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  • good morning good morning guys greetings from el bolson Argentina we've got a bit

    早上好,大家早上好 來自el bolson阿根廷,我們有一點

  • of a special episode for you today yeah what are we doing have been invited to a

    今天為您準備的一集特別節目 我們正在做什麼,已經被邀請參加

  • Gaucho party which is pretty exciting we didn't even know it was taking place

    令人興奮的高喬派對 我們甚至不知道它正在發生

  • no it's outside of the city Sam's never been to one I went to a few when I was a

    不,它在城市外面山姆從來沒有 去過一個,當我還是一個

  • kid living in Argentina but it's been ages and it's a really fun event so

    住在阿根廷的孩子,但是 年齡,這是一個非常有趣的事件,所以

  • super looking forward to it see I'm got a couch who had a few days ago we need

    超級期待它,看到我 前幾天我們需要的沙發

  • to go get back can't believe I put this on and I know also we should mention

    要回去不能相信我把這個 我知道我們也應該提

  • that it's our Airbnb host Valentin that invited us yeah so cool really cool guy he's

    是我們的Airbnb房東Valentin邀請了 我們是的,很酷,很酷,他是

  • roughly our agent yeah it's so cool from for him to invite us we originally were

    大概是我們的經紀人 他邀請我們,我們原本是

  • gonna go on a hike but instead we're gonna do this this is like how much that

    要去遠足,但是我們 要做到這一點就像多少

  • is so much better all right off to get your hat got your hat time there's a guy

    好多了,馬上就可以得到 你的帽子讓你的帽子時間到了

  • so hot I don't know if Gauchos wear those green glasses you love to sport

    好熱,我不知道高喬人是否穿 你喜歡運動的那些綠色眼鏡

  • but hey they're there for all all types okay all types of people with no fashion

    但嘿,他們在那裡所有類型 好的,沒有時尚的所有類型的人

  • sense there you go all set what's that

    感覺到你都準備好了 那是什麼

  • Oh

  • you and Kitty are gonna have a nice day together

    你和凱蒂會過得愉快 一起

  • barbecue is currently being prepared just behind us there's still another 30

    目前正在準備燒烤 就在我們後面還有另外30個

  • minutes to go before the food's ready but yeah there is a lot of meat here

    食物準備好要走幾分鐘 是的,這裡有很多肉

  • lamb cordero cooked on the cross this is gonna be good

    在十字架上煮熟的羊羔科爾德羅 好

  • we've got some picnic tables set up some benches so we're gonna be eating before

    我們有一些野餐桌 長椅,所以我們要先吃飯

  • we check out the events the festivities today there you have it it's one o'clock

    我們檢查一下慶祝活動 今天在那裡,現在是一點鐘

  • right now food should be ready by 1:30 we've already placed our order

    現在應該在1:30之前準備好食物 我們已經下訂單了

  • doing a little shopping here if you want to become a gaucho this is the place to

    如果要在這裡逛一點 成為印第安人混血兒,這是

  • do so you can get the pants the bomb watches the leather belts leather purses

    這樣做可以讓褲子炸彈 手錶皮帶皮革錢包

  • shirts shopping for Knights so I'm considering buying a okay question is

    襯衫買騎士,所以我 考慮購買一個好的問題是

  • did you bring that much money


  • we have our asado in front of us and we were testing of the new knives yeah we

    我們面前有我們的朝聖者,我們 正在測試新刀,是的,我們

  • bought some cows oh nice yeah I bought one for himself they're incredible one

    買了一些牛哦,是的,我買了 一個對他自己來說是不可思議的

  • for your dad the meat is wonderful we have some different cuts yeah some ribs

    為了你爸爸,肉很棒 有一些不同的削減是的,一些肋骨

  • and is just very very juicy well you got to show the knife yeah the knife already

    而且非常多汁 顯示刀是的,刀已經

  • did its work let's see if I can cut another bubble real just so you can see

    做了它的工作,讓我們看看我是否可以剪 另一個真實的氣泡,以便您可以看到

  • today's gonna be a day of messy hands messy eating no forks here it cuts very

    今天將是混亂的一天 凌亂,這裡沒有叉子吃,很切

  • well it's a super sharp super tall most scary sharp

    好吧,這是一個超高超的超級高 可怕的尖銳

  • and how's the meat very good very good do you see saltine tasty we've got a bun

    肉怎麼樣很好 你看到鹹甜的我們有麵包嗎

  • which is gonna come in handy so ya lovely meal oh and wine

    這會派上用場所以 可愛的一餐哦和酒

  • thanks for getting wine for us


  • all right so I'm here with my good friend Ballentine and we're having

    好的,所以我在這裡陪伴我 朋友巴倫丁,我們正在

  • Argentine asado yes it's so delicious and we have you to

    阿根廷asado是 真好吃,我們有你

  • thank for us coming here so thank you very much

    謝謝我們來這裡,謝謝 非常

  • oh you will how's the asado so far this is very very good a saddle and we are in

    哦,到目前為止,asado怎麼樣 鞍非常好,我們在

  • single man so yes Annie are two local songs and I am very happy to find these

    單身男人,是的,安妮是兩個當地人 歌曲,我很高興找到這些

  • two good guys my new friends new friend we're loving this thanks so much she's

    兩個好傢伙,我的新朋友,新朋友 我們很喜歡這個,非常感謝她

  • so tired she's been eating a lot


  • oh not difficult I'm gonna have a scratch on my face

    哦,不難,我要去 擦在我的臉上

  • well guys here we are that was a great barbecue what did you think mr.

