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  • Tea is a cornerstone of Japanese culture.


  • And the town of Kakegawa, southwest of Mount Fuji, serves as one of the country's premier


  • producers of this tasty commodity.


  • Easily reachable as a side trip from Tokyo, this quaint town also boasts a noteworthy

    從東京就能輕鬆當日來回掛川 優雅的掛川市內有著名的古城

  • castle and top-rated bird park, making this a destination I was eager to visit for myself.

    及頂級的花鳥園 這也是我特別想來這裡的原因

  • I'm Sam Evans, staff writer for, and over the next two days I'll be checking

    我是japan-guide.com記者Sam Evans 接下來的兩天

  • out what Kakegawa has to offer.

    我將帶領大家前往掛川 探索當地的獨特風情

  • Here's the plan:


  • On day one we'll take the shinkansen from Tokyo to Kakegawa, hopefully with a view of


  • Mt. Fuji along the way.


  • Once we arrive, we'll visit the castle grounds and then spend the evening exploring Honjin

    到了掛川之後 我預計先到當地著名的掛川城

  • Dori, an atmospheric restaurant street in the center of town that is a favorite of locals.

    傍晚再去市區中央的本陣通 這裡也是當地人最愛的道地美食街

  • On day two, we'll start at the famous bird park, take a detour to see some stunning views

    第二天從著名的掛川花鳥園出發 繞道前往掛川地區的茶園

  • of Kakegawa's tea fields, and move on to Kiwi Fruits Country where we'll have a bbq

    欣賞令人讚嘆的茶園景觀 然後再去奇異果農園

  • lunch, make our own tea, and pick kiwi fruit.

    中午在農園享用BBQ午餐 體驗沏茶和摘奇異果的樂趣

  • So follow along as we explore Japan's tea town, Kakegawa.

    現在 就跟我一起到掛川 享受日本茶鄉的獨特風情吧

  • Day 1


  • Wow, heavy.

    哇 很重

  • So we're here, we've arrived at Kakegawa Castle; and I'm dressed suitably in genuine

    你可以看到我現在到了掛川城 而我現在身上穿的就是

  • armor that, even though made recently, was manufactured with the exact same techniques

    整套合身盔甲 雖然這套盔甲不是古董

  • and materials that it would have been in centuries past.

    但據說盔甲的技術和材質 都完全按照數百年前的方法製作

  • We've arrived inside Kakegawa Castle.


  • Now, most Japanese castles that stand today are reconstructions that are made using concrete,

    目前許多日本古城 都是使用鋼筋水泥重建

  • but Kakegawa Castle is special because it was the first to be reconstructed using wood

    但掛川城的特色在於 這是日本第一座依循古法

  • in the traditional way.


  • So now we're in the castle palace.


  • Now this castle palace is noteworthy, being one of only four in the country that has survived

    這座御殿現在已經非常有名 因為它是日本德川幕府時代

  • since the feudal era.


  • Thank you very much.


  • You're welcome.


  • Day 2


  • So we're here at the Kakegawa Bird Park, considered by many to be the best in Japan.

    現在我們位在掛川花鳥園 這裡被譽為日本最大規模的鳥園

  • And here as you can see there are a lot of residents that like a bit of company, and


  • I suspect, more than that, a bit of food.


  • So it's great to get down here and have a bit of a novel experience.


  • Kiwi Fruits Country Japan has eighty varieties, eight zero varieties, of kiwi fruits.


  • Let's go pick some.


  • So we can't eat the one I just picked because they typically need about two weeks to mature;

    現摘的奇異果不能馬上吃 因為一般需要2週的熟成期

  • but we can eat one of these.


  • And with that, our time in Kakegawa has come to an end.


  • For more information about Kakegawa or to watch another video, click the links on the

    如果你想知道更多掛川相關訊息 或觀看其他影片,請點擊螢幕上的連結

  • screen now or head over to, your comprehensive up to date travel guide

    或直接瀏覽japan-guide.com網站 我們提供你最全面的

  • first hand from Japan.


  • Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe for more videos about Japan.

    謝謝收看我們的影片 也不要忘記訂閱我們的頻道

  • Happy travels.


Tea is a cornerstone of Japanese culture.



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