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-Guys, welcome back to "Goatee Talk."
-Yeah. -I'm here with Ryan Seacrest.
-I looked in the mirror and said, "Finally."
-Yeah. -Finally.
-You found your look.
-Finally I can grow it out, you know.
-You found your move. -Yep.
-Thank you. That's a little Wolfman Jack-y.
-It is a little Wolfman Jack-y.
-Dude, I've got to congratulate you on two things.
[ Laughter ]
-I'm just chafed. [ Laughter ]
-Wax, there you go. Perfect.
Two things I want to congratulate you on.
-Yes, sir. -First of all, the Emmy win.
-Thank you, that's so great. -You won an Emmy
for hosting "Live with Kelly and Ryan."
[ Cheering ] -Very exciting, thank you, yes.
-You do a great job over there. -She carries it.
She carries it, she's the best, and we are very happy.
We are very excited about it man, yeah.
-You guys are such a great team. Oh, that's awesome, dude.
That's the best. -She's great. Yeah, yeah.
-And then you also -- this is a really big deal.
You're inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.
That is an amazing thing. -That's --
[ Cheering ] -Thank you.
-I really -- I know -- I feel like that means a lot to you.
-It does mean a lot. I started in radio
when I was a high school teenager.
And, to get inducted, the thing is the fans have --
the listeners had to vote, and I really wanted to win it,
you know? -Of course.
-So, we were on the air talking about getting votes,
and we said, "Look, we know you're all busy.
So, if you send us your email address, we'll forward
the emails to the Hall of Fame,
and we'll also send you a personalized thank-you.
I will shoot those after the radio show."
-So you're voting for them. They don't have to do any work.
-Yeah, they have no work. And it worked.
It paid off. And then I realized a great thing.
It was sort of meant to be because I've met a lot of people
like you, but I had never met somebody else that's being
inducted that night, and that's Dr. Ruth.
And so, finally I'll get a chance
to ask her some questions. [ Light laughter ]
-I mean, you're going to ask Dr. Ruth questions
about... -Well, why not?
[ Laughter ] -I mean, I guess, why not?
I mean, you're there. -Yeah.
-When is this? -You have questions of your own?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
What is it? -Yeah.
-When will it happen for me? That's what I want to ask her.
-But it's -- I'm excited about that.
-Oh, that's -- here's a picture of you
when you were 15 right there.
-Yeah, that's Star 94 Atlanta, WSTR.
-Look at that. -94.1, today's best music.
Playing all the hits. -Today's best music.
-Today's best music.
Home of Steve McCoy in the morning.
-Ah. Were you -- were you on the air at this point, or no?
-This -- uh, yeah, I was doing the weekend shift at this point.
And this was the company jacket that they -- you know,
after you do a couple of hours they give you that.
-Oh, that's a big deal. -That's a -- yeah.
-You don't want to take that sucker off.
-I used to ask to drive the van home and park it in my driveway
over the weekends 'cause it looked cool with the logo.
You know, the kids in the neighborhood would drive by --
-That's the greatest. I love that.
And those are the cartridges that you would plug in --
-Yeah, those are the carts.
You pull those out -- those are the songs and the commercials.
You have to pull those out and stack them up
and then put them into the machine.
-Do you miss that part of the thing? 'Cause I --
-No, that was a lot of labor, a lot of work.
-It was?
-And now you drag a mouse and hit play.
-Did you have records when you did that? No records?
-No, no records, but we did have reel-to-reel tape
that I'd have to splice.
So, there would be -- if you had a phone call
and you wanted to record a phone call, you'd tape it
on a reel-to-reel, and then if you wanted to edit it,
you'd have to splice it, and tape it together,
and then play it back. -Wow, no way.
-Yeah. -So you learned how to do
all that stuff? -That's how old I am.
-No, no, it's not -- No, it's not --
No, that's the fun of radio. -Yeah. It's hands on.
-You never know all the stuff that goes into it.
I mean, I have friends that worked in radio for years,
and they said the one thing that haunts them --
they still have nightmares about it -- is dead air.
-Dead air.
-I just -- wow, that's weird.
I know, it's like, I feel like I'm a mentalist.
-[ Shushing ] -Yeah.
-I can't stop -- -Can't shush --
No, even -- like, if a song -- if I'm in the car and a song
starts to fade, and it's almost out, I start to panic
and call into the radio station saying, "It's almost over."
-What's the next record? What's the next song?
-Get the cart. What's next? Yeah.
-Yeah, and what would you do?
Like, say a song had ended
and you didn't have the next song?
-I would turn on the mic, and I would take calls or something,
and vamp until I could get the next song on.
-And so, you'd just talk to them, and just --
-Try to -- "Hi, how are you.
Where are you calling from? That's great.
What are you up to this weekend? What are you doing this morning?
And here's Michael Bolton." [ Laughter ]
-"And here's Michael Bolton." -Like that, yeah.
That was big. That was hot back in the day.
-Another congratulations is I heard that you --
you busted one of the Kardashians' toilets.
[ Laughter ] -Well, it was unintentional.
I took the drive to Calabasas. I was invited to --
This is embarrassing, but I was invited to a big party of theirs
with all of the family, all the sisters were there.
-Yeah, what -- -And I had had a lot to eat
that day, and I had to go to the bathroom when I got in,
and there's this robot.
Have you seen -- the robot, you know, toilets
with all the buttons. -Oh.
-They have all kinds of -- -I'm jealous I don't have one,
but I've seen them. -Well, they have one
and there's all kinds of options.
-The lid comes up before you get in.
-Lid comes up -- -"Welcome."
Yeah, like -- [ Laughter ]
-And you're sitting there and as you're -- you -- I was seated,
and as I was seated I was looking at the menu of options.
The things you -- the things you can do when you're finished.
And so -- [ Laughter ]
-And so I -- I chose one. -Yeah.
-And I pressed it, and the water level began to rise
underneath me. [ Laughter ]
And I thought, "Oh, God, I better hit the other button."
So, and it began to rise even more.
And now I'm faced with one of life's great challenges
and choices, what do I do?
Do I call Kim, Khloe, or Kris, and say, "Help"?
Or do I press the other -- the third button?
[ Laughter ]
And risk it overflowing or closing?
I hit the button, and the lid closed perfectly,
and I got out, went back to the party,
and I never told them about that.
[ Laughter ] So if they're watching --
-So you let someone else walk in?
-Someone -- one of the other sisters had to deal with that.
[ Laughter ]
-They're finding out right now.


Ryan Seacrest Confesses He Clogged a Kardashian's Toilet

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