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  • hey guys sam here with another india travel video

    大家在這里和另一個印度人 旅遊視頻

  • today we're going to be taking you on the ultimate food tour here in bangalore india

    今天我們要帶你去 印度班加羅爾的終極美食之旅

  • for a day of non-stop eating with our friends anishwara

    與我們一起不停地進食一天 朋友阿尼什瓦拉

  • and abhishek with their time in the city winding down we set out to eat our way

    和abhishek與他們在這座城市的時間 清盤,我們開始吃飯

  • through some of the best food places in bengaluru (bangalore) and

    通過一些最好的美食場所 班加羅爾(班加羅爾)和

  • boy was it good in this episode we'll try

    男孩,在這個情節中,我們會 嘗試

  • chow chow bath and doses for breakfast banana leaf tally for lunch

    鬆獅犬浴和早餐劑量 香蕉葉理貨午餐

  • and then for dinner we'll make our way to fraser town where we'll sample

    然後吃晚飯 到弗雷澤鎮,我們將在這裡取樣

  • chicken shawarma butter chicken and grilled chicken before ending things off

    雞肉沙威瑪黃油雞和 在結束事情之前烤雞

  • with lemon chai and an ice cream dessert called death by

    配檸檬柴 和冰淇淋甜點叫死

  • chocolate this is going to be another mouth-watering episode

    巧克力,這將是另一種 令人垂涎的情節

  • so let's get started good morning good morning guys greetings from bengaluru

    所以讓我們開始吧早上好 班加羅爾早上的人問候

  • india today we're hungry and we've brought our appetites we're going to be

    印度今天我們餓了,我們已經 帶來了我們的胃口,我們將成為

  • having south indian breakfast at an institution behind us it was

    吃南印度早餐 在我們後面的一個機構裡

  • basically called ctr and also known as saga yeah it's one of the most sought

    基本上稱為ctr,也稱為 saga是的,這是最受歡迎的遊戲之一

  • after tipping rooms in the city and people have been coming here for

    在城市給小費後 人們一直來這裡

  • years and so popular that people come from over 50 kilometers just to have a

    年,如此受歡迎,人們來了 從超過50公里的距離

  • breakfast so we're here today to check out their

    早餐 所以我們今天在這裡檢查他們的

  • dosa their tasty and

    多薩 他們的美味和

  • the coffee oh my gosh i can't wait


  • all right it's show time we waited about 15 minutes now we got a table

    好吧,這是我們等待的時間 15分鐘後我們得到一張桌子

  • hi you


  • another day another delicious soup indian breakfast i'm so excited for this

    改天又好吃的湯 印度早餐,我為此感到非常興奮

  • we've ordered a whole bunch of different things but the first two dishes have

    我們已經訂購了一大堆不同的 東西,但前兩個菜有

  • arrived we kicked off breakfast with chow chow

    到了 我們從鬆脆的早餐開始了早餐

  • badh which is a combination of two semolina dishes

    巴德是兩個的結合 粗麵粉

  • we had keisari bad which is a sweet version with various spices and dried

    我們有keisari不好,這很甜 各種香料和乾的版本

  • fruits and kerapad which is the savory version

    水果 和kerapad這是美味的版本

  • with chili curry leaves and coconut chutney for

    辣椒 咖哩葉和椰子酸辣醬

  • extra spice


  • you got your sweet over here and you have your spicy over there you mix them

    你在這裡得到了甜蜜,你 在那邊放些辣,把它們混合

  • together you get a chow chow chow chow bag i

    一起 你有一個中國鹹菜袋我

  • can't wait for you to try the combination as well

    等不及要嘗試 以及組合

  • oh my gosh okay let's dig in


  • oh my gosh our coconut chutney is incredible yeah it's so rich and spicy

    哦,天哪,我們的椰子酸辣醬是 是的,是如此的豐富和辛辣

  • and then the consistency of this it's like a savory polenta kind of

