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  • -Finally, there's a lot going on in the world right now,

  • so a lot of people have been dealing with stress

  • by turning to meditation.

  • Even the meditation app Headspace, which is great,

  • have updated their app

  • so it's specifically for these times.

  • Take a look.

  • -We here at Headspace know how critically important it is

  • to disconnect and quiet the mind,

  • especially when what you really want to do is

  • smash a glass bottle into the wall.

  • Introducing Headspace 2020.

  • Simply open the app and scroll through our new library

  • of meditations brought on by anxieties

  • from each new nightmare that arises this year.

  • Are you feeling nervous about the global pandemic?

  • Let us help.

  • -[ British accent ] Feel your feet on the ground.

  • Close your eyes.

  • You're in a clean room. You're safe.

  • And there goes your neighbor, Bill,

  • who refuses to wear a mask,

  • even though you've asked him politely!

  • "Hi, Bill."

  • But it's fine. We're fine.

  • -Is the conversation about Confederate statues

  • causing you anxiety?

  • Join us.

  • -Imagine you're in a park.

  • You feel the wind.

  • You smell the grass.

  • You slowly turn the corner, and -- oops --

  • there's a racist statue there.

  • Okay, let's make a left turn.

  • And -- wow! -- there, too, huh?

  • No problem. Let's just turn around.

  • Another one? Really?

  • We're really having this discussion about a KKK statue?

  • Sorry. Sorry. I'm calm.

  • And we're back.

  • And I'm British again, and you're British, if you want.

  • We're all British.

  • -Is reading news about the latest meteor

  • about to hit Earth getting you upset?

  • Take this journey.

  • -Picture yourself in a field.

  • You look up into the deep-blue sky.

  • And what's that?

  • It's some sort of light that seems to be...

  • No. No, it's not a light.

  • It's a rock the size of Texas! Run!

  • Run, don't walk! Get -- Oh, hold on.

  • It's missed us and skimmed off the atmosphere

  • like a pebble in a pond.

  • That was close.

  • Why, in a way, we're all just dinosaurs.

  • -So don't worry. Headspace 2020 has you covered.

  • And we're now also including "Latest Weather Catastrophe,"

  • "New Killer Species," "Aliens,"

  • and, thanks to over 900 billion of your e-mails,

  • "Long Zoom Meetings with Your Co-workers."

  • Headspace 2020 -- close your eyes and relax.

-Finally, there's a lot going on in the world right now,


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