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  • Hello, darlings! Welcome back toOn the go with EF”.

  • If you're following our vlog, then you know that I am in London now.

  • Last week my friend Daniel took us to this really nice place called South Bank.

  • Today, we're going to discover a livelier part of the city - the shopping part of the city.

  • It's probably the centre of all the shopping in Europe: Oxford Circus.

  • It's a very good place to be if you want to discover some of the biggest flagship stores that are there.

  • We're not only going to be discovering shops, but I'm going to take you to some of my favorite

  • beauty salonssome hidden places so that you get the real insider tips.

  • Behind me is one of the biggest British flagship stores, Topshop.

  • Here you can find all the hip, cool and really interesting things

  • designed by young and upcoming designers. And it's also nice to your wallet.

  • Right next to it is Topman, the counterpart for guys, so you can all come shopping here.

  • Let's go discover it.

  • Hi guys! We're in Topshop now and we're going to try on some really cool things. Check it out.

  • Hello, darlings. Topshop was awesome. I think I can spend the whole day here,

  • but let's continue walking on Oxford Street. There's so much more to see.

  • This is my favourite: Assam skinny bubble tea.

  • They opened a little counter in Topshop next to these delicious cupcakes.

  • We're going to walk to my favorite department store. We're going to show you all the goodies there.

  • Guys, there's basically everything here. This is John Lewis, a big department store where you can find a lot of things.

  • Behind me is H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and a bunch of nice-to-the-wallet brands here.

  • Some are British, some are international.

  • Even if they're international, they bring the collections that you only get in big cities like London and Paris,

  • so it's really fun to come shopping here. I'm in love with this.

  • Forever 21!

  • Okay, guys. This is probably even cheaper than Topshop and has a lot of fashionable styles.

  • Look at all of these Coachella vibes. It's really good.

  • London is full of department stores,

  • but if we're talking fashion, there are four that you really need to know.

  • In Knightsbridge, there's Harrod's and Harvey Nichols, which is a bit more young and trendy.

  • Then, in Soho, there's the quirky Liberty.

  • But my favorite of them all, here on Oxford Street, is Selfridges.

  • They just have the most amazing of the latest fashion trends,

  • collections and beauty thingsIt's just really full of really good things!

  • And it has the bright yellow bags.

  • Here's the famous Selfridges Beauty Workshop.

  • Here you can get anything done: your hair braided, a manicure, makeup, facialName it, and get it done here.

  • I'm going with the Portobello Terrace. Let's get it done.

  • From straight to curly in 15 minutes. Less than 15 minutes!

  • This was fun! Look at me, I'm all new. I'm done.

  • Let's walk a couple of more blocks on Oxford Street. There's another place I want to show you.

  • This is Primark behind me. It's unbelievably big, cheap and very popular.

  • You can buy jeans, shoes, and T-shirts there for under 10 pounds,

  • and a cashmere sweater for under 30 pounds.

  • They have stuff for girls and guys. You guys can imagine how busy it can get.

  • We're not going to go in, but if you do want to, come early in the morning to avoid all the crowds.

  • I've changed my mind now. I just had to check it out and see what else I can get.

  • That was hugeand a lot of cheap stuff.

  • We've reached the Marble Arch and that was the Oxford Street stretch that I wanted to show to you

  • with all the really great shops from Oxford Circus until here.

  • It's a really great place to go shopping and get yourself a new outfit,

  • but also a very good place to change the way you look.

  • What's the craziest thing you've ever done to change your look?

  • Comment below and the winner is going to get these awesome flash tattoos from Topshop.

  • See you guys later!

  • Next week: Kendra explores Berlin.

Hello, darlings! Welcome back toOn the go with EF”.


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瑪麗亞的購物指南牛津街,倫敦 - 在旅途中與EF#31 (Maria's shopping guide to Oxford Street, London - On the go with EF #31)

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