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  • Earlier, you saw my favorite cat, Andy,

  • perform one of the greatest Broadway show

  • tunes of all time.

  • We all remember that.

  • Here's a little behind-the-scenes

  • of how it came about.

  • The movie Cats is coming out in December.

  • And my executive producer, Andy Lassner,

  • has mandatorily volunteered to perform a song from Cats

  • on the last day of Cat Week.

  • Andy!

  • Andy!


  • There's no [BLEEP] way I'm doing this.

  • You're going to do it.

  • This isn't ever going to air.

  • This is-- this is totally going to air.

  • Do one-- do one more.


  • (SINGING OFF-KEY) Memory, all alone in the moonlight.

  • I can smile at the old days-- where are you going?

  • (SINGING) I was beautiful then.

  • Thank god.

  • I'm at the point where I'm literally

  • checking the [BLEEP] garbage cans to see

  • if you guys are scaring me.

  • They have me heading right now to put on makeup.

  • I wish you could feel how fast my heart is beating,

  • what truly is just a voice inside, screaming, don't

  • do this.

  • Don't do this.

  • Have you ever had a job where you're--

  • you have literally no say in what you do

  • and you just have to listen to whatever your boss tells you?


  • Oh, you look so cool!

  • How do you like that?

  • I'm literally petrified.

  • (SINGING) --happiness is.

  • Look, a new day has begun!

  • Thank you.

  • Andy, thank you so much.

Earlier, you saw my favorite cat, Andy,


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幕後花絮。"貓 "裡的 "安迪 "的製作過程。 (Behind the Scenes: The Making of Average Andy in 'Cats')

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