    好傢伙,我們在那很棒 燒烤你覺得先生。

  • cameraman Sam it was fantastic we eat so much and

    攝影師山姆 我們吃了很多東西真是太棒了,

  • everything was delicious oh man what is they surprised I mean we weren't even

    一切都很美味哦,老兄是什麼 他們感到驚訝,我的意思是我們什至沒有

  • planning on having asado today just as of yesterday invitations

    計劃有asado 今天和昨天一樣

  • just been amazingly what better way to spend a Sunday serious yeah and now that

    只是令人驚訝的是,有什麼更好的方法 花一個星期天認真的是的,現在

  • we be and we feel like we need a siesta but the party's just getting started

    我們是,我們覺得我們需要午睡 但是聚會才剛剛開始

  • we've got the Gauchos on their horses yeah the racing around Barrow a lot

    我們把印第安人混血兒騎在馬背上 是的,很多巴羅賽車

  • barrels yeah barrels barrels like going around trying not to knock them down

    是的,桶像桶 盡量不要打倒他們

  • yeah treating their skill on a horse yeah so yeah we're gonna watch this

    是的,在騎馬上對待他們的技能 是的,所以我們要看這個

  • so we've just come here for the day but I've gotta say some people have shown up

    所以我們今天只是來這裡但是 我得說有些人出現了

  • with their tents and I have a feeling this is probably a party that lasts two

    用他們的帳篷,我有一種感覺 這可能是一個持續兩個的聚會

  • or three days people have brought a lot of supplies you know everything you need

    或三天來,人們帶來了很多 您知道所需的一切用品

  • to kind of spend a long weekend out here there's whole families that have come

    在這裡度過一個漫長的周末 有整個家庭來

  • together the pets have arrived I've actually met a really friendly dog yeah

    寵物一起來了 真的遇到了一隻非常友善的狗

  • it's a pretty cool setting and just beautiful weather for a day like safe

    這是一個非常酷的設置 安全的一天,天氣晴朗

  • we're back in the car time for a little update so had a lovely lunch we watched

    我們又回到了汽車時間 更新,所以我們看了一個愉快的午餐

  • a few of the demonstrations but like the party's not really getting going with

    一些示威,但像 派對真的沒關係

  • the Gauchos because apparently they weren't really hard yesterday and

    印第安人混血兒,因為他們顯然 昨天真的不是很辛苦

  • everyone's hungover so there's not a lot happening today though so our friend is

    每個人都在宿醉,所以沒有很多 今天發生了,所以我們的朋友是

  • driving us to an old oh yeah oh sure hello sir we're we're planning to visit

    開車把我們帶到老哦,是的,確定 您好,先生,我們正在計劃訪問

  • a labyrinth maybe have some minions like an opportunity which is awesome yeah

    迷宮也許有一些奴才 很棒的機會

  • that's where we're headed right now yeah I mean we had we had a lot of Perea but

    那就是我們現在要去的地方 我的意思是我們有很多Perea,但是

  • I feel by the time we have merienda will have an opportunity ready for it and

    我覺得到時候我們有美麗的朋友 有機會準備好了

  • yeah that was fantastic getting to go to that event I mean it was out of town we

    是的,去那很棒 那件事我是說它不在城裡

  • wouldn't have found out about otherwise it was like an hour drive sorted I've

    否則不會發現 就像我已經整理了一個小時的車程

  • gone their honor really oh we owe everything to Valentin yes that's the

    真的失去了他們的榮耀哦,我們欠 瓦倫丁的一切,是的

  • funny thing


  • so my only rule is that we have to split up

    所以我唯一的規則是我們必須分開 上

  • to make this more fun the three of us can't head into the labyrinth together

    讓這更有趣的我們三個人 不能一起進入迷宮

  • otherwise there's no incentive so yeah I ditch the boys I think they're gonna try

    否則就沒有動力了,是的,我 拋棄我認為他們會嘗試的男孩

  • and help each other doing this on my own didn't work out so well it's a dead end

    互相幫助 表現不佳,這是一個死胡同

  • I'm not trying my second second attempt first one failed really hoping I can

    我沒有第二次嘗試 第一個失敗了,真的希望我能

  • beat the boys this is a massive maze I don't know if it's like the biggest maze

