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  • argentine asado bbq


  • oh that is how it works about three times as big of a bite as I should have so good they call it matambre

    哦,那是怎麼回事 大約是我應該吃的食物的三倍,所以他們稱它為matambre

  • hunger killer well good morning good morning guys

    飢餓殺手好早上好 早上好

  • greetings from Mendoza Argentina first day in this beautiful city without sunshine blue

    來自阿根廷門多薩第一天的問候 沒有陽光的美麗城市

  • skies lovely warm weather we've decided it's the perfect day for an Argentine barbecue for

    天空,我們已經決定了溫暖的天氣 這是阿根廷燒烤的完美一天

  • on an asado Sam and my dad went and bought Lena wood for the barbecue they

    上了asado山姆和我父親去了 他們買了莉娜木做燒烤

  • don't really do charcoal here in Mendoza and they do wood so that's the plan they're

    在門多薩真的不做木炭,他們 做木頭,這就是他們的計劃

  • already downstairs in the courtyard trying to light a fire for the asado have to warn you

    已經在樓下的院子裡 試圖為asado點火,必須警告您

  • they've already had a couple of glasses of vermouth without eating anything so

    他們已經有幾副眼鏡 不吃東西的苦艾酒

  • they're kind of giggly kind of struggling with the fire if you ask me

    他們有點傻笑 如果你問我,在火上掙扎

  • but they are happy to be in Mendoza Argentina so we're gonna go downstairs this one is giggling in the kitchen I got the gaucho knives

    但他們很高興來到阿根廷門多薩,所以 我們要去樓下,這是在廚房裡咯咯地笑,我拿到了高喬刀

  • oh yeah let's go downstairs and monitor the situation okay people

    哦,是的,讓我們下樓去監視 情況還可以的人

  • we're in Mendoza Argentina today we just came from the grocery stores we bought a whole

    我們今天在阿根廷門多薩,我們​​剛從 我們買了一個雜貨店

  • bunch of things we're going to barbecue today yeah and we also bought a bottle

    一堆東西,我們要燒烤 今天是的,我們還買了一瓶

  • of Cinzano Rose over mu and men or Samuel and I had

    的Cinzano 玫瑰超過畝和男人或塞繆爾,我有

  • a glass of Mary


  • we really kept going but yeah we had the carpet if you have wire the long trip is

    我們真的繼續前進,但是是的,我們有 地毯,如果您有電線,那麼長途旅行是

  • gonna clear our thoughts and our head yeah but I don't know did we do the

    會清除我們的思想和頭腦 是的,但我不知道我們做了

  • right thing where we screwed up you know and the other thing is that we bought

    我們搞砸了正確的事情,你知道 另一件事是我們買了

  • two bags of firewood here because here in the previous province of Mendoza in

    因為這裡有兩袋木柴 在以前的門多薩省

  • Argentina nobody uses charcoal yeah they barbecue the old-fashioned way with

    阿根廷沒有人使用木炭,是的,他們 用老式的方式燒烤

  • their firewood so that means that you have to light the wood get it to burn

    他們的柴火,這意味著你 必須點燃木頭才能燃燒

  • let it turn into Amber's and then you scoop up the Amber's and you put it onto

    讓它變成琥珀色的,然後你 起琥珀,然後放到上面

  • the grill it's a slower process but it's worth it isn't it so that's the first

    燒烤的過程比較慢,但是 值得不是,所以這是第一個

  • bag yeah and look at that and then we have another bag just in case and you

    包是的,看看那個,然後我們 再拿一個袋子以防萬一,你

  • even gave us a newspaper yeah they gave us everything that we need to start the

    甚至給我們報紙了 我們我們開始所需的一切

  • fire going it's not going to be a huge Argentinian barbecue because it's only the three of

    火將不會成為一個巨大的阿根廷人 燒烤,因為這只是三個

  • us yeah and the other barbecue that we did in Cordova we ended up feeding all

    是的,我們還有其他燒烤 在科爾多瓦做了,我們最終餵飽了所有

  • the dogs there's three dogs in the bus terminal so today we bought a little bit

