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  • slow brain price.

  • Napi.

  • What you doing up so late?

  • So even after Charlie Brown gave you seconds on dinner on double dessert, you're still hungry.

  • Where you going?

  • To find a snack.

  • When A With the candy stores are closed.

  • Mars, You're going to Mars to look for a snack?

  • Why?

  • Because Mars is shaped like a cookie.

  • I really don't like this idea, Snoopy.

  • All right.

  • I'm pretty sure planes can't fly high enough Tomorrow you would need a rocket.

  • Great sadness along these ups and downs are hard on the stomach.

  • Are you sure you still want that snack?

  • Wait, You just wait until breakfast.

  • Uh, there's the space launch system.

  • Rocket the SLS for sure.

  • I sure hope you remember how Supply this thing.

  • Okay, Snoopy.

  • Ready for takeoff.

  • Five full.

  • Three, 21 Well, I knew you could make it to Mars.

  • Snooty.

  • I may have been nervous with one eye closed, but I knew it.

  • Pray.

  • Nice move.

  • By the way, the Mars rover should help you quickly find that snack.

  • Look, Snoopy, it's Ashinoff.

  • Cookie paste.

  • How does it taste?

  • No, quite the same.

  • Israel cookies are snooping.

  • I guess astronaut food has to be preserved for a long time.

  • Therefore, food comes in a different form, like in a tube.

  • Looks like your e gets get home.

  • Be careful on that landing!

slow brain price.


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B2 中高級 Snoopy

史努比的想象力。太空零食|全新花生玩具遊戲|阿波羅11號慶祝活動 (Snoopy's Imagination: Space Snacks | NEW Peanuts Toy Play | Apollo 11 Celebration)

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