    然後它的一致性是 像是美味的玉米粥

  • it has a mushy mash consistency all right shall we try the sweet one too

    它具有糊狀的糊狀稠度 是的,我們也可以嘗試甜蜜的

  • let's go okay i see a big piece of fruit

    我們走吧 好吧,我看到一大塊水果

  • right there wow look at the raisins


  • that's like almost like a dessert yeah it's delicious

    就像甜點一樣 這很美味

  • oh my gosh i love this i absolutely love it and we still have a dosage to come

    哦,天哪,我愛這個,我絕對愛 它,我們還有一個劑量要來

  • yes then it was time for doses the dosa had

    是 然後是時候給dosa服藥了

  • a nice crispy golden brown exterior and it was very spongy and fluffy on the

    香脆的金棕色外表, 這是非常海綿狀和蓬鬆的

  • inside it was stuffed with potato masala with

    內 裡面塞滿了土豆咖哩

  • chili shallots and curry leaves this was paired with a coconut chutney

    辣椒蔥和咖哩葉 這搭配了一個椰子酸辣醬

  • and a spicier chili mint coconut chutney it was quite similar to the previous

    還有辣的辣椒薄荷椰子酸辣醬 它與以前非常相似

  • day's breakfast but also unique since every restaurant gives this dish its own

    一天的早餐,但也很獨特 每個餐廳都給它自己的菜

  • twist so the star of the show has arrived the

    捻 所以節目的明星到了

  • main event for breakfast here we have two different kinds of dosas so

    這裡的早餐主要活動 我們有兩種不同的dosas

  • what kind did you get so i just went for the regular plain

    你得到了什麼 所以我只是去了普通的平原

  • vene dosa okay and uh yours is the beni masala open it

    Vene Dosa好 你的是beni masala打開它

  • you have the potato let's lift the hood here there

    你有 土豆讓我們在這裡掀開引擎蓋

  • you go oh wow look at the potato right there

    你走 哦,哇,看看那邊的土豆

  • and you can see how crispy yeah it's very crispy and dense

    你會看到它有多脆 是的,非常酥脆

  • like when you're touching it you can actually hear the crunch of the

    就像當您觸摸它時,您可以 真正聽到了

  • crispiness we've been having amazing doses on this trip to india

    我們一直吃的酥脆 這次印度之行的驚人劑量

  • like it changed my opinion of what my favorite breakfast is in india

    喜歡它改變了我對我的看法 最喜歡的早餐在印度

  • it's it's not peranta or something it's dosa absolutely hands down

    不是peranta,而是 dosa絕對放手

  • grabbing some of this with the coconut oh my god

    用椰子抓一些 哦,我的上帝

  • how could something taste that good david what are we gonna do when we can't

    東西怎麼味道那麼好 大衛當我們做不到的時候我們會怎麼做

  • have dosa anymore luckily i know a few indian restaurants

    有了dosa 幸運的是我認識一些印度餐廳

  • in miami that do it for me and i'm just out of luck where my wife

    在邁阿密為我做的 我很不走運,我的妻子

  • where my wife is staying in brampton is a big indian population

    我妻子住的地方 布蘭普敦有大量印度人口

  • oh so i'm gonna have to look for some doses there make some friends over there

    哦,所以我要去找一些 在那裡打了一些朋友

  • check out this line this place is perpetually packed

    看看這條線,這個地方是 永久包裝

  • there's always a line there's every table full and for good reason the food

    總有一條線,每條線 桌子滿了並且有充分的理由食物

  • is wonderful


  • after breakfast we said goodbye to abhishek and made plans to meet up again

    早餐後,我們告別 abhishek,併計劃再次見面

  • later for dinner in the meantime we met up with anishwara

    以後吃晚飯 在此期間,我們遇到了Anishwara

  • and continued our food tour of bangalore (bengaluru) so let's head to george street today for

