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(upbeat music)
(playful music)
- Hi.
What is it?
What's with the winking?
Okay, I don't get this.
- Hey, have a good weekend?
- Oh, yeah, it was great, how about you?
Did you have a good weekend?
Did I do something wrong?
You're gone, what happened?
- So then we went ice skating,
which was so much fun for everybody besides me.
I fell and needed 10 stitches.
- Ooh, yeah that sucks, see you later.
- Okay bye.
- Wanna fuck?
- What, no, who are you?
- Wanna go to Dave and Buster's tonight?
- Oh yeah, that sounds fun.
- Actually, I'm not into it.
- What, you just asked me.
- Sorry, you're just too needy.
- You asked me, me!
- Wanna work on our presentation at two?
- Yeah, uh, I should tell you that I'm working
on a few projects with other coworkers, too.
- Yeah that's fine, I am too.
- What, ew, I do not like coworkers that get around.
- But you're working with other people, too.
- Sorry, I don't think this is gonna work out.
- You blocked me?
- So the character is a seventh level wizard,
third level sorcerer with 10 levels of ultimate magus,
but remember they're a gnome, so they're actually treated
as being one lever higher in terms of sorcery.
- Bring me a new friend.
- Yeah okay, so I went to Sephora and I asked them
"do you have this color?"
and they were like "no" and I was like "what?"
and they were like "uh" and I was like "what?"
and they were like "um" - Next.
- So I have tickets to Hamilton tonight if you wanna go.
- Hamilton.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- What, what is it?
- Fuckin' bitch. - What?
- Dick pic, here, enjoy.
Hey Raf, good morning buddy,
have a picture of my dick, there you go.
- I don't want this.
- Oh I don't care, I just like giving them out.
Dick pic, who wants one, I have plenty, dick pics.
- As you can see, if everyone meets
their first quarter goals, then we'll all get bonuses.
Wait, where'd everyone go?
(crowd murmurs) (laughing)
- Sorry, yeah, we all got upgraded to a special
secret version of life for famous/hot people.
- So what, I'm just supposed to hang out here by myself?
- I'll see you in a second.
Oh no, I can fix that, um, yeah, here's a bunch of bots.
- I'm lonely. - Be my friend.
- Follow me. - Send money.
- [Man] Get out of here, what?
- Be my friend. - Follow me.
- Send money. - Be my friend.
(camera clicks)
- Hi, I'm Rekha from College Humor.
Click here to subscribe, click here for other fun stuff,
and thank you so much for watching.
I love my job and I'm definitely not trapped in this video.
Things are great.


If People Acted Like They Do on Dating Apps | Hardly Working

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