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  • [ Bell ringing ]

  • -Good morning, Professor McConaughey.

  • -Wrong hat.

  • There we go. -Okay, this is going to be fun.

  • Let me just unpack a little bit here.

  • -The class is called "Script to Screen."

  • -Script to Screen. -Yeah.

  • -Yeah, I knew that.

  • -My goal in the class is... -Sharpener for the pencils.

  • take you through the evolution of feature-film story,

  • from the concept all the way to the finished film.

  • So, in this class, we're going chronologically follow

  • that journey that a script takes to get to the screen.

  • -Can... -Yes, Jimmy?

  • -Can we have class outside?

  • I think everyone here would love it.

  • -No, today, class is right here. -Okay.

  • -So, look, what I was saying is -- we're going to

  • explore why certain script changes are made.

  • We're going to break down two, three scenes in the movie.

  • We're going to ask why we made these changes.

  • We're going to talk to the creators and the directors

  • and ask them why they did what they did.

  • -I like to eat the worms like a fish.

  • -You know what?

  • Why don't we skip all of this

  • and jump straight into the final project?

  • Just write down five things that you may remember

  • me saying in the last five minutes.

  • If you get 3 out of 5, you will pass this class,

  • and then you can leave this class

  • and not come back ever again.

  • Got it? Got it.

  • You don't have -- Are you even interested?

  • -Sorry. No, I am. I was just --

  • -Do you know why you're here? -You know what?

  • I just want to just -- -I bet you got it.

  • Whatever you wrote, that's a pass to the class.

  • You got a "C." You got it. It's yours.

  • -Wow! Is this -- -Head on out.

  • -Because I feel like I probably could have --

  • I could do better.

  • -No, you did just fine. You passed.

  • You do not need to come back to class ever again,

  • Mr. Jimmy Fallon.

  • You are, in fact, easily the worst student I've ever had.

  • But you know what I think is for you?

  • -What? -You got a guitar?

  • -Oh, yeah.

  • -Now, Jimmy Fallon may not be a perfect student.

  • He may not have learned much in my classroom today.

  • But I was able to teach him one thing,

  • and it is something that every University of Texas Longhorn

  • and everybody in Austin, Texas, should and does know.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, here to lead you in singing

  • "The Eyes of Texas," please welcome Jimmy Fallon.

  • [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

  • -♪ The eyes of Texas are upon you

  • All the livelong day

  • The eyes of Texas are upon you

  • You cannot get away

  • Do not think you can escape them

  • at night or early in the morn' ♪

  • The eyes of Texas are upon you

  • Till Gabriel blows his horn

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • -My thanks to Matthew McConaughey!

[ Bell ringing ]


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A2 初級

吉米在UT奧斯汀大學接受馬修-麥康納教授的私人課程。 (Jimmy Gets a Private Lesson from Professor Matthew McConaughey at UT Austin)

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