    並繼續我們的班加羅爾美食之旅(班加羅爾) 所以今天就去喬治街

  • some good iced coffee yes at indian coffee house sounds great

    一些好的冰咖啡 是的,在印度咖啡館聽起來很棒

  • yeah then let's figure out what to do and

    是的 然後讓我們弄清楚該怎麼做,

  • then we'll figure out the rest of the day

    那麼我們將找出其餘的 天

  • so walking down church street here it's a pretty posh area

    所以在教堂街上走 漂亮的地方

  • and there's a lot of restaurants a lot of greenery

    那裡有很多餐館 綠化

  • church street is located in bangalore (bengaluru) central business district

    教堂街位於班加羅爾(班加羅爾) 中央商務區

  • and it's a popular tour spot given all the food options and shopping available

    這是一個受歡迎的旅遊景點 食物選擇和購物

  • plus it's also a nice place to walk around

    而且它也是散步的好地方 周圍

  • marvel i'm a huge marvel fan look at that that's thanos right there that's

    奇蹟,我是一個巨大的奇蹟粉絲 那是thanos,那是

  • the that's the gauntlet yeah infinity show

    的 那是挑戰無限的表演

  • me the shirt you got on right now my favorites on the top iron man

    我現在你穿的襯衫 我最喜歡的鋼鐵俠

  • yo what'd you get nirvana i've been wanting to get this shirt for a long

    喲,你得到了我的必殺技 想要把這件襯衫長久

  • time this story is great man they've got all

    時間 這個故事是偉大的人,他們擁有一切

  • kinds of things besides swim shirts and ball caps

    除了泳衣和 球帽

  • they also have really cool figurines on that far end i'm pumped guys because

    他們也有很酷的小雕像 那個遠端我被抽了,因為

  • we're going for coffee and if there's one thing that i've

    我們要去喝咖啡 如果我有一件事

  • missed not really having very often in india

    錯過不是真的經常 印度

  • is coffee i've been drinking a lot of chai which has been fantastic but you

    是我一直在喝咖啡的咖啡 柴太棒了,但是你

  • know what i do crave my coffee from time to time

    知道什麼 我確實不時渴望咖啡

  • hot or cold coffee friends coffee coffee all the way

    冷熱咖啡朋友咖啡咖啡 一路走來

  • it's so hot outside it's way too hot 90 degrees

    外面太熱了,太熱了90 度數

  • 30 degrees where i come from if you touch my

    如果你我是30度 觸摸我的

  • my beard it's like so visible oh wow super fast service thank you sir welcome

    我的鬍鬚好看喔 超級快捷的服務,謝謝您,先生

  • cheers let's try it


  • freezing cold that's the most important part one go go go go go go go go go

    最重要的是要冷凍 第一部分去去去去去去去去去去

  • chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug

    突突突突突突突突突突突突突突突突 突突突突突突突突突突突突突突突突

  • chug and done

    突突 並做了

  • are you crazy that's your second one i know

    你瘋了嗎,這是你的第二個我 知道

  • it's perfect i'm awake ready to go


  • having cooled off we continued exploring church street and checked out some of

    冷卻後,我們繼續探索 教堂街,並檢查了一些

  • the cool murals with street art you can find in the area

    您可以使用帶有街頭藝術的酷壁畫 在該地區找到

  • after a bit of walking we were ready to eat again this time we went to nagarjuna

    經過一些步行,我們準備好了 這次我們又去吃了nagarjuna

  • a restaurant specializing in andhra cuisine

    安德拉省的一家餐廳 美食

  • all good restaurants in india have what in common a big queue a big queue the

    印度所有好的餐館都有 共有一個大隊列

  • reason for that is because there's so many people in india all these cities

    這樣做的原因是因為 印度所有這些城市中有很多人

  • are like 10 million people yeah so the good restaurants they're

    就像一千萬人 是的,所以他們的好餐廳

  • packed packed check out this one of the coolest things about this

    打包打包簽出這個 最酷的事情之一

  • restaurant is the menu is shaped like a banana leaf

    餐廳是菜單形狀像 香蕉葉

  • check that out it's so cool open it up and here are some of the main meals that

