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[A6D] What even is this video?
[SKEPPY Laughs]
[F1NN5TER Laughs]
[F1NN5TER] Auh!
[A6D] I am going to do a fake instagram story.
[A6D] We are the friday right before vidcon.
And you know what?
I've never told you something.
I'm going to Skeppy's house.
We are going to surprise you.
We never told you about this,
'cuz we wanted this to be a surprise.
Okay, since absolutely no one knows
what we are doing
and they just think I leave
in like 4 days.
I am going to do a fake instagram story.
Guys, I am so fricking hyped about vidcon.
I am just waiting
but its like in 4 days.
My plane is in 4 days.
But I don't want to leave
like, just in 4 days.
I want to leave before.
Like, it's already booked...
and all the stuff.
Okay, so you might not be aware
But like-
We are having a problem.
Skeppy, is getting a lot-
a lot of subscribers recently
and basically, I'm- I'm probably gonna miss his 1 million
'cuz I will be on the plane.
and I really don't want to miss it.
So I don't know how were-
how it's going to work.
But like, I am probably
gonna to miss it.
We are on the plane.
Ey, you wanna read the chat? [A6D Laughs]
[Skeppy] I have to look at all-
[Royal Free Music]
[Skeppy] Yo, boys! [Classic Royal Free Music]
[Classic Royal Free Music]
[A6D laughs]
[Classic Royal Free Music]
[A6D, Skeppy, and F1NN5TER Laugh]
[F1NN5TER] That- that picture is literally... oh my gosh.
[Skeppy] Stop!
[Ali-A Intro Song Begins to Play]
[A6D Laughs]
[A6D] How to break the thing.
[F1NN5TER] That's a decent speaker.
[A6D] No, no. Wait x5
[A6D] Wait... wait for it...
Wait for it...
Wait for it...
[A6D] You're not ready...
[F1NN5TER] This is so stupid.
[Skeppy] He doesn't wanna be apart of it.
[Skeppy] You know-
[F1NN5TER and A6D Laugh]
[Skeppy] You crossed the line.
[Skeppy laughs maniacally]
That's really impressive.
[All] Ohhh- WOAAHHHH!
[A6D] Finn-
Can you take a Minecraft screenshot?
[A6D] I'm gonna fail... just fail.
Look at this:
[F1NN5TER] Hey! That's cheating!
[A6D chuckles] How to cheat.
"It was just a really long jump... don't worry about it."
[A6D] Hey! This is the meet-up and
I forgot to vlog.
[A6D titters]
"Hypixel on 3!"
[Everyone] Hypixel!
[A6D] Why am I doing this?
I'm just leaving the- the picture.
[Scattered applause in background]
[A6D Laughs]
[Quacking Noise]
"Why are you all so spread out? Get in."
[A6D] I'm gonna go closer!
[A6D] Oh.
Yes... another one.
[A6D] Hey! What's up?
[A6D Laughs]
I got one again!
One again!
[A6D] Spifey- I just wanna be annoying.
[Spifey] Hi there.
Bonjour. Oui, oui. J'ai une French.
[Spifey chuckles] I have French.
"Even I know more than that."
[Spifey] Je suis- Je suis Anglais- Angleterre.
I am- I am England.
"I- I only know-"
[A6D laughs] 'I am England.'
[Spifey] How do you say 'England is my city' in French?
[A6D] Uh... Angleterre est ma ville.
[Spifey] Angleterre el est-
[A6D] Est ma ville.
[Spifey] Est ma villa (vee-luh).
[A6D] Ville (VEE-leuh).
[Spifey] 'Vee'
[A6D] Ville (Vee-leuh).
"En la vida?" [Spifey] Vee- aokdlskldkaslk.
[Spifey] 'Vee-luh, vee-luh.'
[A6D] Ville (VEE-leuh).
[Spifey] 'Veel'
Oh! It is, isn't it? Wait...V-V-I-L-L-E?
[A6D] V-I-L-L-E.
I got content idea.
[A6D] First person to get it gets 20 dollars!
"Spifey has to get it down 'cuz he's the tallest."
[A6D] First person to get it gets 20 bucks, I'm not kidding.
[Branch Snapping]
"Ohh shi-"
"Shake it!" x7
"Shake- Hey, asshole!"
[Commotion] [A6D Laughing]
"There's the water bottle."
"Just throw the water bottle from this side-"
[A6D] Oh!
"Want more of those."
[A6D] OhH!
[A6D] OhH!
[A6D] OoHH!
[A6D] Okay, you get the 20 bucks.
"Throw it back up-"
[A6D Screaming] EXCUSE ME?!?!
[More Unintellgible Yelling]
F1NN5TER- It's actually deep, it's actually pretty deep.
[F1NN5TER] I just wanted to show the recessed lighting...
but yeah, you're pretty much, like, as tall as each other.
[A6D] Yeah.
[Spifey] Yeah, we're the same height.
[F1NN5TER] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Spifey] Literally... he's stood on wooden planks.



34 分類 收藏
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