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(upbeat music)
- My name is Matt.
I've been out of college for seven years.
And one of the main things I've noticed
is how much more money I spend on food today
than when I was in school.
I don't have the strict tight budget
that I had in college.
I went from ordering 5-5-5 deals
to probably spending most of my money on meals.
And so I've wanted to revert back to square one,
and that's college.
(cheerful jazz music)
Three for a dollar.
Even though I ate like such shit,
I just want to see how eating like that again
would affect my day to day life
because I gained 35 pounds my senior year of college
from eating this exact type of stuff.
Part of me's kind of looking forward to this.
(upbeat music)
- Just finished my softball game
and literally all I wanna do is
Seamless some food right now, but...
College diet.
(pot banging)
Cheesy delicious magic.
- (Voicover) Ew.
I'm actually going to
employ a little trick I did in college.
I heated my food up with a blow dryer.
(blow dryer whirring)
So a cup of noodles is still
quite actually delicious.
But the whole time I was eating,
I was wondering
why does this not seem healthy?
And then I checked out the nutrition facts.
I just had 50% my daily value of sodium.
This is also gonna be my dinner.
I was actually thinking about it
and all the junk food that I've had
this week has been like genuinely delightful.
I actually am getting a little too used to eating it.
So, I ate like a college student for a week.
I had mac and cheese three nights for dinner,
like six cup of noodles over the course of the week,
I saved close to $180.
I was like, holy shit.
I do not think it's a sustainable way of living
just because I felt like a lot more lethargic.
Already feeling a little bit like poopy in my tummy.
As much as I don't love healthy food,
I will admit that it does make you feel a little better.
So I actually brought food from home.
But I'm gonna pay more attention
to my Seamless orders
and I will try to cook more often,
I will try to actually grocery shop.
I will try to just be a normal well-adjusted adult
instead of an overgrown college kid
with more money to spend.


I Survived On A College Food Budget For A Week

33 分類 收藏
Mahiro Kitauchi 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 14 日
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