    檢查一下,它是如此酷打開它 這是一些主要的飯菜

  • you can get served on a banana leaf it was freaking

    你可以得到 在香蕉葉上吃

  • hot it was how are you guys enjoying the ac

    熱 你們是如何享受交流的

  • in here


  • we ordered a banana leaf tally with a whole bunch of different curries to try

    我們點了一個香蕉葉理貨 一大堆不同的咖哩嘗試

  • to give you a little tour of the banana leaf we had chicken nagarjuna

    給你一點香蕉之旅 葉子,我們吃了雞肉nagarjuna

  • with lots of spices rice with ghee doll with spinach

    有很多香料米和酥油娃娃 菠菜

  • peanut chutney sambal rasam papad and more

    花生酸辣醬sambal rasam papad和 更多

  • let's dig in


  • look at this wonderful spread so it's all here

    看看這個奇妙的傳播,所以 全部在這裡

  • on the banana leaf like there's so much going on

    在香蕉葉上就像有那麼多 繼續

  • i wouldn't say it's overwhelming it's exciting it's exciting

    我不會說這是壓倒性的 令人興奮的

  • so this is gun powder oh gun powder gum powder so you put it okay don't mix

    所以這是槍粉哦 口香糖粉,所以你放好不要混合

  • it with like all of your eyes so i'm separating my rice

    像你所有的眼睛一樣,所以我 分開我的飯

  • make sure you have a ufc in that rice i've got some ghee in there and just

    確保你的米飯裡有UFC 我裡面有酥油,

  • go to town right mix it up yeah your favorite part

    去城鎮吧,把它混起來,是的,你的 最喜歡的部分

  • my favorite part i feel like when you do this you're like you're earning your

    我最喜歡的部分 這就像你在賺錢

  • bite right here you know you're putting some work into it

    咬在這裡,你知道你在放 一些工作

  • okay give give gives the rice some extra flavor and delayed onset of spice too

    好,給,給,給米飯多一些 味道和香料的延遲發作

  • over here


  • okay you want to try the chicken i do i do i respect that you're going to find

    好吧,你想嚐嚐我的雞肉 我尊重你會發現

  • it too spicy okay

    它太辣了 好的

  • oh that's great smoke no yeah smoking on the outside

    哦,那是大煙 是的,外面沒有煙

  • tender i wouldn't say it's that juicy it has more of like that smoky tandoori

    溫柔的我不會說那是多汁的 它更像是煙熏的tandoori

  • taste okay the spice is starting to hit

    味道 好吧,香料開始受到打擊

  • i always feel like i'm i'm a little bit cocky i'm like oh that's not so spicy

    我總是覺得我有點 驕傲自大,我喜歡哦,不是那麼辣

  • and then i have by the second or three buttermilk oh

    然後我有 第二或三個酪乳哦

  • yeah i've noticed that yep that's rasam that's gonna be more

    是的,我注意到了 是的rasam將會更多

  • sleepy more soupy okay pour in just a little bit just a little

    困了多湯好了 倒一點點

  • bit this time it went it went overboard last time oh i

    這次有點 它去了它最後一次落伍了哦,我

  • think i went overboard again i just can't help it with the currys i

    認為我又過頭了 我只是幫不了我咖哩

  • spill them on the rice it's kind of like kind of light so as you start with a

    把它們灑在米飯上 一種光,所以當你開始

  • heavy stuff heavy raining of your meal right

    一頓沉重的飯菜 對

  • and then slowly like it it gets light and then you cool down with curd rice

    然後像它慢慢變亮 然後用豆腐涼一下

  • oh it's purely strategic yeah it's very strategic

    哦,這純粹是戰略性的,是的,非常 戰略

  • yeah you're right that's very light it does have taste but it's not

    是的,你是對的,這很輕 確實有味道,但不是

  • it's not strong it doesn't hit you that hard so what what exactly is inside

    它不強大,不會打到你 很難,所以里面到底是什麼

