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Hi everyone! Today, we're still in the beautiful city of San Francisco.
Right now, we are in the Golden Gate Park and there are so many fun things to do and see,
like this amazing museum behind me called de Young.
Yeah, there are so many interesting neighborhoods and great architecture in the city,
so let's go and explore that.
In 1849, a lot of people came to San Francisco to search for gold.
The population increased from 1,000 to 25,000 in one year.
It is called the California Gold Rush.
The treasure-seekers were called the 49ers because they arrived in 1849.
Nowadays, the San Francisco football team is called the 49ers.
This house is a Victorian greenhouse that was built in 1878
and it's the oldest building in the Golden Gate Park.
It houses a large collection of exotic plants. Speaking of plants ….
Now, this is the place to wear flowers in your hair.
This is on the corner of Haight and Ashbury, and it's been the Mecca for hippies since the 1960s.
Its peak was in 1967, the Summer of Love.
As you can see, this area is still really hippy-ish,
with lots of cool and amazing painted houses.
Look at that blue one right there. That is a very vibrant color.
Yeah, I love this blue.
The ones back there are some of the coolest houses I've ever seen.
It's very “Disney-esque.” It kind of reminds me of Disney, right?
Yeah, I love it.
We're heading up.
Oh, yeah. It's really steep. I'm getting out of breath.
I feel like I need to work out more. Yeah, definitely.
This one is my favorite because it's really bright. I love bright colors.
This one over here is really cool as well. I love that!
I feel like there's a competition here:
Who can stand out the most, you know? Who has the most colorful house?
I love how this area still feels very hippy-ish. Yeah, it has real 60s vibes.
The hippies moved here because of the availability of cheap rooms and vacant properties.
The media really helped build this hippie colony because it brought youth from all over America.
Here, we had the first free store as well as the first free medical clinic.
They were all run by donations.
I think that is amazing. I wish they still did that today. That would be amazing.
Wooh! Skeletons!
That is really fun. Lots of cool costumes.
I feel like, if you were going to a costume party or something,
this would be the area to come to in San Francisco.
You could probably get the best costumes from here, I'm sure.
This looks like some kind of big market. You can buy some food and sit outside.
Yeah, it's nice, huh? You can get some sunshine on your face.
Oh, wait. Are you going to buy some costumes?
I love these boots!
You know what? I quite like the dress behind it as well.
These are like the perfect cowboy boots.
I think people think that cowboy boots can't be worn casually, but I don't agree.
I think that a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and cowboy boots is a killer outfit, right there.
Very chic. Yeah, very chic.
There's so much to look at here. Yeah, there's so much going on at this street.
Oh, hey! There's a cool store. Do you want to go in? Yeah. Let's go.
Wow. Really cool. Everything is so colorful in here.
Yeah. Did you see this? These are beautiful.
Oh my gosh. Look how pretty this is. Yeah, that's beautiful.
Oh, they have lots of earrings. Yeah.
These ones, I really like. They're cute - a little dangly.
Look how cool these masks are.
There are dream catchers up there. Dream catchers? I love dream catchers.
If you take a look over here, there are a bunch of different crystals.
A lot of people believe that crystals actually have healing powers.
Like cleansing powers -
Like if you wear a specific stone, you can get more love in your life.
So, different stones have different powers, basically,
and you would just carry them in your little pockets.
They've got some drums. We can create a band!
They're perfect for when it's a little warm. And the design is gorgeous, too.
These here are also super cute.
They're little slippers, but I don't think my feet will fit into them.
They're more for kids or adults with very small feet.
I have a chicken bag.
These bracelets are really pretty, too. Look at that. I would totally wear this.
Oh, yeah. That is nice.
A lot of skulls here.
Those are fun. How cool are these?
You'd blend right in. It goes with the vibe, right?
What a great store. Yeah. I love it.
Wow. How cool is this? I just love this area.
It's cool that they have a picture of Janis Joplin because she actually used to live here,
as did Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead, so it's a really cool area.
It's very hippy-ish, lots of cool buildings, colorful houses, and great stores as well.
And you know what? I know of some famous houses in another neighborhood.
Do you want to go check them out? Yeah, let's do it!
Right now, we're standing in Alamo Square Park,
which is just a really nice park to come and hang out in if you want to get away from the city a little bit.
And talking about famous houses, this row of nearly identical Victorian houses is really well known.
Do you recognize it?
These are called the Seven Sisters. They're Painted Ladies.
A Painted Lady is a Victorian house that's painted with three or more colors.
These are some of the most famous ones.
There are so many more in the neighborhood to enjoy.
What a fun time we've had here in San Francisco.
We got to see some amazing houses, which I am really happy that I got to experience.
The next episode is going to be the last episode of the season,
and you will see me and Asia again, and also Maria and Liam.
And Kendra and Elinor will make a special appearance
because the season finale will be the last episode that we, the EF vlog presenters make for now.
We know that many of you have traveled with EF and that you enjoy making your own videos,
so we thought that it was time to hand over the relay baton to you guys.
In two weeks, we're going to introduce the EF Student Stories Video Competition.
I'm so excited for that! Don't forget to watch that episode.
It's time for you guys to start making videos now. Bye!


Angelina & Asia hang out in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco - On the go with EF #122

65 分類 收藏
Takaaki Inoue 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 9 日
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