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  • part of the solution for China Waas to try to monitor each other to prevent bad behavior way.

  • Now I'd like to ask about Society of China on the U.

  • S.

  • Because you often in a visiting to China where you're really in China you are kind of really you wrote about in the future Nobody is even in Japan.

  • People saying, You know, China is much more like living in the future because, for example, like the system credit, you know, they're living in credit.

  • Kind of numbering scoring culture kind of seems smooth by using the technologies that also, of course, everyone knows their ruling by the Communism party.

  • One party, this ruling society, so much just how much freedoms they have.

  • I'm not sure so much, but police they living happy by using technologies and the contrast to China.

  • Now U S is kind of struggling about like social networks, you know, people using loads.

  • It's a freedom of expression and freedom of saying everything.

  • But then a lot of Frode coming into this societies so because, you know, they were appreciate and respect about the freedom on the rights of individuals, then a lot of programs happened.

  • So it's kind of now seems like a really big contrast between country over freedom, like us on just country off the socialism society with technologies upgraded, What's going on in the Chinese societies?

  • I think the Chinese would be really happy because we hear things like the social credit thing, not really being used.

  • It's more like the same credit card radio Americans have.

  • It's not that big way.

  • It's kind of they don't have that.

  • See, they don't have Chinese, don't have credit card ratings.

  • I see they don't credit rating is something cruiser.

  • That's the first credit they have because they had nothing.

  • No credit rating.

  • How would you?

  • How could you be sure someone borrowed money would pay back?

  • So this was if their form of credit rating, which we have in America, probably in Japan as well.

  • I like to start off by saying, generally China is so big, so fast, so populated, so it's very hard to generalize in a country this big and diverse.

  • So I could say, you know, China is becoming poorer.

  • That would be true.

  • China's becoming richer than be true.

  • But I think on average, Chinese have increased their wealth tremendously, and that has meant moving hundreds of millions of people from the countryside into the city.

  • And part of the problem is that China doesn't have a long background of, ah, spirituals value history, particularly after the communist cultural revolution, part of the solution for China.

  • Waas to try to monitor each other to prevent bad behavior, people doing stupid things, people doing harmful things.

  • And so far so the Chinese have this sort of system of surveillance goes on this stuff, and they have accepted that because if because if they become richer so they're saying So far, the bargain has been in exchange for being monitored.

  • Way get richer and everybody behaves better.

  • And I would say if it stopped right now doesn't change.

part of the solution for China Waas to try to monitor each other to prevent bad behavior way.


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