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  • To cook a good dish, you need a few things.


  • Good ingredients, sharp knives, and time.


  • Here in this restaurant, they have a stew, which has been cooking for, well, a really, really, really, really, really long time.


  • (Speaking Thai) Welcome to Wattana Panich restaurant.

    (泰語) 歡迎光臨 Wattana Panich 餐館。

  • (Speaking Thai) My name is Nattapong Kaweenutawong.

    (泰語) 我叫 Nattapong Kaweenutawong。

  • This isn't your normal Bangkok bistro.


  • They have been serving the same beef stew for nearly five decades.

    他們的牛肉燉湯已經提供將近 45 年了。

  • No, not the same recipe.


  • Literally the same soup: same giant pan, same broth, same soup.

    是一模一樣的湯: 一樣的巨大平底鍋、一樣的湯底、一樣的湯頭。

  • (Speaking Thai) Our beef noodle soup--called neua tune--is popular in Bangkok because the broth has been preserved and cooked for 45 years, thus giving it a unique flavor and aroma.

    (泰語) 我們的牛肉麵湯叫做 neua tune,在曼谷很有名,因為這個湯底已經被煮超過 45 年了,所以有獨特的風味跟香氣。

  • (Speaking Thai) For 45 years, the broth of our soup has never been thrown away after a day's cooking.

    (泰語) 45 年來,這鍋湯底從來沒有哪一天被丟掉過。

  • (Speaking Thai) We have kept the broth overnight, and then used it to cook the next day's soup.

    (泰語) 我們會把湯底放隔夜,然後隔天繼續用它來煮湯。

  • Using an ancient cooking method known in some cultures as Hunter's Stew, this award-winning broth becomes tastier the longer you cook it.


  • (Speaking Thai) The main ingredients added to our noodle broth are stewed beef, raw sliced beef, meatballs, and other internal organs.

    (泰語) 我們的湯麵最主要的食材有燉牛肉,切塊的生牛肉,肉丸,還有其他內臟。

  • (Speaking Thai) Of course, the most important thing is the broth.

    (泰語) 但當然,最重要的還是湯底。

  • (Speaking Thai) All the ingredients are added to it and then stewed together.

    (泰語) 所有的食材都要加進去一起燉煮。

  • Now, you might be asking, "What's that ring around the pan?"


  • Well, that is 45 years of broth spillover.

    那是累積 45 年所溢出來的湯。

  • Think of it as a tradition.


  • (Speaking Thai) Wattana Panich restaurant is a family business. My mother is the main chef and cooks the soup in the morning.

    (泰語) Wattana Panich 餐館是家族事業。我的媽媽是主廚,負責在早上煮湯。

  • (Speaking Thai) I usually cook from afternoon to evening, while my wife takes care of everything in the restaurant.


  • (Speaking Thai) I am the 3rd generation, and we have three children. I hope they will be the 4th generation to run the business.

    (泰語) 我是家族第三代,我有三個小孩。我希望未來會有第四代能接手這個事業>

  • And now the most important part, the taste.


  • Mm, mm, mm.


  • Oh, this is delicious.


  • 45 years ... 45 ... Well, if you are ever in Bangkok make sure you check those guys out.

    45 年...45... 如果你有去曼谷,記得要去看看!

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To cook a good dish, you need a few things.


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