    狗在公共汽車上有三隻狗 碼頭,所以今天我們買了一點

  • less and we're gonna start the fire we're gonna walk you through it and then

    少點,我們要開火了 我們將引導您完成整個過程,然後

  • once the asado fire is ready and the embers can be set under the grill we're going

    一旦asado火準備好了,炭燼 可以放在我們要去的烤架下

  • to get a traditional Argentinean barbecue bbq going and you're gonna learn

    得到傳統的阿根廷人 燒烤燒烤去,你會學

  • something from this


  • oh that's how it works yeah I've never seen it like one where you have to burn

    哦,這就是它的運作方式,是的,我從來沒有 看到它就像你必須燃燒的地方

  • the wood to charcoal and then move the charcoal over okay guys wanna walk you

    木材變成木炭,然後移動 木炭在好傢伙想走你

  • through the paces of the typical argentinian style asado

    通過典型的節奏 阿根廷風格的asado

  • this one we're doing just with the plain firewood it's a hard wood the thing you

    我們只在平原上做這件事 柴是硬木

  • need to do first all the grills have a special section

    需要先做 所有的烤架都有一個特殊的部分

  • here where you start the fire where you get the wood to start burning right once

    在這裡你開始生火 讓木頭馬上開始燃燒

  • the wood starts really burning and starts to coming into smaller pieces

    木頭開始真正燃燒, 開始變得更小

  • it's going to start falling down yeah here and then down here you see this is

    它會開始掉下去的 在這裡,然後在這裡,你看到的是

  • what you wanna start getting it's the embers yeah okay and then with this you

    你想開始得到的是 餘燼,是的,然後用這個你

  • scoop and you're gonna be putting under the grill under the grill this all over

    獨家新聞,您將被埋沒 烤架下面的烤架

  • here under the grill constantly yeah this is going to be burning yeah

    在烤架下面不斷 這將是燃燒的耶

  • producing more embers and you're gonna scoop and refill okay and so that allows

    產生更多的餘燼,你會 oop好,然後補充

  • you to slow cook the meat very slow cooking that's the process to do a

    你要慢慢煮肉 做飯的過程就是

  • typical argentinian BBQ if you have other countries like for instance Brazil

    如果您有典型的阿根廷燒烤 其他國家,例如巴西

  • yeah they also barbecue but they do it mostly

    是的 他們也燒烤,但他們大多

  • with an open flame okay they build a fire like a little bit deeper than this

    在明火下,他們建立了一個 比這更深一些

  • yeah then they put the meat on the grill and they cook it with the flame we here

    是的,然後他們把肉放在烤架上 他們用我們這裡的火焰煮

  • in Argentina wouldn't do that you know like we cook it with a very very small

    在阿根廷不會那樣做,你知道 就像我們用很小的東西煮

  • amount of charcoals or embers or whatever is that you're using here and

    木炭或灰燼的量或 無論您在這裡使用什麼

  • let it cook very slow that's the secret of the good quality on a barbecue yeah

    讓它煮得很慢這就是秘密 是燒烤的好品質耶

  • you cannot rush it okay I'm hungry I'm going to put a lot of leat fat coals

    你不能著急,好吧,我餓了,我 會放很多肥豆

  • underneath oh it's a full day Activision if you do that you're going to burn the

    哦,這是一整天的動視 如果這樣做,您將要

  • outside and the inside is not going to be cooked the way it should be cooked

    外面和里面不會 用應該煮的方式煮

  • and the juices and well it's a long story

    和果汁,而且很長 故事

  • yeah but to make it short do you want to do it this way you can do it this way if

    是的,但要簡短一點,你想 這樣可以做到,如果

  • you don't want to do it like this you can always

    你不想這樣做 可以永遠

  • do with charcoal hardwood charcoal I don't recommend a briquettes because you

    用木炭做硬木炭我 不推薦煤球,因為你

  • know it's practically so dust pressed together with a little bit of black

    知道實際上壓得這麼緊 加上一點黑色

  • paint yeah but if you buy a good quality hardwood charcoal then you can get a

    油漆是的,但是如果您購買了優質的 硬木炭,那麼你可以得到一個

  • good barbecue going the secret is slow cook it slow take your time well this is

