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-I want to talk about your new
You have a new show with Steve Martin?
-I do. It's on Hulu.
And, you know, what Hulu is doing,
which I think is very funny, is going after that coveted
70-to-95-year-old demographic.
So, uh...
It's called "Only Murders in the Building."
And this show is kind of like Steve at the urinal.
It streams for 42 minutes.
-[ Laughs ]
Marty, have you talked to Steve at all during the pandemic?
-Well, I've certainly talked to him on the phone.
I've tried to Zoom with him, but he tends to stand
in front of a white wall, and he just blends in,
so there's a sense of, you know, chatting with a ghost.
-That's tough. You know who is on our show tonight, by the way,
is Randy Newman. -Ah, Randy Newman.
Randy Newman is a genius
and was the cowriter of "Three Amigos."
-The "Three Amigos" script was written by Steve Martin,
Lorne Michaels, and Randy Newman.
And Randy, of course, wrote all the songs.
-Do you remember getting that script?
Is that the first time you met Steve?
-Yes. Um --
I was being considered for "Three Amigos," you know --
You know, everyone had, you know --
Carrot Top had passed.
Believe me. I wasn't the first choice.
But I remember going to -- I'd never met Steve.
And it was --
I had just finished a year at "SNL" as a cast member.
And I had a one-year contract, so that's --
I was now no longer doing the show.
And it was May 1985. -Wow.
-And I went to his house,
his old house on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills.
And -- Beautiful house.
But when you went inside,
you couldn't believe what you were seeing.
I mean, it was just -- Because of the artwork.
You know, Steve is a major art collector.
-And you'd see a Picasso there and a Hopper there.
And I -- The first thing I said to Steve was,
"How did you get this rich? Because I've seen your work."
-[ Laughs ]
-And he said to me, "Can you try
to get the script to Martin Short, please?"
[ Laughter ]
-That's really good.
Do you remember we were at Steve's house
and we were doing a bit?
I forget -- I think he was coming on the show or something,
so we did a bit where we pretended I got really wasted
at the dinner and got in a fight?
-Yeah. Yeah. And then there was one shot
of you, like, with your shirt off, just screaming at people.
And we're like this.
And the last shot was you just passed out right on my lap.
-[ Laughs ] Yes. Shirtless and passed out.
It was like, yeah, we had fun. I think the bit was like,
"Yeah, we had a really fun time at the dinner party."
-Fun time. I went to Steve Martin's house.
I couldn't believe it.
-We've had so many fun dinners and fun nights out.
Do you remember going to Orso? Did Lorne leave?
-We went to -- Yes, it was dinner with John Alexander,
Lorne Michaels, you, and me.
And then Lorne I guess had to leave to go back to "SNL."
-Oh, yeah.
-And we had the most hilarious night.
And there might have been a cocktail.
And then at one point,
you and I went downstairs, we were in the bathroom,
and then we're down in the hallway
down below at Orso, and we're doing dueling Robin Williams.
-That's right. We're doing...
-[as Robin Williams] "Oh, get down, man!"
-Yes, we were both --
-And we were so loud that the maître d'
finally leaned over and said --
He thought we were having a fist fight.
[ Laughter ]
That was fun.
-Do you remember going out with Paul McCartney and Lorne?
-Oh, my God, yeah.
And then we ended up in the Polo Lounge.
Oh, yeah.
-Yeah, we sang a song with the piano.
-We sang a song at the end.
[British accent] Paul -- Paul felt it was
one of the great boys' night out.
-It was really good.
-He's had some good boys' nights out. Yeah.
-Do you remember who's -- I'll never forget this.
The best bit I've ever seen. We were at --
Ah, it's the Italian restaurant. Really delicious. Um...
I'm going to forget name of the restaurant now.
-With Paul, you mean? -Yeah.
-Isn't it Medeo's?
-Medeo's. That's exactly right. So we were at Medeo's.
And so we're kind of in the corner, and we got
Paul in through, like, a different entrance.
He came up through an elevator underneath so no one saw him.
And so he's kind of sitting there with Lorne in the booth.
And it's Paul McCartney. And I'm there.
And I think Lee Eastman was there, too,
having dinner with us, and so we're just being cool.
And you come into the restaurant.
It's the best move I've ever seen.
And you come in and you go, "Paul, Paul?!
Paul?! Lorne?! Lorne! P-Paul McCartney?!"
"Over here!" "Ah! Guys! Hi. There you are!"
And you were banging the table.
-I kept pretending I couldn't see you.
-It's a small restaurant. It's the funniest bit.
-"Jimmy? Lorne? Paul?"
-[ Laughs ]
It's like ten tables. You can see --
-Ten tables. I know. -It was so well done, man.
Martin short, I love you, buddy.
I can't wait to see you. Be safe.


Martin Short Reminisces on Wild Nights Out with Paul McCartney and Lorne Michaels

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