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  • Hello -Hi

  • We wanted to share some special news. A lot of you guys can see right here

  • We have a new addition to our family

  • Welcome our new son. Tyga Wolverine de Guzman. He was born at May 25th

  • 2020 we are just so super excited

  • We wanted to share him with you guys because I know a lot of you have been asking

  • How is he doing? Say hello to everyone

  • So, who do you guys think he looks more like his mom or his dad it's hard to tell his eyes closed first of all

  • His full name is, like I said, Tyga Wolverine Guzman. Personally, I wanted to have like a strong,

  • memorable name someone that, you know, you say like, oh, wow, and you remember, and you know Wolverine just came up

  • Yeah

  • Yeah, so I was like but I like, I... -I was kinda joking around

  • I wasn't joking around. I was like serious -I was joking aroun

  • That's actually a really cool name and it really like stuck to me and we shortened it

  • over time like after a while that Wolverine was too long. So he started calling it whoopee

  • But as we got closer and closer to giving birth Maiko's like okay, I don't know if you can call him Wolverine especially in Japan

  • One of the things is it's like she wanted to really give him a Japanese name, which I'm okay with

  • It's just easier and if you're in Japan a lot of people don't speak English, like most people don't speak English

  • so like you gotta have an easy name for everybody to understand if his name was a Wolverine his first name was

  • Wolverine people's gonna be like, huh?

  • You know people's not gonna remember it first don't even know how to pronounce it and I don't even know how to write it

  • That's just like too much trouble for him to go through all through his life. Yeah, make it easy for him

  • Cause in Japanese is its u-ru-ba-din, right?

  • Yeah, which is quite difficult to pronounce. Like for me, it's really important to help kanji in the name.

  • Like I have my kanji and that kind of defines you.

  • Yeah, it actually doesn't but you feel like it does. I actually wanted to give him like really strong kanji,

  • or really animal or wild kind of kanji. We gave him like a kanji of the tiger.

  • So, finally we agreed to name him Tiger Wolverine de Guzman

  • Wolverine as his middle name

  • In Japan, they actually don't have any middle names.

  • So his just first name is Tiger Wolverine and his last name is de Guzman.

  • It sucks that you can't have any space though between Tiger and Wolverine

  • It's like one word: Tiger--Wolverine. --So you can see that's his actual name right there.

  • This is Taiga.

  • And this is Wolverine.

  • So it's super crazy. He's less than one month old.

  • He's actually been pretty quiet for the most part, aside from when like he's hungry,

  • but all of that stuff is on the Tokyo zebra Channel we've discussed it

  • So if you're gonna see what's going on, definitely check out that channel probably the next month or so until July 18

  • I'm gonna be taking some time off of

  • The Paolo from Tokyo channel just so that we can spend a little more time with him watch him grow kind of like enjoy these

  • Moments and just you know spend time as a family

  • But we will post some videos on our other channel Tokyo zebra

  • Just some like quick updates of what's going on at the baby. Maybe some vlog style videos

  • Just kind of show you like what's actually going on

  • In fact, we just released a video the same time as this video on that channel of Maiko going into labor

  • So if you guys want to see that and everything that happens after that definitely check out the Tokyo zebra channel

  • I'll leave links in the description as well as I'll pin it in the comment

  • Also as you guys know we have our Instagram channels Paula from Tokyo Mike Cody Beauty

  • We've been like I want to post so much stuff on him and like what's going on with our family

  • We started a new Instagram channel called Tokyo zebra

  • And it's going to mainly him but just like more of our family and what we're doing

  • So if you guys want to see that then definitely check out that Instagram account as well

  • Also, a lot of you have been asking for daily life videos and rest assured a lot of those videos are coming.

  • Just had to put a lot of them on hold just because of the pandemic, it was difficult to film,

  • coordinate, and do everything when everything is kind of, you know, shut down here in Tokyo. So those videos are coming. Don't worry.

  • And there's just all the other food videos and everything we do on the channel - all of that is coming as well.

  • He's been making this Pokemon sound. -Yeah, I think he's trying to evolve.

  • So let him know Wolfy, if you guys like this video help us out and hit that like button if you guys

  • want to see more of us check out our Instagram accounts

  • all right here -> Paolo from Tokyo, MaikoDeBeauty, and Tokyo.Zebra

  • and if you guys want to see more videos about

  • Tokyo or any Japan guys and hit that subscribe button and the bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

Hello -Hi


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