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  • -♪ Ooh, baby, baby

  • ♪ "Baby Memes" ♪ ♪ "Baby Memes" ♪

  • -First up, take a look at this photo of Indy from Pennsylvania.

  • -Oh.

  • -Her meme says, "When your frenemy shows up to prom

  • wearing the same dress."

  • Let's take a look at this photo from Conner from Canada.

  • His meme says, "When you got the house to yourself

  • and still want to be productive."

  • ♪ I'm cleanin', I'm cleanin' ♪

  • Next is a photo of Elijah from Florida.

  • His meme says, "When you realize you've got nothing to watch

  • now that "Game of Thrones" ended.

  • Next is a photo of Stella from Connecticut.

  • Her meme says, "When you're trying to flirt,

  • but you don't know how to wink."

  • Here's a photo of Sawyer from Nebraska.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • Her meme says, "When you say, 'I'm gonna take a quick nap'

  • then wake up 12 hours later."

  • You're like, "Why didn't anyone wake me?!

  • Come on!"

  • So cute. Here's another baby.

  • Her meme says, "When you're at the club

  • and someone takes a picture with the flash."

  • "Come on, dude."

  • Next is a photo of Cadin from Texas.

  • His meme is called, "When the thermometer

  • isn't going towards your mouth."

  • "Hey, whoa!" -Hey-O!

  • Whoa! Where did I lose my pen?

  • -Here's a photo of Robin from Texas.

  • Her meme says, "When you're waiting for your co-workers

  • to notice your extensions."

  • -Oh, hey! -"I'm growing them out."

  • And, finally, here's a photo of Jack.

  • His meme says, "When you're crushing that

  • Derek Zoolander impression."

  • There you go. That was "Baby Memes."

  • If you want to have your baby turned into a meme,

  • post your baby's photo with the #TonightShowBabyMemes,

  • and it might be on the show.

-♪ Ooh, baby, baby


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嬰兒備忘錄。當你想調情卻不知道如何眨眼的時候 (Baby Memes: When You're Tryna Flirt But Don't Know How to Wink)

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