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  • Hi, I'm Megan Grocki from Madpow, and today

  • I will be showing you how to create customer journey maps.

  • Journey maps are a visual interpretation of an individual's relationship with an organization,

  • service, product or brand, over time and across channels.

  • A journey map helps us explore answers to thewhat ifsthat arise during research

  • and conceptual design.

  • They should include items like personas; a timeline; the emotions being felt by customers;

  • touchpoints, and channelswhere the interactions are taking place.

  • So how does one create a customer journey map? There are nine key steps.

  • Number 1. Review goals for the product or service.

  • Number 2. Gather our research. Some of my favorite research methods include customer

  • interviews, contextual inquiry, customer surveys, customer support logs, web analytics, social

  • media, and competitive intelligence.

  • Number 3. Generate a list of customer touchpoints, and the channels on which those touchpoints

  • occur. For example, the touchpoint could bepay a bill”, and the channels associated

  • with that touchpoint could bepay online”, “pay via mail”, orpay in person”.

  • Number 4. Conduct an exercise called an Empathy Map. Empathy maps depict the various facets

  • of a persona and his or her experiences in a given scenario. The goal of the Empathy

  • Map is to get a sense of how it feels to be that customer in this experience.

  • Number 5. Brainstorm with what we calllenses”. This means we generate ideas in a short period

  • of time with words representing key concepts, brand attributes or mindsets that help us

  • look at a problem in a different way.

  • Number 6. Complete an affinity diagram, where we organize ideas and find cohesion in the

  • team's concepts. It helps us focus on the right solutions for this audience.

  • Number 7. This is the part you've been waiting forsketching the journey. This is where

  • we put together all the ideas the team generated for how to improve the future customer journey.

  • Get creative with how you lay it outthere is no one way of sketching a customer journey.

  • Number 8. Refine and digitize. If visual design isn't your strong suite, consider collaborating

  • with someone who can turn your journey map into an impressive artifact.

  • And lastly, Number 9 is to share them with zeal. Shout from the rooftops and display

  • them prominently in common areas.

  • That's all—I hope you've found this useful, and best of luck in creating your

  • own journey maps.

Hi, I'm Megan Grocki from Madpow, and today


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如何創建一個客戶旅程地圖 (How To Create A Customer Journey Map)

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