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Good evening, welcome to Market Watch.
US stocks rose ahead of Washington and Beijing preparing to sign their initial trade deal
with investors also digesting the latest earnings results from big American banks.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average index is now up 149 points at 29,088
On tonight's Market Watch were joined by the Director of Market Making at Haitong International Mr. Joseph Hermes
on the line live from New York. Thank you for joining us.
Thanks for having me. First let's look at the news on earnings results again JPMorgan Chase
and Citigroup announced impressive earnings results yesterday are we seeing
the same trend with the Bank of America and Goldman Sachs Bank of America Bank
of America and Goldman Sachs continue to trend of beating expectations in fixed
income trading the units were up 13% and 63% respectively however both companies
initially were trading lower for different reasons Bank of America's
fixed income gain was well below what we saw out of JP in City yesterday and
their consumer banking business fell by nine point seven percent as interest
income fell Goldman's earnings per share missed which was mostly driven by higher
litigation and regulatory expenses Goldman took over a billion dollar
charge as the firm gets closer to a settlement of one of the one MBD scandal
that has been a monkey on its back since 2016 Bank of America is trading down
about 2 percent and Goldman Sachs has reversed and is now up about three
quarters of one percent no to Joe and finally the US and China will sign the
longer way to face one trade deal today what's next after the face1 agreement is
signed in what President Trump calls a beautiful monster the two countries will
sign the trade deal today as you mentioned now we look to see if the
relationship between the two countries has evolved enough to have an easier
time clearing up future differences as we move to phase 2 and beyond Steve
minutiae noted that the punitive tariffs still remain on about two-thirds of US
imports the administration will now wait and see if China
honors the commitments listed in the 86 page document topping the list is
purchasing 200 billion dollars worth of goods over two years and the enforcement
of intellectual property theft and piracy as much as we may be tired of
talking about a trade deal there's more to come after today Joseph thank you for
your insight and that's Michael watch for tonight thanks for watching



29 分類 收藏
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