黃油

  • chicken and then over here we have the dal makhani looking good

    雞肉,然後在這裡,我們有 達·馬卡尼(dal makhani)看起來不錯

  • I watched Sam eat this almost every single thing and our it's our yeah so it

    我看著山姆幾乎每天都吃 單件事情,是我們的,是的,所以

  • looks good this is the mr. one and that is the mystery one yeah so they're good

    看起來不錯,這是先生。一個那個 是一個謎,是的,所以他們很好

  • just again let's start yes so one thing one thing we learned from our mistakes

    再次讓我們開始,是一件事 我們從錯誤中學到的一件事

  • in the past especially we had Indian food in in Japan aha is that we

    過去特別是我們有印度人 日本的食物啊哈是我們

  • shouldn't be taking the bread and dipping it right in so I have I have

    不應該拿麵包 把它浸在裡面就可以了

  • serving spoons for all the different all the different curries and then loaded up

    服務所有不同的勺子 不同的咖哩,然後加載

  • on your plate okay yeah I'm gonna start with my favorite there's lots of spinach

    在你的盤子上好吧,我要開始 我最喜歡的是菠菜

  • I'm looking for the Oh see this is a paneer there's something here dal slow

    我在找哦,看這是一個 窗格,這裡有些東西

  • cooked lentils I'm gonna start with three why don't we keep like three

    我要開始的煮扁豆 三個為什麼我們不保持像三個

  • different ones sure aside from the Pollack okay

    除了 Pollack好吧

  • I'll take some butter chicken - you want to look me up okay this one can be yours

    我要一些黃油雞-你要 來找我好吧,這個可以是你的

  • I'll chew everything else otherwise we're all trying the same thing yeah so

    否則我會嚼其他的 我們都在嘗試同一件事

  • do you wanna do you want to try the culture the do you want to have a girl

    你想不想嘗試 你想生一個女孩嗎

  • or do you want to do garlic yeah no you know

    或者你想做大蒜是的,不, 知道

  • I would love to try the cool show because I've had butter naan and garlic

    我很想嘗試很酷的表演 因為我吃過牛油和大蒜

  • naan or I know what that's about let's do three rounds and this is real

    an或者我知道那是什麼 讓我們做三輪,這是真實的

  • well oh my goodness okay you're gonna grab

    好 哦,天哪,好吧,你要抓住

  • this mystery one let's see if I can figure it out Oh chickpeas oh it's like

    這個謎題讓我們看看是否可以 弄清楚哦鷹嘴豆哦,就像

  • a toilet I mean I don't know if that curry was meant for someone else and it

    廁所我的意思是我不知道 咖哩是給別人的,它

  • just got mixed up but I don't know thank you or sorry for somebody who didn't get

    只是混在一起,但我不知道謝謝 您或對沒有得到幫助的人感到抱歉

  • what they tried the dal makhani they asked us if they want to mine is very

    他們嘗試了dal makhani他們 問我們他們是否想採礦

  • spicy and I was that bran yeah on the phone he was like how spicy do you want

    辣,我是那個麩皮耶 電話,他想你要多辣

  • it and we're like we like spicy it's so rich so rich and buttery love is

    它,就像我們喜歡辣 它是如此豐富,如此豐富而黃油般的愛

  • on fire but that is good okay I'm gonna try the chickpea curry here I'm trying

    著火了,但是那很好,我要 在這裡嘗試鷹嘴豆咖哩

  • to pile up veneer this is delicious yeah all right guys we have loaded up our

    堆積單板,這很美味耶 好吧,我們已經加載了我們的

  • plates because it was just so delicious that we kind of started eating and we

    盤子,因為它是如此美味 我們有點開始進食了,

  • got carried away so let's do systematically you're you're you're in

    被帶走了,讓我們做 系統地,你就是你,你在

  • charge you choose let's begin with the dal makhani which is dealer's straight

    選擇收費,讓我們從 達勒·馬卡尼(Dal Makhani),這是經銷商的直牌

  • out of Amritsar so I already had someone cool too this time I'm trying it with

    離開阿姆利則,所以我已經有人 這次我也很酷

  • garlic naan okay and can you tell us a bit about this dish since you eat it so

    大蒜naan好的,你能告訴我們嗎 因為你吃了這道菜

  • frequently what I love about this particular curry the black lentils

    我經常喜歡這個 特別咖哩黑扁豆

  • buttery creamy sauce so rich spicy what do you think the lentils are just so

    黃油奶油醬那麼辣 你認為小扁豆是這樣嗎

  • soft they like melts in your mouth and I like that the sauce is like really

    他們喜歡融化在你的嘴裡 我喜歡醬汁真的

  • buttery mm-hmm and almost a little bit creamy yeah yeah that is very good how

    黃油mm-hmm和幾乎一點 奶油是的,很好

  • does it compare to what you were eating in India it's good it's sounding for

    它和你吃的東西比較嗎 在印度,這聽起來不錯

  • sure yeah and the real flavor is a real deal okay may even be spicier than some

