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  • Oi, women!

  • (splat) Ah!

  • Hey, Mr. Pines!

  • Wendy? Where's the lifeguard?

  • I am the lifeguard.

  • I make the rules, sucka! Boosh!

  • [balloons splat] Ah, ah! She's attacking me with water!

  • [Dipper, Wendy and Soos laugh]

  • Wow. You work here?

  • I found out lifeguards get free snack privileges.

  • Plus I get the best seat in the house.

  • YEAH YOU DO! [laughs like a dork]

  • [whispering] I've been laughing for too long.

  • Dude, are you and Wendy having a secret staring contest?

  • - Cause I think you're winning-- - Soos! Shushshshhh

  • So, hey, you wanna go chuck more water balloons at Grunkle Stan?

  • I'd love to, but I gotta spend the day doing tryouts.

  • We're looking for a new assistant lifeguard.

  • Hey! [clears throat] (slightly deeper voice) Hey.

  • What if I was assistant lifeguard?

  • That would be so fun! You're totally in, dude!

  • You just have to check in with my boss first, Mr. Poolchek

  • Your boss?

  • [ominous music] (Poolchek breaths in)

  • (Poolchek straining)

  • [Dipper gasps]

Oi, women!


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B2 中高級 美國腔

重力瀑布--救生員溫迪 (Gravity Falls - Lifeguard Wendy)

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