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- What is the most important habit
that you can develop to be successful?
(upbeat music)
Human beings, we are creatures of habits.
I believe that no one succeeds overnight
and no one fails overnight.
Usually it is because of a series of decisions
that you make that leads to where you are today.
Which a lot of those decisions,
chances are they are nothing more than
the habits we have on a daily basis.
Now, in order to be successful,
I believe there are like many, many habits we develop.
But I think the one habit that you must develop
that will change your life or change your world,
is this one thing.
I want you to imagine this.
I want you to kind of draw a circle.
If you're watching my video,
you are in front of a desk go ahead and do that.
I wanna draw a big circle,
and within the circle I want to draw everything
that you have in your life right now,
that you already have.
Maybe it's the car that you drive,
the income that you have,
the house that you live in,
the vacation that you already take,
the people around you.
It doesn't have to be materialistic.
It doesn't really matter what it is.
The things that you already have right now,
you possess in your life.
I want to draw them within the circle.
Write all those things down.
Then I want you to, outside the circle,
write down everything that you want in your life,
but you don't have.
Okay, so maybe now you're driving a Hyundai
and you actually want a Mercedes.
Okay then show them this.
So write a Mercedes outside of circle.
My you're living in a condo,
but you actually wanna live in a big house.
Okay, write that outside of circle.
So I want you to write that.
So within the circle is everything that you have right now.
Outside the circle is everything
that you want but don't have.
So I want you to look at this right now.
What is the circle?
The circle is your comfort zone.
Everything you have right now in your life,
they're all within your comfort zone.
And your comfort zone is your income zone.
I want you to look at everything
that you want but don't have.
Where are they?
They're outside of your comfort zone,
because of where you put it.
So in order to get what you want,
but don't have in life, what do you have to do?
You need to stretch and expand your comfort zone.
Because if it's within your comfort zone, guess what?
You already have them.
So everything that you want in life,
that you don't have right now,
is all outside of your comfort zone.
So I believe the number one habit
you need to develop to be successful,
it's on a consistent, if not a daily basis,
do things that make you feel uncomfortable.
It is that simple.
Because you look at what holds most people back,
what holds you back is fear.
Fear of the unknown, fear of failure,
fear of rejection, fear of success.
All these things is all outside of the comfort zone.
Human beings, because we're a creature of habits,
we tend to operate day-to-day and do the same thing
again and again and again.
But if you have a habit, you make a habit
that you do things on a consistent basis
that you don't usually do.
It makes you scared.
It scares the fuck out of you.
It makes you stretch your comfort zone.
That's how you gradually expand there
and get more of what you want.
Maybe it's going to the event
that you've never been to.
Maybe is meeting the successful people
that intimidates you.
Maybe it's reading a book
that you have no interest reading it.
Maybe it's driving a different path
that you usually go home this way,
hey you know what, I'm gonna drive a different path
and see something a little bit different, right.
Maybe it's watching a video that you don't usually watch.
Maybe you're interested in certain topics.
Maybe you're watching a YouTube video, just a prank.
But suddenly you watch something
that is a inspiration and motivational,
that's practical, that's business-related
and that changes the way you that you think about stuff.
It started with that one thing, that one video.
And if you do that, not one time,
not two times, not three times,
but hundreds and hundreds of times on a consistent basis.
I believe that is the habit,
not just to be successful, but to stay successful.
When you're constantly pushing yourselves
outside the comfort zone, guess what?
You will learn.
You will take new action.
You will acquire new knowledge.
You will meet new people
that will lead to new opportunities.
You might develop a new skill, right.
You might start a new business.
All these things that you do
is nothing more than doing things
that scares the shit out of you, on a consistent basis.
Instead of avoiding the fear, you are facing the fear,
and you are pushing and pushing and pushing a limit.
That is the number one thing that you need,
I strongly believe to be successful.
So develop the habit today.
Do something that you don't usually do.
Do something that scares you.
Do something that makes you uncomfortable.
Don't do things, if you're not doing things
at least once a week, once a month
that makes you're stomach sick,
that makes you wanna throw up,
that scares the fuck out of you, you're not growing.
It's that simple.
Until next time, y'all see my Bentley.



158 分類 收藏
Yeung-On Yu 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 5 日
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