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(upbeat music)
♪ You put the wine in the coconut and drink it all up ♪
♪ You put the wine in the coconut and drink it all up ♪
♪ You put the wine in the coconut ♪
(books falling)
- [Trapp] The sketch shelf!
- No, all the sketches and all their pages
are all mixed up!
- It's gonna take forever to clean this up.
- Yeah, but somebody has to do it.
- Yes.
- Yeah, somebody.
- You know, Rekha, I have been just, so impressed
with your organizational skills.
- Oh wow. - I think you would do
an amazing job--
- Oh my gosh, okay--
- Cleaning this up.
- First of all, that is so kind, thank you so much.
- You're very welcome.
- Second of all, I couldn't possibly
take this project away from you.
You know those sketches
inside and out. - No.
It is like your baby.
- Oh no, it's nothing like a baby.
- It'd be like taking your baby away from the hospital
before you got a chance to give it a smooch.
- This is just, it's piles of paper, it's trash.
- No, you know so much about this stuff, it's crazy.
- Well, I mean, Rekha-- - Honestly, honestly.
- No. - No.
- No. - Honestly.
- Yes. - It's inspiring.
- Oh wow, thank you for everything you've said.
- Yes, you're welcome.
- I don't deserve to. And, honestly,
and onto you as well. - No, I don't deserve it.
- And onto you as well.
- Okay, I think that maybe you are trying to get out of work
by giving me compliments.
- No, no, no, no, no, I think you're
complimenting me to get out of work.
- I just honestly think that you're so great.
- Well I think you're great, that's the only reason
I'm saying this,
I think you're great. - No I think you're great!
- I think you're great! - So I think you're great.
- I think--
- (in unison) You're great!
- You know, I'm remembering on your resume you said
that you were very detail oriented.
- No. - Look at all these details
to orient, you're expertly suited for this task.
- I actually lied all over my resume,
that's the thing. - Everyone does.
- I wouldn't even know where to begin
with this kind of task,
and I don't know intermediate Spanish.
There, I said it!
- Don't, don't. - I just could never
think to live up to you, I mean you are Trapp.
- I am dog shit.
- No.
- I'm made of shit--
- No. - A dog squeezed me
out of it's anus.
- I will not let my friend talk about my friend this way.
- You are the future.
- Okay, by me being the future that means
I'm actually not the present.
(while clapping) Which means, I am goat vomit.
- Oh, okay, well see the thing is,
and I've never told anyone else about this
and I'm only telling you because you're so smart,
and you're so confident, and you're so great--
- Okay. - I can't read.
- How did you write all those sketches
if you don't know how to read?
(low rumbling sound)
- I dictated them.
- (while clapping) You're so resourceful!
- No, I'm a liar-- - Dinga dinga dinga ding--
- And a cheater. - Ladies!
Last out for-- - No ladies!
- A resourceful man! - No, we don't want a cheater.
- I wouldn't even know where to begin,
you're just so good at it. - You're just forgetting
how great you are, you're so great.
- No, you're great!
- No, you're great! - You're great!
- You're great! - No, you're great!
- You're great! - No, you're great!
- You're great!
- What's everyone yelling about?
- (in unison) Grant!
- Grant! (Rekha laughing)
- Has anyone every told you how valuable you are?
- Yes, all the time.
- The literal definition of efficiency.
- That's what they tell me.
- (in unison) We need you to clean the sketch shelf.
- Just 'cause you're-- - You're so good at it.
- So good at it, just so good at it.
- We would suck.
- You know who I think would be great at this?
- Mm?
- Katie.
- (in unison) Katie!
- Sure. - Okay, Katie.
- Katie.
(electronic noise)
- Yeah what's up, it's Ally.
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喜歡被稱讚嗎?小心有詐! (Complimenting Someone To Trick Them Into Doing Work)

41 分類 收藏
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