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  • For the past 95 years, the Original Rainbow Cone has been Chicago's favorite ice cream.

    在過去的 95 年裡,招牌彩虹筒一直是芝加哥最受歡迎的冰淇淋。

  • This is just a very famous neighborhood place that we grew up coming to.


  • For me, it just brings back childhood memories.


  • I feel very fortunate now to bring my kids here.


  • Joseph Sapp opened the South Side ice creamery in 1926.

    1926 年,Joseph Sapp 在芝加哥南邊開了一間冰淇淋店。

  • Since then, dessert lovers of all ages have lined up out the door from the hottest to coldest of days.


  • Now, third-generation owner Lynn Sapp operates the ice creamery.

    現在,第三代接班人 Lynn Sapp 經營著這間冰淇淋店。

  • So, Original Rainbow Cone is very unique because it's a sherbet and ice cream combination.


  • And back in 1926 you could buy a whole plate of food for a dime.

    1926 年時,用十美分 (約 3 台幣) 就能買一整盤食物。

  • He was asking that for an ice cream cone, so that's where he came up with the five flavors.


  • He had to give you some substance to the ice cream.


  • The cone is comprised of chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House, which is cherry (and) walnut, pistachio, and orange sherbet.

    這個甜筒的口味包含巧克力、草莓、Palmer House (香草、核桃加櫻桃)、腰果和香橙雪酪。

  • I've been coming here for about 25-plus years.

    我已經來這裡吃 25 多年了。

  • The best way to eat it is going all around and up and over and all around.


  • Any way you wanna eat it, it's all delicious.


  • This cone has been around for almost 100 years, and it hasn't changed at all.


  • I'm expecting this to taste extremely old-timey and kind of like, classic, just American classic.


  • I wanna try all the flavors together first.


  • It's creamy and fruity, and you still get chocolate.


  • I thought, originally, that this wasn't really gonna work because orange and chocolate and pistachio, kind of like, all together, I felt like it was just gonna be a weird medley of flavors.


  • But, I mean, it's been around for a century.


  • And it's famous.


  • So, of course these flavors work, and they do!


  • So, Original Rainbow Cone scoops about over 1,000 Rainbow Cones a day.


  • The flavors have remained the same since 1926.

    這些口味自從 1926 年就沒變過了。

  • Little things have changed, but the formula has stayed the same, and the flavors are the same.


  • Actually, there is a customer that's 100 years old and has been here since the beginning.

    其實,有一位顧客從一開店就在這,而他現在已經 100 歲了,

  • It's amazing to me that like, this was created back in like, 1926 and it still channels that inner childhood that I had back in like, the early 90s, if that makes sense.

    讓我很驚訝的是,這間店是在 1926 年創立的,但它仍讓我回憶起我在 90 年代早期的童年,如果這合理的話。

  • This is just like nostalgia in a cone!


  • And it just so happens to be extremely pretty and Instagram-worthy.

    它非常漂亮,也非常值得在 Instagram 打卡。

For the past 95 years, the Original Rainbow Cone has been Chicago's favorite ice cream.

在過去的 95 年裡,招牌彩虹筒一直是芝加哥最受歡迎的冰淇淋。

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