    好燒烤走的秘密很慢 慢慢煮,慢慢來,這是

  • cooking you do other things on the table you do like a picada picada means you've

    做飯,你在桌上做其他事情 你確實喜歡picada picada意味著你已經

  • got little pieces of cold cuts cheese all lives whatever a little bit of bread

    小塊冷切奶酪 一生只有一點麵包

  • yeah and you're drinking a little bit of wine you're eating all these little

    是的,你喝了一點 葡萄酒,你正在吃所有這些小東西

  • things you talk a lot because that's the whole point of an argentinian barbecue

    你經常談論的事情,因為那是 阿根廷烤肉的要點

  • get-together and a lot of talking a lot of interaction example and then at the

    一起聚會,談論很多 互動示例,然後在

  • end when the asado is ready you're in hock that one it's a yeah but it takes

    當asado準備好時,您就結束了 向那個人致敬,但這是需要的

  • time yeah don't rush it


  • so some of the meat is ready and on the table can you tell us what you're eating

    所以一些肉準備好了 桌子,你能告訴我們你在吃什麼嗎

  • okay the flights are crazy yeah they know it's good you want a piece of the

    好的,航班太瘋狂了,是的,他們 知道這是件好事,你想要一塊

  • action what we have here is like a sailor

    行動 我們在這裡就像一個水手

  • Lauren tip okay mm-hmm we already cut it into pieces because there were too big

    勞倫小費,好吧,嗯,我們已經剪了 太大了,因為太大了

  • nice and juicy this is another cut it's a very thin cut I wouldn't know what you

    好多汁這是另一個削減 切得很細我不知道你在幹什麼

  • call it in English it's my dominant Spanish they call it matambre

    用英語稱呼是我的主導 西班牙人稱其為matambre

  • okay this word killer yeah this one hai is seasoned with a little bit of our

    好吧,這個詞殺手是這個海 用我們的一點調味

  • lemon juice spices and it's been cooked to perfection and then we still have the

    檸檬汁香料,它已經煮熟 至完美,然後我們仍然擁有

  • sausages and another cut of beef inside the grill that was a little bit thicker

    香腸和另一塊牛肉裡面 稍微厚一點的烤架

  • so we're starting with this and then the rest is gonna be coming out excellent

    所以我們從這個開始,然後 休息會變得很棒

  • well we're beginning wine and wine is what we start with you and my dad have

    好了,我們開始喝酒了 我們從你和我父親開始有什麼

  • been drinking to your wine good well I do is preparing the salad upstairs so

    一直喝你的酒好 就是在樓上準備沙拉

  • I'm going to try this white one who maybe I maybe that's quite a bit of wine

    我要去嘗試這個白人 也許我也許是很多酒

  • so this one is by lordy enormous yeah winemaker was it say about it

    所以這是洛迪的巨大作品 釀酒師在說

  • semi dawn and Sauvignon Blanc okay from Valley the Yukon Valley just south from

    半黎明和長相思好 育空河谷(Yukon Valley)

  • here serve chilled at ten degrees Celsius feels chilled I'm not sure it's

    這裡的食物冷藏在十度 攝氏感冷,我不確定

  • at ten you haven't put in the fridge I told us

    十點時 你沒有放冰箱,我告訴過我們

  • it's more of a dry wine you're gonna like it

    它更像是乾酒 喜歡它

  • I have it yeah you're gonna like it we eat and prove to you in oh that's an

    我有,你會喜歡的,我們 吃和證明給你哦

  • oddly wine yeah that's not as dry as I was

    奇怪的是酒 是的,那不像我以前那麼乾燥

  • expecting a bit of sweetness at the end like it it's just very light refreshing

    最後期待一點甜味 就像它一樣令人耳目一新

  • yeah I probably would impair it with steak but you know what it's a Mendel so

    是的,我可能會削弱它 牛排,但是你知道它是孟德爾的東西嗎

  • we've got a conveyor a second beer after after taking it so this one is the beef

