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Ah, double trouble, here we go.
Okay, serious question, who's the Tia, who's the Tamera?
You're Tia for sure.
[twin struggles]
[constant reminders]
Oh my gosh, twins.
Oh my gosh, twins.
Oh my gosh.
[questions such as...]
Can you guys read each other's minds?
Can your family tell you apart?
Do you guys do everything together?
Uh, personal question, which one of you came out first?
[being treated the same]
Happy birthday guys, I got you cupcakes.
Twins! Happy birthday.
I'm a vegan.
It's not our birthday.
[no matter what...]
Hey Keith, it's 9:15, where's your brother?
I don't know.
Well I need you two to take this job seriously, you can't be late.
Can you please not...
[and overall weird behavior]
Wait, you're Kenny and you're Keith?
You're Keith, you're Kenny?
Hey Keith.
Last night was amazing, like I can't stop thinking about it.
That thing in the swing, and then when we did it backwards I was just like oh my gosh yes, we need to do that more.
Oh God.
[you're cute, not intimidating]
Okay, stop it.
But you're fun size, I wanna touch...
Yo, she said stop man.
I'm sorry, man.
Hey dude, chill out.
Oh my gosh, you guys are even more adorable than she is.
You're like the dynamic duo.
[one of you may be more popular]
Yo Keith dude, don't forget about my party tonight.
I'll be there man.
I'm glad, it's gonna be huge.
It's gonna be dope right?
Oh yeah, yeah man.
I don't think we got enough room for everybody.
[but through the weirdness...]
This is crazy.
[you've got someone who understands.]
Maybe we'll be elected for president.
That'd be dope.
We'd be twin presidents.
That's never happened before.
I believe it.


我是弟弟,不是哥哥!揭曉雙胞胎的苦衷! (Struggles Only Twins Know To Be True)

44 分類 收藏
doris.lai 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 6 日
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