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  • Looking for some 007 love to tide you over while you wait for "No Time to Die"?

    想來點 007 的愛來熬過等待《 007:生死交戰》上映的漫長時光嗎?

  • Well, you're in luck.


  • There are a whopping two-dozen Bond films to choose from.

    總共有兩大打的 007 特務系列電影任君挑選。

  • Is that a little too many?


  • Well, no need to get shaken or stirred because we've got you covered with a list of Bond films for whatever mood you're in.

    莫驚慌莫害怕,有我們罩你,以下提供你可以隨心情選擇的 007 電影清單。

  • If you're in the mood for something fun, try 1977's "The Spy Who Loved Me".

    想看搞笑畫面的話,可以試試看 1977 年的《007:海底城》。

  • But, James, I need you.

    但是 James,我需要你。

  • So does England.


  • It's Roger Moore's third entry as the only guy who gets away with wearing a tuxedo outside of a wedding.

    這是 Roger Moore 第三次飾演唯一可以在婚禮以外的地方穿燕尾服也不奇怪的男子 ── 007。

  • And it has some of the most over-the-top moments in Bond history, including a car that turns into a submarine and a ski chase with a perfectly-timed British flag parachute escape.

    而且這部片裡有幾個史上最浮誇的 007 場面,包含會變成潛水艇的汽車以及滑雪追逐戰加上完美的英國國旗跳傘逃脫時機。

  • All those feathers, and he still can't fly.


  • Amidst all the charming cheese is Richard Kiel's Jaws, one of the best henchmen ever, and Agent Triple X played by Barbara Bach, who gives Bond a run for his money.

    這部片眾星雲集,包含 Richard Kiel 飾演最棒的反派角色大鋼牙,和 Barbara Bach 飾演讓龐德吃盡苦頭的龐德女郎。

  • With considerable ease, I might add.


  • Now, if you're in the mood to go with the flow and watch a fan favorite, then it's got to be Casino Royale.

    如果想跟隨潮流看粉絲們最愛的 007 電影,那絕對是非《007 首部曲:皇家夜總會》莫屬。

  • We pitted all 24 Bond films against one another in a Twitter bracket showdown, and after some very close calls,

    我們把整系列 24 部 007 電影放上推特進行觀眾票選大對決,勝負差距都非常些微。

  • including "Golden Eye"'s razor-thin victory over "Goldfinger" in the semifinals,


  • IMDb fans chose Daniel Craig's debut as a sleek modern 007 in the 2006 adaptation of Ian Fleming's first Bond novel.

    IMDb 粉絲們最終選擇了 2006 年改編自 Ian Fleming 原著小說首部曲,並由 Daniel Craig 首次出演時髦現代版 007 的電影。

  • Vodka martini.


  • Shaken or stirred?


  • Do I look like I give a damn?


  • The thrills are non-stop, from the parkour chase sequence through a construction site to Mads Mikkelsen's terrifying torture tactics to another all-in push at the river.

    整部片精彩刺激不斷,從工地跑酷追逐戲碼,到 Mads Mikkelsen 嚇人的折磨手法,再到最後一回合賭注全下的牌局。

  • Yes, there is a lot of poker in this movie, but director Martin Campbell keeps it high-stakes the whole way.

    沒錯,這部電影裡面有很多德州撲克牌局,但導演 Martin Campbell 拍得高賭注高風險,無時無刻都相當刺激。

  • That last hand... nearly killed me.


  • In the mood for an overlooked gem?


  • Go with "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the one and only showing for George Lazenby's 007.

    去看《007:女王密使》吧,是 George Lazenby 唯一一次飾演 007。

  • Why are they looking for you?


  • 'Suspect they're trying to kill me.


  • Lazenby nabbed the role over the likes of Michael Caine and Dick Van Dyke, true story.

    Lazenby 贏過 Michael Caine 和 Dick Van Dyke 等一線演員奪得了這個角色,真的是這樣。

  • And the result is some top-notch fight scenes, a face-off with a great nemesis in Telly Savalas' Blofeld, and an excellent pairing with Diana Rigg as Tracy.

    結果造就了一流的打鬥場面、和 Telly Savalas 飾演的頭號敵人布洛菲面對面大對決,以及和 Diana Rigg 飾演的 Tracy 配成完美的一對。

  • People who want to stay alive play if safe.


  • Please stay alive... at least for tonight.


  • Don't let the one and doneness of Lazenby's performance throw you off.

    可別被 Lazenby 深情可人的演出騙了。

  • He could rock a tan suit with an orange turtleneck and roll with the morbid puns just as smoothly as any other Bond.

    他除了能輕鬆駕馭棕色西裝配橘色高領衫,還可以和其他 007 一樣隨口說出地獄梗笑話。

  • He had lots of "guts".


  • If you want the comfort of a gold standard Bond, look no further than "Goldfinger".

    如果你想舒舒服服看個金牌 007,不用懷疑,看《007:金手指》就對了。

  • What did you think we were gonna say?


  • Now, hear this, Goldfinger, your luck has just changed.


  • The third film in the franchise gives us Sean Connery as the James Bond who sets the bar for Bonds.

    這是 007 系列當中的第三部片,由 Sean Connery 主演 007,並且成了日後其他 007 的標準。

  • He drives an Aston Martin with all the gadgets.

    他開著藏有各種機關的英倫跑車 Aston Martin。

  • He fights a henchman with an unusual power.


  • Hats off to you, Odd Job.

    Odd Job 打得真好,向你致敬。

  • And he delivers a kiss that can change everything.


  • I must have appealed to her maternal instincts.


  • From Shirley Bassey's iconic theme song to a Bond girl named Pussy Galore...

    包含了 Shirley Bassey 演唱的經典主題曲和叫做「Pussy Galore (妹妹多多)」的龐德女郎...

  • It was a different time...


  • This is the film that kicked off secret agent mania and proved that a real man always wears a dinner jacket under his wetsuit.


  • I have some unfinished business to attend to.


  • On behalf of the entire MI6 team, we hope this helped you picked the perfect Bond movie, even though we left out a young Benicio Del Toro.

    代表整個英國秘密情報局,我們希望這支影片能幫你選出最完美的 007 電影,雖然我們剛才沒提到 Benicio Del Toro 年輕時候的風采。

  • Where's my wife?


  • Don't worry.


  • We gave her a nice honeymoon.


Looking for some 007 love to tide you over while you wait for "No Time to Die"?

想來點 007 的愛來熬過等待《 007:生死交戰》上映的漫長時光嗎?


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完美的邦德電影,配合你的心情 (The Perfect Bond Movie to Match Your Mood)

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