    之後,我們有一條輸送帶,第二杯啤酒 服用後,這是牛肉

  • of the chorizo right which is the sirloin in English yeah one of the many

    香腸的權利是 牛lo是許多人中的一員

  • cuts of meat my dad cooked up for us yeah compliment

    切肉 我爸爸為我們做飯是恭維

  • is always to the chef done another great job I should say the

    總是給廚師 我做得很好,我應該說

  • grill master chimichurri is never too far away

    燒烤大師chimichurri永遠不會 離這很遠

  • nope try that if you ever need extra flavor you can always sprinkle a bit

    不,如果您需要額外的嘗試 可以隨時撒一點的味道

  • more salt yeah traditional because the traditional

    多鹽啊 傳統,因為傳統

  • Argentine way though is just with salt chimichurri is like extra if you need it

    阿根廷的方式雖然只是加鹽 如果需要的話,chimichurri就像額外的一樣

  • or if you want it that's really good oh man I can't wait to try this I'm gonna

    或者如果您想要的話那真的很好哦 男人,我等不及要嘗試這個,我要

  • try the red for us now the red the red this is what you're supposed to have

    為我們嘗試紅色現在紅色紅色 這就是你應該擁有的

  • with an Argentine asado barbecue always he compared it with the Malbec and hey

    總是搭配阿根廷asado燒烤 他把它和馬爾貝克相提並論,嘿

  • we're in mendoza so of course we're trying in mendoza wine and this point is

    我們在門多薩,所以我們當然 嘗試在門多薩葡萄酒中,這一點是

  • special because it was recommended to us we went to a vino TECA I said what would

    特別,因為它是向我們推薦的 我們去了葡萄酒TECA,我說會

  • be heat like a good mid-range kind of wine maybe that's not too well-known

    像一個好的中檔一樣發熱 葡萄酒也許不太知名

  • recommended this one is called Laureano Gomes 2018

    推薦這個叫Laureano Gomes 2018

  • I've already tried it but let me tell you it's good so good so smooth I really

    我已經嘗試過了,但讓我告訴 你很好很好很好我真的

  • really like it if you're visiting and Mendoza and you can pick up this wine

    如果您要訪問的話,真的很喜歡 門多薩,你可以拿起這款酒

  • highly recommend it it's very good and how about some meat your plate is

    強烈推薦它非常好, 盤子裡的肉怎麼樣

  • looking empty so what do we have so far what can I try well you should try the

    看上去空無一物,到目前為止我們有什麼 我能嘗試什麼,你應該嘗試

  • my thumb button yeah that won't use my thumb pain I have never had matambre

    我的拇指按鈕,不會用我的 我從未有過的拇指疼痛

  • it's a bit of a different cut it's very thin so it gets a little bit crispy and

    有點不同,非常 薄,所以有點脆,

  • receiving it with lemon juice yeah you know it's old I can't forget what your

    加上檸檬汁就可以了 知道老了,我不能忘記你的

  • knife crazy for your dad let's treat


  • mm-hmm matambre is uh crispy on the outside

    mm-hmm matambre在上面很脆 外

  • that's a jury earth kind of meat what I do like it it's pretty good it's top we

    那是陪審團的那種肉,我 喜歡它,這是非常好的,這是我們的頂峰

  • put a little lemon juice and some spices yeah we do that's right all right this