    是的,真正的味道是真實的 交易還可以,甚至比一些更有趣

  • of the ones we had because I they asked us over the phone you money

    因為我, 他們通過電話問我們您的錢

  • nobody seemed or like the a break it yes we like spice what are you gonna try

    沒有人似乎或喜歡休息嗎 我們喜歡香料,你會嘗試什麼

  • next okay let's do a logo we only farm potato I love the soft texture of the

    下一步好吧,我們做一個徽標,我們只農場 馬鈴薯,我喜歡

  • cauliflower popular it melts in your mouth you don't even really have to put

    受歡迎的花椰菜融化在您的 你甚至根本不必放嘴

  • much effort into the two intros hmm I was mostly having the cauliflower mmm so

    我在兩個簡介中付出了很多努力 主要是花椰菜,所以

  • good this is a fun way to eat cauliflower knowing you're a kid and

    很好,這是一種有趣的用餐方式 花椰菜知道你是個孩子,

  • your parents want to feed you something all these are like probably probably

    你父母想餵你一些東西 所有這些大概

  • flour well my parents used to have to disguise

    麵粉 好吧,我的父母曾經不得不偽裝

  • the broccoli like smothered in cheese or something because otherwise it's a bit

    花椰菜,像是在奶酪中窒息的,或者 一些東西,因為否則

  • bland but when you add all these spices to it oh Allah Gobi is actually one of

    平淡無奇,但是當您添加所有這些香料時 哦,真主戈壁實際上是其中之一

  • the first Indian dishes I've ever had I ever tried yeah what should we try next

    我吃過的第一批印度菜 曾經嘗試過,接下來我們應該嘗試什麼

  • um how about one we both love palak paneer okay let's go for that Pollak mmm

    嗯,我們倆都喜歡帕拉克 窗格器好吧,我們去做那個Pollak mmm

  • nice and spinach II yeah a deep green hmm so rich mm-hmm and like this is

    不錯,菠菜II是的,深綠色 嗯,太豐富了,嗯,像這樣

  • probably the spiciest palak paneer yes we asked I see across the board mouth is

    可能是最有趣的palak窗格 我們問我看到的是

  • on fire see we see out of all six I would say that palak paneer is the

    著火了,我們看到了全部六個我 會說palak窗格是

  • spiciest of them all yeah I think your oh I need some water actually um all

    他們都是最棒的,是的,我想你 哦,我實際上需要一些水

  • right so chicken so far that's been my favorite I'm gonna actually how about

    好吧,到目前為止,那隻雞是我的 我最喜歡的東西實際上如何

  • with the garlic for me butter chicken honestly it just brings back memories of

    和大蒜給我黃油雞 老實說,它只是回想起

  • high school because where I live in Brampton we have a very large Indian

    高中,因為我住在哪裡 布蘭普頓,我們有一個很大的印度人

  • population so a lot of my school friends we're from India so when I would go over

    我學校的很多朋友 我們來自印度,所以我什麼時候過去

  • to their houses for birthday parties they would usually have butter chicken

    到他們家過生日派對 他們通常會吃黃油雞

  • and there were also be like samosas and then we'd end up watching Bollywood

    還有像薩摩薩斯和 那我們就去看寶萊塢

  • movies and then we have the Bollywood dancing in the base it was like so much

    電影,然後我們有寶萊塢 在基地跳舞,真是太好了

  • like yeah that's when I whenever I eat butter chicken it just brings back those

    就像是那時候我每次吃飯 黃油雞,它帶回了那些

  • memories of like birthday parties in high school again that that's that's a

    像生日派對一樣的回憶 高中又是那是一個

  • that's typically a gateway dish for people trying Indians

    這通常是 嘗試印第安人的人

  • for the first time in Canada a lot of times butter chickens on the menu it's a

    第一次在加拿大 菜單上的黃油雞

  • hit with everyone yeah like you said it's just so

    受到大家的打擊 是的,就像你說的那樣

  • delicious I think you're gonna really like the next one why don't we try the

    好吃,我想你真的會 像下一個一樣,為什麼我們不嘗試

  • paneer masala mmm that's great just such a richness nothing I love it and last

    窗格masala mmm太棒了 豐富無物,我愛它,持久

  • but not least what slice we have the cheese I need more bread

    但同樣重要的是 奶酪,我需要更多麵包

  • huh mm-hmm I'll take some garlic mm-hmm and then I'd like to hear some stories

    嗯-嗯-我要一些大蒜-嗯 然後我想听聽一些故事

  • from you from like your early