    打敗男孩,這是一個巨大的迷宮 不知道那是不是最大的迷宮

  • in Patagonia or the biggest maze in all of our Jen Tina but it's huge it smells

    在巴塔哥尼亞或最大的迷宮中 我們的詹蒂娜(Jen Tina),但它聞起來很大

  • nice walking through here looks like a new path and here the boys I get here

    很好的穿過這裡看起來像一個 新路,我來到這裡的男孩們

  • the boys I haven't hit a roadblock in a while so I feel like I must be doing

    我還沒遇到障礙的男孩 所以我覺得我一定在做

  • well road splits I should mention we're starting this

    好路分裂 我應該提一下我們正在開始

  • labyrinth just as we're losing daylight Suns already behind the mountain yes

    迷宮就像我們正在失去日光 太陽已經在山後了

  • I've made it to the central courtyard this is good but this is only the

    我到了中央庭院 這很好,但這只是

  • beginning of the labyrinth it continues


  • Wow ooh a door but is not the right way to talk to talk now this door is open

    哇哦,門不是正確的方法 說話說話現在這扇門是開著的

  • this is a good sign I can hear a dog barking I can also hear the boys think

    這是一個好兆頭,我能聽到一條狗 我還可以聽到男孩們在想

  • they're behind me a few hedges over Oh dead end I was told that apparently they

    他們在我後面對沖了一些樹籬 死胡同告訴我,顯然他們

  • change up the maze every once in a while just because you've been here once

    偶爾換一下迷宮 只是因為你去過一次

  • doesn't mean you're gonna find your way around

    並不意味著你會找到自己的路 周圍

  • no but we're out of the first part to the first maze because you came through

    不,但是我們不在第一部分 第一個迷宮,因為你來了

  • the central courtyard yeah weren't you to get here oh yeah maybe we

    中央庭院是的 你不是來這裡的哦,是的,也許我們

  • will stick together and help each other out

    會團結在一起,互相幫助 出

  • well guys we are back at the cottage and what are they yes I'm just gonna say so

    大家好,我們回到了小屋, 他們是什麼,我只是要說

  • much fun I was today I loved today it was that the Gaucho

    我今天很有趣 今天我愛那是高喬

  • event was just incredible yeah I was picked Acula I felt like I was invited

    事件真是令人難以置信,是的 選擇了Ac歌,感覺就像被邀請了一樣

  • to like an exclusive event that we would never find us to arrest you yeah yeah

    喜歡我們將要舉辦的獨家活動 永遠找不到我們逮捕你

  • honestly everything we do today I feel like we needed to have a local friend to

    老實說,我今天所做的每一件事 就像我們需要有一個本地朋友來

  • show us around and get us there and like explain things to us because this is

    帶我們參觀並帶我們到那裡,喜歡 向我們解釋事情,因為這是

  • kind of like off the beaten tourist trail like these aren't places that

    有點像被毆打的遊客 像這樣的小徑不是那個地方

  • would be easy to access exactly but so much fun so much fun we had a great

    完全容易訪問,但是 非常有趣,非常有趣,我們玩得很開心

  • asado it was gray on buying our first Argentinian Gaucho live oh yeah put

    asado買了我們的第一個就灰了 阿根廷印第安人混血兒直播哦,放

  • those to good use over the years mm-hmm yeah what a day like this was unplanned

    那些多年來可以很好使用的mm-hmm 是的,這樣的日子是計劃外的

  • spontaneous so much fun huh and then the labyrinth and the afternoon tea that

    自發的那麼有趣吧,然後 迷宮和下午茶

  • cake okay that's chocolate sponge cake with cream and all sorts of red berries

    蛋糕好吧,那是巧克力海綿蛋糕 加奶油和各种红色漿果

  • and then had meringue and it had done to the lychee I want to try and recreate

    然後有酥皮,它做了 我想嘗試再造的荔枝

  • that in my kitchen one day Wow so yeah it's gonna be hard to talk today but

    那天我在廚房裡哇,是的 今天會很難說話,但是

  • we've still got four more days and every what's on three Sun ahead of us so yeah

    我們還有四天的時間 我們前面的三個太陽怎麼了

  • we're just going to enjoy that to the max please yeah I think we did some

    我們只是去享受 最大,是的,我想我們做了一些

  • hiking we'll check out the town maybe make our own saddle here we do have we

    遠足,我們可能會去鎮上看看 在這裡做我們自己的馬鞍

  • do have a grill yeah and uh with coming today a little kitty I don't know

    確實有烤架,嗯, 今天要來一點我不知道的小貓

  • if you can see it yeah these just came in for a little bit of food yeah so with

    如果你能看到的話,這些就來了 進一點食物,是的,

  • that in mind we'll see you guys soon from el bolson

    考慮到我們很快就會見到你們 來自el bolson

good morning good morning guys greetings from el bolson Argentina we've got a bit

早上好,大家早上好 來自el bolson阿根廷,我們有一點


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