    放一點檸檬汁和一些香料 是的,我們這樣做就可以了

  • is the solid that Audrey prepared while we were what we were working on the

    是奧黛麗準備的固體 我們就是我們正在努力的

  • grill or drinking wine and not to say one or drinking wine bubbly wine more

    燒烤或喝酒,更不用說 一種或多喝起泡酒

  • more so drinking wine Audrey was upstairs preparing us a nice

    多喝點酒 奧黛麗(Audrey)在樓上,準備我們一個不錯的地方

  • salad over here it's a pretty simple salad just three ingredients in there

    這裡的沙拉很簡單 沙拉里面只有三種成分

  • lettuce tomato some avocados yeah well it gives us some a bit of something

    生菜番茄一些鱷梨是啊 它給了我們一些東西

  • refreshing and yeah healthy I seasoned it with

    令人耳目一新 是的,我用

  • lemon juice olive oil a chick dog and salt for that piece a piece of all three

    檸檬汁橄欖油一隻小雞狗和 這塊鹽全部三塊

  • the shish kebab salad let's give up salad enjoy okay now we are reaching the

    烤肉串沙拉讓我們放棄 沙拉好吃,現在我們到了

  • end of the barbecue but I wanted to show you for all those people that like to

    燒烤結束,但我想展示 對於所有喜歡的人

  • barbecue and they always wonder how is he like about an argentinian style

    燒烤,他們總是想知道如何 他喜歡阿根廷風格

  • barbecue the wood has already burnt okay


  • this is what you want look you see this is what you need Amber's like charcoal

    這就是你想要的樣子 是您需要的像木炭一樣的琥珀

  • in Spanish we call them brasses they are like little pieces of wood that are

    在西班牙,我們稱它們為黃銅 就像是

  • still ignited yeah and this is what you need to put under the grill yes

    仍然點燃是的,這就是你 需要放在烤架下面

  • yeah like that just like that just spread it all over the grill like that

    是的,就像那樣 像這樣散佈在烤架上

  • this is a nice kind of yeah even heat and even heat and then you come like

    這是很好的一種,甚至熱 甚至是熱量,然後你像

  • this you put your hand one two five six seven eight nine ten ten that's the

    這個你把你的手一二五六 七八九十十是

  • right amount of heat for the meat and whatever you put on the grill to cook

    給肉適量的熱量 放在烤架上做飯的任何東西

  • slowly if you cannot hold your hand there after you count to five or six or

    如果不能握住手,那就慢慢 在你數到五六之後

  • seven it's just too hot you're going to push the the meat to be grilled at a

    七太熱了,你要 推動肉被燒烤

  • faster pace and it's not going to be the same

    更快的步伐,這不會是 相同

  • yeah this Argentinean style barbecue needs to be cooked slowly slow and

    是的,這是阿根廷風格的燒烤 需要慢慢煮慢,

  • steady right rush it that's why before you go and eat your barbecue you're

    穩定右急,這就是為什麼之前 你去吃燒烤吧

  • gonna sit at the table with the family with their friends you start with the

    要和家人一起坐在桌旁 和他們的朋友一起開始

  • picada which a piccata means like you slice

    皮卡達 piccata的意思是像你切片

  • pieces of salami mortadella ham cheese bread or leaves you know you name it

    薩拉米香腸熟火腿片 麵包或樹葉,你知道你叫它

  • anything you like you sit at the table and you start munching on those things

    任何你喜歡坐在桌旁的東西 然後你就開始著那些東西

  • with a nice cup of wine or maybe like gins on over moon and you talk and you

    搭配一杯美酒或類似 杜松子酒杜松子酒,你說話,你

  • have a good time in the meantime this is cooking really slow okay once this is

    在此期間過得愉快 做飯真的很慢

  • ready then you bring it to the table and you go for the second period

    準備好了,然後把它拿到桌子上, 你去第二期

  • okay first period is the picada second period is when you bring all this meat

    好吧,第一期是皮卡達 期間是當你把所有這些肉

  • to the table yeah okay and you start having the real barbecue gather with the

    到桌子上,好吧,你開始 與真正的燒烤聚會

  • family lots of talking lots of support the event yeah it's a lot of interacting

    家庭很多說話很多支持 是的,這是很多互動

  • right this is a way of life and then when you're done with the barbecue you

    對,這是一種生活方式,然後 當您完成燒烤後,

  • go into third period move your fill it'll be too much to drink but then

    進入第三時期 喝太多了,然後

  • later you know they come with the coffee desserts all the sweets and before you

    以後你知道他們會一起喝咖啡 甜點,所有的甜點

  • know it you've been 12 hours with family friends having a good time the day has

    知道你和家人在一起已經12個小時了 朋友們玩得開心,有

  • gone by you have eating like a king and that's the essence of an argentinian

    走了,你像國王一樣吃飯 這就是阿根廷人的精髓

  • barbecue it's not as much as the meat or whatever you put on the table is more

    燒烤不如肉或 放在桌上的東西更多

  • like the gathering the quality time with family with friends and that's what it's