  • it has it's basically rice pudding rice pudding yeah it has

    基本上是布丁飯 布丁是的

  • like um cashews cashews some dry fruits okay so it's going to be a little bit

    像腰果腰果一些乾果 好吧,這會有點

  • nutty and fruity and it's like creamy it's very creamy i see

    堅果和果味, 就像奶油一樣,我知道

  • a big cashew very creamy oh yeah and again it's cooling it's

    腰果非常奶油 哦,是的,而且又冷卻了

  • cooling things down yeah our next stop that afternoon was

    冷卻東西 是的,那天下午我們下一站是

  • kabun park to walk off that meal all right guys so we've arrived at the

    Kabun公園要走那頓飯 好的,所以我們到了

  • next station it was only one stop it cost 10 rupees beautiful beautiful

    下一站只有一站 它花了10盧比,美麗美麗

  • system it's brand new apparently it's only been in operation for a short time

    系統是全新的,顯然是 只是短時間運行

  • it actually reminded me of the sky train in bangkok beautiful

    實際上讓我想起了空中火車 在美麗的曼谷

  • modern anyways there was extremely tight security when they saw that we had

    無論如何現代都非常緊張 他們看到我們有安全

  • cameras we had to go through security and

    攝影機 我們必須經歷安全和

  • basically sign something saying that we would

    基本上簽署一些東西說我們 將

  • keep our cameras in our bags so we couldn't film any of the journey

    將相機放在包裡,這樣我們 無法拍攝任何旅程

  • unfortunately but what i can tell you is that it's a

    不幸 但是我可以告訴你的是

  • great way to get around the city as soon as you enter the park you can see that

    盡快遊覽城市的好方法 當您進入公園時,您會看到

  • they have a military jet on the right side

    他們的右邊有一架軍用飛機 側

  • and it seems to be like a well-manicured path

    看起來好像是一個精心修飾的 路徑

  • so yeah i'm not sure what we're gonna do but it's nice to be here

    所以是的,我不確定我們要做什麼 但很高興來到這裡

  • and you know this area like this entire place yeah

    而且你整個都知道這個領域 是的

  • is usually the dog park on sunday so there's like people with all their dogs

    通常是星期天的狗公園,所以 就像有所有狗的人

  • coming here and like it's like a social dog event yeah

    來到這裡,就像社交 狗事件是的

  • it's a lot of fun and you were so right about the temperature so

    很好玩,你說得對 關於溫度,所以

  • much cooler here i could just hang out here all day yeah

    這裡涼爽得多,我可以出去玩 整天都在這裡

  • let's go check out the bamboo area yeah let's do it

    我們去看看竹子區 我們開始做吧

  • that evening we met up with abhishek to go on a nighttime food tour of

    那天晚上,我們遇到了阿布舍克 進行夜間美食之旅

  • frasertown


  • so you know some great spots around here what are we gonna have tonight

    所以你知道這裡周圍的一些好地方 今晚我們要吃什麼

  • so we're gonna start off with some really nice beef rolls yep out here and

    所以我們將從一些開始 真的很好吃的牛肉捲在這裡

  • then we're going to move on to trying some butter chicken some shawarmas and

    然後我們將繼續嘗試 一些黃油雞一些沙威瑪和

  • then end with some chai oh my gosh that sounds so delicious

    然後以一些柴結束 哦,我的天哪聽起來好美味

  • let's stop talking let's start eating


  • okay guys i'm starting off with the chic samba roll and this is a behemoth of a

    好的,伙計們,我從別緻開始 桑巴卷,這是一個龐然大物

  • wrap take a look at this thing it is just

    包 看看這個東西,只是

  • absolutely jacked with ingredients wrapped in a roti roll

    絕對與 裹在烤肉捲中的成分

  • oh yeah if you've been craving meat you got to come here and try that so this is

