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-How is everything? How's the family? How are the kids?
How old are the kids? -Everybody's good.
I have a 7-year-old and almost 4-year-old.
We are similar, right? -Yeah.
5 1/2, very technical. And a 4-year-old.
5 1/2 and a 4-year-old.
-If we're going that far, then I have a 3 and an 11-month-old.
-[ Laughs ] -Yes.
-I mean, seriously, they really take that seriously.
"No, Dad. I'm 5 1/2."
-Yeah. No, that's exactly the problem.
They feel like the limited amount of knowledge
that they have at this age,
they act as if they're masters of that knowledge.
And uses it consistently. -Oh, yeah.
-In a manner like you're stupid, Mom.
[ Laughter ]
-Of course, yeah.
-Like, my 3 and 11-month-old always says -- I'll say like,
"Isn't the sunrise so beautiful?"
She'll be like, "Actually, Mom --"
-Actually is good. -"Actually, it's very rude
to just say that the sun is beautiful."
I'm, like, driving in the car.
-Where do they get those words like "actually"?
-First of all, I think a stranger
comes into my house at 3:00 a.m.
[ Laughter ]
Because none of us use any of the words.
Like, she learned martial arts.
The little one learned, like, technical martial arts.
Like, full perfect wrestling grips.
I don't know where she learned it.
I think a trainer comes in at 3:00 a.m. and trains her.
-"Actually, we're gonna first do this one actually.
Then we're going to actually --" Yeah.
-No, I came in the other day, and she literally, like,
had my assistant in, like, a back lock, in like a full grip.
And she wouldn't let go.
And my poor assistant was like, "Augie, you got to let me go."
And I was somewhat impressed.
But I was like, where is she learning all of this stuff?
-That's cute, though. -Yeah.
-When they're that little,
you don't even want them to let them go of you.
-My 7-year-old said to me the other day --
She's like, "You know, Medusa's in our pool."
I said, "I had no idea Medusa lived in our pool."
I said, "Where is she from, by the way?"
And she just looked at me and she went, "New Jersey."
[ Laughter ]
-We all knew that, of course. New Jersey.
Maybe Seth is rubbing off on them.
Yeah, hanging out with Seth.
-It might be Seth that's coming over.
-Yeah, Seth Rogen, yeah.
-Yeah, 'cause he did karate as a kid.
So, yes, this makes sense!
-This is all blame -- -We figured it out!
-We blame Seth Rogen! -It's Seth!
-We blame you, Seth.
I'm so excited that you got together with Seth.
I love the movie. -Thank you.
-It's super fun.
I don't think I've ever seen you in a romantic comedy, have I?
-No, I am in movies where I get killed, or I kill.
-Yeah. -Or I'm just a bitch.
-Yeah, but no. This one though --
-That's my range.
-What made you want to do this and work with Seth?
-You know, honestly, it was him. I'm a huge fan.
-Yeah, me too.
-And I really love the movies that he makes.
Not, you know, only as an actor, but what he writes and produces.
And I never thought that I would somehow fit into that world.
But he sent me the script, and there was something about it
that felt grounded enough that it felt like it could
really work between the two of us.
-Yeah, I mean, he comes off as a stoner,
but he really puts a lot of thought into everything.
[ Laughter ]
I know, he does that, but he really is a very good producer.
-Listen, I have never witnessed anything like it.
It's impressive. -Right?
-It's really impressive.
The first meeting we had, we started --
we knew we had to develop the project.
And it took about five -- over five years for us
to develop this, and in the first meeting,
I was just really impressed by his confidence,
his intelligence, how well he knows story,
and then he lit a joint and took a hit off it.
[ Laughter ]
-And then it was off the rails.
-It was like I was in the presence of Einstein.
It was like off the charts.
-Wait, what? -No, he gets -- He takes a hit.
-He was the opposite? -No, he gets so smart.
He gets so smart. He gets so focused.
He gets so creative.
I mean, literally, on days I would just follow him
and be like, "Please smoke, just smoke. Please smoke.
Please. Please smoke." [ Laughter ]
-Get it together. Come on, buddy.
-We need a hit. We need this movie to be great. Please.
-It's a great idea, the plot of this film.
Would you like to explain what it's about?
-Yeah, I mean, it's a little bit of a reverse of
what we know romantic comedies to be.
It's usually the guy who's in the role of power,
but my character is in the role of power.
She's the Secretary of State.
-Good for you. -Thank you.
[ Applause ]
It's just a character. -I like it.
-It's not me. I'm just playing a part.
But I'll take it, and she -- the president in the first act
decides that he's not gonna run.
He's not gonna rerun, and he --
because he wants to have a career in film.
-The president -- the actual President of the United States.
-The actual President of the United States, yes.
And he was an actor
who was playing a president on a TV show before,
but now he wants to break into film.
So she decides to run,
but she realizes that in the polls that she's lacking.
People don't find her funny enough.
She has a weird wave -- you know, all the weird things
that we scrutinize female politicians for.
And so she hires Seth Rogen's character, who is a journalist,
who has gotten fired and is a little bit too much
of an ideologist to be a writer who has a job,
and they also know each other.
She used to baby-sit for him.
So we go on this journey and we kind of rediscover each other
and fall in love with each other.
-You have great chemistry. -Yeah.
-It's really, really great.
Hopefully you guys do more films together.
In this scene right here,
you guys are on Molly, I will say, right? Ecstasy?
-Molly. -Molly, okay. Yeah, Molly.
There's a difference, okay.
And -- but you -- is this --
is this method acting, or is this just acting, acting?
[ Laughter ]
You don't have to tell me. Okay.
-It's a little bit of both. -Okay, perfect. Very good.
Here's Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen in "Long Shot."
Take a look at this.
[ Cheering ]
-Madam Secretary.
Madam Secretary, listen to me.
-Dance with me, Steven! Dance!
-You have a situation. -Huh?
-How much longer is this Molly stuff gonna last?
-We just re-upped.
You kept saying you wanted to take more so we did.
So we have another, maybe, four or five hours.
Yeah. Why?
-I'm in so much trouble.
-What's happened?
-I'm going to be in so much trouble.
-What's happened? -All right, all right.
-Are they out of water?
[ Laughter and applause ]
-Charlize Theron, everybody.


Charlize Theron Swears Seth Rogen Turns Into Einstein When He Smokes Weed

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