    喜歡與 和朋友一起的家人,就是這樣

  • all about try it you'll like it you'll enjoy it

    所有關於 試試吧,你會喜歡它,你會喜歡它

  • and you'll enjoy life fam here is introducing us to the art of a truly

    你會喜歡這裡的生活 向我們介紹真正的藝術

  • fascinating time I'll just cut this open so basically guys you take the bread

    迷人的時間,我將其切開 所以基本上你們都是麵包

  • like this which is the pond you take the chori which is the

    像這樣的池塘 你拿的合唱是

  • Argentine sausage you put it like that and you know what I'm gonna add a little

    你這樣放阿根廷香腸 你知道我要加一點

  • bit of chimichurri because you got to always have it right yeah so this has

    一點chimichurri,因為你必須 總是對吧,所以這有

  • got all kinds of good stuff it's very garlicky really just put it very liberal

    有各種各樣的好東西,這是非常 蒜末真的只是把它放寬了

  • it took a swim in the chimichurri marinating

    在chimichurri中游泳了 醃製

  • yes marinating and the only thing left to do is take a bite look at that that's

    是的醃製,剩下的只有一件事 要做的就是咬一口那

  • smells smoky from over here a fun he's hot watch it I'm here problem is I took

    他從這裡聞到煙熏味 熱看它在這裡,問題是我服用了

  • well three times as big of a bite as I should have done way can describe it is

    咬得比我大三倍 應該做的方式可以形容它是

  • like the skin is it's crispy on the outside and then as you bite into it

    就像皮膚上的脆皮一樣 在外面,當你咬它

  • it's like an explosion flavors juiciness you have the

    就像爆炸一樣 有多汁的味道

  • chimichurri which adds like all the spice and more flavor and it just goes

    像所有 香料和更多的味道,它只是去

  • so well on the bread it's a grease it kind of meat so part of the reason why

    麵包上的油脂很好 那種肉,所以原因的一部分

  • you hold it in the bread it's kind of like just so you don't get grease on

    你把它放在麵包裡 就像這樣,您就不會沾上油脂

  • your hands but it goes so well together it's like a a next-level hotdog really

    雙手合十 真的像是下一級的熱狗

  • if that's what you're used to mm-hmm all right last but not least this is

    如果那是你習慣的mm-hmm all 最後但並非最不重要的是

  • probably one of our favorite cuts this is the flank steak the facio it's

    可能是我們最喜歡的一款 這是側面牛排嗎?

  • probably pound for pound the best cut of meat you can get for an Argentine

    最好一磅一磅 你可以買到阿根廷肉

  • barbecue it's just a massive cut of meat such a big piece of meat that it ends up

    燒烤只是一塊大塊的肉 這麼大的一塊肉,它最終

  • being smoky on the outside juicy in the middle my first bite so I'm very excited

    在外面多汁的煙熏 我第一次咬到中間,所以我很興奮

  • I mean both of you guys have tried it it was good we were pleased we were

    我的意思是你們兩個都嘗試過 很好,我們很高興

  • impressed mmm Oh mom just packed with flavor it's so juicy so delicious I'm so

    給媽媽留下了深刻的印象 味道好多汁好好吃

  • nice to have an experience like this to be able to have these asados here in

    很高興有這樣的經歷 能夠在這裡擁有這些asados

  • argentina we've purposely chosen air B&B so that have a have a girl yeah so that

    阿根廷,我們特意選擇了空中住宿加早餐旅館 所以有一個女孩是的

  • we can do this mmm this is better than eating out I'm in a family I'm having

    我們可以做到這一點,這比 外出就餐我在一個家庭中

  • great food look how much meat we still have left I only put a dent we've been

    美味的食物看起來我們還有多少肉 離開了我只留下了一個凹痕

  • eating a lot maybe some for tonight or tomorrow they'll be at least leftovers

    今晚吃很多東西,或者 明天他們至少會剩下

  • for a couple days um yeah it's been awesome

    幾天了,嗯,一直 很棒

  • you

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