    哦,是的,如果您一直想吃肉, 必須來這裡嘗試一下,所以這是

  • loaded with me so flavorful also spicy and onions give it a little bit of

    滿滿的我也好辣 和洋蔥給它一點點

  • juiciness too the flatbread has been rolled around twice

    麵包也很汁 滾了兩次

  • it's so compact in every bite like if you're hungry

    每一口都很緊湊 你餓了

  • and you can eat all of that that's like a meal in your hand

    你可以吃所有的那樣 一頓飯

  • it's so thick and big just look at how much is inside of them

    它是如此的厚大,只看如何 他們裡面有很多東西

  • so we've been walking down the street for a little while and yeah there's just

    所以我們一直在街上走 一會兒,是的,

  • so many options for food it's the kind of place you don't want to

    這麼多的食物選擇 這是你不想去的地方

  • fill up on your first bite because there's so many tasty treats on the

    填滿你的第一口,因為 有很多美味的食物

  • street and yeah i think we're just going to

    街 是的,我想我們只是要

  • keep wandering and see what we can find so

    繼續徘徊,看看我們能找到什麼 所以

  • we are going to empire yep empire is is famous here in bangalore and they've

    我們要帝國是的帝國是 他們在班加羅爾聞名,他們

  • gone global they have a restaurant new york

    走向全球他們有一家新餐廳 約克

  • dubai here we're eating what butter chicken and shawarma butter chicken

    迪拜,我們在這裡吃什麼黃油 雞肉和沙瓦瑪黃油雞肉

  • shawarma d rice oh my gosh oh yeah

    沙瓦瑪 大米哦,我的天哪,是的

  • we're gonna go all out oh we're gonna have a musambi juice

    我們要全力以赴哦,我們要 喝一杯musambi汁

  • hold on it's like how big is my stomach now

    堅持下去,就像我的胃有多大 現在

  • she gets warmer


  • muscles


  • we're here at empire restaurant uh this place is very

    我們在帝國餐廳這裡 這個地方很

  • popular among bangladesh because all of us who go partying late at night

    在孟加拉國很受歡迎,因為所有 我們深夜聚會的人

  • look for place to eat this is the spot it's open late at night and it's very

    尋找吃飯的地方,這是景點 它在深夜營業,非常

  • popular for their grilled chicken their butter chicken as well as their

    因烤雞肉而受歡迎 他們的黃油雞以及他們的

  • ghee rice and also their wasabi juice which we have

    酥油飯和山葵汁 我們有

  • right here on our table all right moment of truth guys look at all this wonderful

    就在我們餐桌上 真心傢伙看著這一切奇妙

  • food we have here so grilled chicken that's ghee rice

    我們這裡有食物 這麼烤的雞肉就是酥油飯

  • butter chicken which is always a favorite in fact back home that's

    黃油雞總是 事實上最喜歡回家的

  • probably the most common indian dish you can find in canada for

    可能是最常見的 您可以在加拿大找到的印度菜

  • instance so i'm just gonna serve myself up

    實例,所以我要為自己服務 向上

  • oh look at those chunks of chicken in there

    哦,看看那些大塊的雞肉 那裡

  • wonderful butter ghee rice so guys this is why i'm getting fat in india i've got

    很棒的黃油酥油飯所以你們這個 這就是為什麼我在印度發胖的原因

  • i'm eating a lot of things with butter and a lot of things with ghee

    我在黃油裡吃很多東西 和酥油的很多東西

  • and i'm eating a lot of it so giant piece of grilled chicken

    我吃了很多 一塊烤雞

  • oh and i almost forgot the drink what's this one called wasabi juice and that's

    哦,我差點忘了喝什麼 這個叫做芥末汁,那是

  • sweet sweet lemon

    甜 甜檸檬

  • oh man that was awesome smokey tender full of flavors a little bit

    哦,那人真是煙熏 充滿一點柔嫩的味道

  • spicy too so tasty all right moving on to the

    也辣 好美味,繼續前進

  • butter chicken buddy of that oh my gosh that sauce

    黃油雞 哦,我的天哪

  • the sauces will always makes a butter chicken just a wonderful curry

    調味料總是會做成黃油 雞肉只是一個很棒的咖哩

  • so rich in flavor a little bit spicy the butter chicken was delicious this

    如此豐富的味道有點辣 黃油雞真好吃

  • dish consists of chicken in a mild curry sauce with tomato gravy

    這道菜由雞肉和溫和的咖哩組成 番茄醬汁

  • butter and cream it's very rich and it's a classic must-try dish in india

    黃油和奶油非常豐富,而且 印度經典的必備菜

  • that would have been plenty for dinner but our nighttime food tour still wasn't

    晚餐本來可以很多 但是我們的夜間美食之旅仍然不是

  • over next up it was time for chai and dessert

    過度 接下來是採茶和甜點的時候了

  • we had a great time at empire and now where are we heading

    我們在帝國度過了美好的時光,現在 我們要去哪裡

  • so now we're off to a place called taj tea stall uh we're gonna have some

    現在我們要去一個叫taj的地方 茶攤,我們要一些

  • really nice suleimani which translates to lemon chai

    非常好的suleimani,翻譯成 去檸檬柴

  • oh wow first time to try that can't wait yes let's go

    哦,第一次嘗試,等不及了 好,我們走吧

  • so the tea has arrived it's piping hot so we have a solimani chai over here

    所以茶已經到了,它滾燙了 所以我們這裡有索利瑪尼柴